Kids bring imagination to reality with paint brushes |

Kids bring imagination to reality with paint brushes

Frank Fisher, of the Record staff

A vivid imagination would rank high on a list of qualities artists would love to possess. Kids attending Fantasy Art, one of the summer community education programs, let their imaginations free, as they designed and built a castle with dungeons and dragons and moats, with ferries, trolls and knights and an ogre or two wandering the grounds.

JoAnn Memmott has been teaching art to kids for more than 20 years, took five kids into a fantasy world, based on reality. The castle, which the kids made out of hardening clay, was based on illustrations Memmott showed kids in castle books. The kids also read books on the subjects. Knights, ogres, unicorns and fairies that the children depicted in drawings and water color, also were based on earlier artist renditions. The kids took it from there.

"I want them to free their imaginations and let the creativity of art take over," said Memmott. "Most kids love fantasy."

The class, for kids from grades 2-7, also introduces kids to oil pastel, marker, pencil, charcoal, watercolor pencil; ink, acrylic or tempera paints to create likenesses of the mythical creatures.

Chris Hickey, Anna Pena, Alexa Kanarowski, Amy Hoyt, and Zeke Cohen, built the castle with an outer wall, an inner wall and towers. The castle had a working draw bridge and working catapults.

Cohen got so involved in the fantasy, one night, he said he dreamed he was a dragon. Cohen said he likes drawing dragons and horses, and likes knights and jousting.

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"Ogres eat children! I want to punch ogres in the face," said Pena, although she added, "not Shrek, he’s a nice ogre."

As the week-long class drew to an end, and parents came to pick up their kids, Memmott said of teaching kids art, "I will never get burned out. Never."

Kid’s classes run all summer, and are sponsored by the Park City School District Community Education. For more information, or register online visit , or call 615-0215.

Also offered to elementary students, free of charge is the Parley’s Park, Jeremy Ranch and Trailside Elementary School library’s reading clubs. Kids may join any time by signing up at the schools.