Kindergarteners tell how to cook a turkey |

Kindergarteners tell how to cook a turkey

Frank Fisher, Of the Record staff

There are thousands of ways to cook Thanksgiving turkeys. But few express the creativity of the kindergarten students in Mrs. Youngberg’s Parley’s Park class.

Twenty-one students related what they have learned from years of experience watching and helping their families prepare the annual feast.

The following recipes were dictated to Mrs.Youngberg, who prepared the list. Her teaching assistant, Isela Flores, whom she called "indispensable," translated six of the recipes from Spanish.

"First my mom boils it, then she adds a little bit of salt. Then we eat the first turkey and we buy another one at the store already cooked and we eat it." (Sadie Ortiz)

"My family doesn’t cook turkey; we eat chicken only!" (Aleck Alvarado)

"How do we cook a turkey? We pound it! We add salt, stuffing, and oranges and we cook it at 9 a.m. and we eat it when it’s done." (Alejandra Collado)

"I don’t know, because I spend my time playing!" (Stacy Solis)

"I do not like turkey and I don’t know what Dad does to cook it, but sometimes Mom and Dad take turns. I think they use a stove." (Dalia Gohary)

"My mom gets it from the store. She cooks it in the oven. She puts sauce on it and then she cuts it. And that’s how my mom makes it." (Gerren Friel)

"They kill it and put it in the microwave. And that’s all I know." (Ellen Williams)

"They get it at a store and then they cut it and put it in the oven and then they bake it. Then we eat it." (Zachary Kozak)

"I think they buy it and put salt on it and then put it in the oven. We take it out and then eat it." Wyatt Pike)

"They buy it and take the skin out and they put it in the refrigerator. Then they cook it in the oven. Then we eat it." ( Maxwell Miller)

"First she kills the turkey and then she cooks it and then she puts salt on it and then she puts vegetables on it. Then we eat it." (Karina Castro)

"First we buy it. Sometimes we put things in it. Then my mom cooks it in the oven. Then we take it out and eat it." (Matthew Brothers)

"We get the turkey from the store. Then Mom pokes holes in it so when it comes out of the oven it doesn’t have to cool for that long of time. Then she puts chicken broth on it and then she cooks it in the oven and then she’s done. Then we eat it." (Mitchell Provines)

"You get it at the store. Then mom cuts it and puts it in the oven. Then we eat it." (Hank Records)

"First my mom prepares everything. Then she cuts the turkey and adds salt. Then we eat it." (Loenardo Venegas)

"First we add stuffing with carrots and peppers and I don’t remember the rest."

(Fabian Armendariz)

"First you dig out some grass; then you put the grass on some silver poles. Then you put the turkey on the poles and let it rest until night time. That’s all. You just take it off and mash it and put it on the table." (Daniel Shultz)

"She buys it and then she puts it in the oven to cook. And then we eat it."

(Tanner Higman)

"Daddy gets out the pan that he boils the turkey in. First he actually stuffs it with the stuff and then he gets this big pan and boils the water and puts it in and that’s all he does. Then we put it on a big plate and then we cut it up into pieces for everyone." (Morgan DeCamp)

"My mom puts the stuff in the turkey’s tummy and then it goes in the big white pan. And then she puts it in the oven. And that’s all. And then we eat it after it comes out." (Christian Gordon)



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