Last judgment for Stone Ridge |

Last judgment for Stone Ridge

Sarah Moffitt, The Park Record

The final step required to convert the Stone Ridge parcel into open space will take place in front of the Snyderville Basin Planning Commission Tuesday night, in what could be the last round of appearances by the project’s developers.

The public hearing, which will take place at the Sheldon Richins Building at Kimball Junction, needs to happen before Nadine Gilmor’s 300-acres in between Old Ranch Road and Silver Summit Parkway can be divided into an open space and three small building parcels.

To settle a lawsuit with Gilmor, Summit County purchased 290 acres of her land for open space. Gilmor will retain the other 10 acres which will be broken into three residential parcels, one of which already has a house on it.

According to Summit County Planner Kimber Gabryszak, one of Gilmor’s family members lives in the house currently. The other two parcels will be under the same development constraints as any other lot on Old Ranch Road.

"Each lot is about 2.5 acres in size and can be sold by Gilmor to someone else or she can build on the land," she said. "Following the public hearing, they will be just two more building lots in the neighborhood."

Gabryszak added that to break up the 300-acres into five separate parcels, an open space section, Snyderville Basin Special Recreation District parcel, and the three building lots, the Planning Commission must legally hold a public hearing since it classifies as a subdivision.

"The lawsuit settlement said where each parcel will be and how big they will be, but the Planning Commission needs to give it final approval," Gabryszak said. "I do not expect it to be a controversial decision but the Planning Commission is not bound by the settlement agreement so they could ignore the staff decision to allow the parcel to be broken up and have their own ruling."

So far, the public has been very supportive of the plan, Gabryszak said, adding that the county has even received support from property owners who live across the street and would be impacted by the two new homes on Gilmor’s parcel.

The parcel that will be owned by Basin Recreation is a half acre long sliver that was left over. Gabryszak said that Basin Recreation will not build on the parcel, which is adjacent to the park they own near Trailside Elementary School, and will probably use it as a trail access point.

Gabryszak said that Gilmor does not have any plans yet for her building lots and that the public hearing is more of a formality. The meeting is scheduled to occur on Tuesday, June 12 at the Sheldon Richins Building at 6 p.m.


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