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Kevin VanTassell

Please differentiate yourself from your opponent.

Growing up on a farm, I learned to work hard and the importance of honesty, integrity and ethics. The way leaders live their life is a reflection of how they ll lead. I ll be a strong voice for truth. I love my family and have a desire that all our families have the same quality of life that we ve enjoyed. I ll fight hard to protect our families and this quality of life and values that we share.

My experience in agriculture, mineral extraction and banking gives me a broad base to understand our district s needs and the ability to make decisions allowing private industry to succeed. Limited government, low taxes and a strong private sector provide for success. Government must be used sparingly. It s best when kept as close to the people as possible.

It has been a great experience to be a candidate for Senate District 26. I ve had the opportunity to meet so many good people and to learn issues and challenges that affect your lives. We live in a great country and state where our Constitutions give us the ability to govern ourselves by electing good women and men to represent us. I d be honored to serve you.

1. The Legislature has considered loosening its development rules, most notably in a bill that stalled in the 2006 session. Please describe the fairness of the state’s rules regulating developers. Please describe one change to the rules you support and, if there are none, discuss why the rules, in your opinion, are adequate.

The owning of property and property rights is a basic right under the Constitution. The opportunity to buy and own property creates wealth for our citizens in their communities.

All property owners have a right to sell, develop and improve their property within guidelines of local master plans, current zoning and the ability of the infrastructure to handle the proposed plans. Local government is best suited to protect the welfare, safety and public health of the citizens in their communities.

My understanding of the current law is that it is adequate and any changes would need to be carefully reviewed.

2. Utah’s tourism industry is critical to the economy of Summit County, employing scores of people and generating lots of the area’s taxes. Please outline your opinion of the Statehouse’s role in promoting tourism. Please discuss one new program you would support that would boost tourism in Summit County.

We are in the second year of funding to promote out-of-state visitors to Utah. On Sept. 15, 2006, members of the Utah Board of Tourism approved $1.86 million from Utah s Cooperative Marketing program to be divided between 49 programs and spread between 23 counties statewide. Park City programs received $433,000 and additional funds were approved for Ski Utah. This program is reviewed each year and requires legislative approval during the session. This great support for tourism needs to be continued and I will give it full support in the years ahead.

One program that would boost tourism in Summit County is having direct international flights from Europe and/or the Far East to Salt Lake International Airport. Easier and direct access to our ski slopes would increase tourism and extend stays

3. Even after changes to the state’s liquor laws, people in the entertainment industry remain unhappy with what they see as a restrictive and confusing set of rules. Are the liquor laws adequate and do they accomplish their goals? Please discuss one change that you would support.

Recent changes in Utah s liquor laws removed many irrational statutes that caused problems in the past. Given the makeup of our state, we will never be a completely open state. Any changes to the current laws will need to continue to prevent underage and excess drinking, and be tough on drinkers who choose to drive drunk.

4. The Statehouse continues to have difficulty shedding an image of shortchanging Utah students. Is that a fair assessment of the amount of money that is budgeted for education? Please discuss one idea to ensure that the state’s schools are funded adequately.

To overcome the image of shortchanging students, the Statehouse will need to increase funding. The growth of the economy has provided funds that will allow for this improvement.

There is strong support within the district for funding education through the taxes that are currently being collected rather than receiving a refund or cutting them. Using these funds will help in recruiting and training teachers, reducing class sizes and providing classroom materials.

5. Lots of Summit County’s traffic problems are either on or near state-owned roads, notably S.R. 224 and S.R. 248, even after both have been upgraded. Do the state roads in the county function to your liking? Please describe two methods the state could promote in Summit County to make the area a better place for drivers.

No answer submitted.

6. School districts continue to accept students who do not speak English as their native language, mostly those who speak Spanish. Please rate the state’s efforts to integrate the non-English speakers and describe one initiative you support addressing those who do not speak English.

No answer submitted.

7. Utah allows some undocumented immigrants to hold what are known as driving-privilege cards, which allow them to drive but are not recognized as official identification. Do you support keeping the driving-privilege cards intact or doing away with them?

No answers were submitted.

8. Please discuss your opinion of Utah’s tax structure. Should taxes go up, be cut or stay as they are now? Please address in your answer your opinion of the so-called primary home exemption, which makes property taxes more expensive for people who own houses but do not live in the state all year.

No answers were submitted.

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