Kraig Powell, moderate Republican legislator, ends re-election bid |

Kraig Powell, moderate Republican legislator, ends re-election bid

Kraig Powell announced this week he is ending his campaign for re-election. (Park Record File Photo)

Kraig Powell, the Republican legislator from Heber City whose district includes Park City, ended his re-election bid on Wednesday, saying he did not want to compete in a campaign that was expected to be a highly charged contest for the GOP nomination.

Powell, 50 years old and from Heber City, had been seeking his fifth term in the state House of Representatives. Powell was locked in a difficult bid for the Republican nomination with another Wasatch County candidate, Tim Quinn. The challenger for the party’s nomination was aggressively campaigning to the political right of Powell, who has long been seen as a moderate member of the state Republican Party.

"The divisiveness of the upcoming campaign would really harm our community, small, close-knit community," Powell said.

He said the Republican contest between himself and Quinn would have involved the challenger labeling Powell a liberal and Powell painting Quinn as an "extremist" and a "radical."

"I don’t want to put our community through what was already becoming contentious and bitter," Powell said, mentioning that the conservative group Americans for Prosperity opposed him.

He also said he did not have the campaign funds to match Quinn and he and his wife have been unable to sleep recently based on the tenor of the campaign. Powell said his son’s marriage is soon and he does not want to be entrenched in a difficult campaign as that occurs.

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