Lawsuit threatened amid talks of moving power substation |

Lawsuit threatened amid talks of moving power substation

by Jay Hamburger THE PARK RECORD

The leader of a condominium association along the Bonanza Drive corridor said Thursday night his group and perhaps others in the vicinity would file a lawsuit to block the placement of a power substation nearby should that idea advance.

The comments, made during a Park City Council meeting, were not expected and could further complicate what have been intricate discussions about both the substation and the development prospects of the surrounding Bonanza Park district.

Irwin Krigman, the president of the Iron Horse Condominium Association, told Mayor Dana Williams and the City Council upward of 100 owners of condominiums made purchases and a substation relocation could hurt the property values. He described the people living in the complex as being cooks, restaurant servers, teachers, maintenance workers and grocery store employees.

"If it happens, we will employ a lawyer and file suit," Krigman, who lives in Summit Park and owns two condominiums at Iron Horse, told the elected officials.

In an interview after his appearance on Thursday night, Krigman said any lawsuit would be centered on a claim of diminished property values. He said a lawsuit someday could be a combined effort involving the Iron Horse condominiums and others nearby.

Krigman in the interview said the plaintiffs in a lawsuit could entangle the idea for some time. That, he said, could influence Rocky Mountain Power to keep the substation in its current location off Munchkin Drive.

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Rocky Mountain Power plans to upgrade its capabilities in Park City and has been in talks about building a new facility. Its substation location on Munchkin Drive, meanwhile, is coveted by the lead Bonanza Park developer. A land swap has been discussed between Rocky Mountain Power and the developer, Mark J. Fischer.

Under the idea of a swap, Fischer would trade land at 1555 lower Iron Horse Drive to the power company to build a new substation in exchange for the parcel where the substation is now located on Munchkin Drive.

The Munchkin Drive land is seen as a critical piece to Fischer’s ambitious plans to redo the Bonanza Park district with a mix of residential and commercial properties and a reconfigured street grid.

Fischer has said his plans would need to be scaled back significantly if the swap does not occur and the substation remains at its current location. The planning director at City Hall, Tom Eddington, has said the Bonanza Park redevelopment would be a challenge if the substation remains on Munchkin Drive.

Rocky Mountain Power says the substation is nearing capacity. The company wants an upgrade to be completed by the fall of 2015. A spokesperson for Rocky Mountain Power, Margaret Oler, attended the meeting on Thursday with other company officials. She said afterward Rocky Mountain Power could expand the current facility on Munchkin Drive or build a new substation on lower Iron Horse Drive, describing a neutral position on the matter.