Kristen Brown – District 3 |

Kristen Brown – District 3


I believe the important issue facing the School Board this year is the budget. Last fall, I was asked by the School Board to participate on the Park City School District Budget Committee. Many of the Board members trust me to be a reasonable voice in the process of suggesting a budget strategy for the Board to consider. As I looked further into the various issues facing Park City School District, I realized we now face the difficult task of balancing educational priorities and budgetary pressures. We need someone who is fair and well researched on these issues to make reasonable decisions in this challenging economic environment.

Park City made the goal of delivering a world-class education to our stakeholders, using our financial strength and resources to attract the best teachers to the district. We have certainly accomplished this goal, but we have many important choices ahead. I have researched programs under consideration by the district and feel I am the perfect person to join the board. I have a strong background in financial management, balancing priorities, and implementing strategic plans.

As a board member over the next four years, I will strive to create the best balance of educational excellence within the budget constraints our legislature and financial circumstances place upon us. More than any of the candidates in this race, I have a good working relationship with many of the Utah Legislators and feel I can provide valuable insights to improve our funding environment.

Please vote Kristen Brown for Park City Board of Education District 3.


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