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Learn if your street is first, or last, for the Park City snowplows

by Jay Hamburger OF THE RECORD STAFF

The Park City Public Works Department this year will not distribute copies of its Snow Removal Guide through the mail as had been the case in past years.

Pace Erickson, who directs the operations for the department, said the decision was based on budgetary constraints. The Public Works Department did not distribute the guide through the mail last year, either.

The guide provided detailed information about the department’s snowplowing routes and other issues related to snow removal. It had, as an example, a map showing which streets are priorities for the snowplow crews. The streets are put into one of three categories based on priorities.

Streets that are in the first-priority category, meaning they are plowed before the others, include many in Old Town like Park Avenue and Woodside Avenue. First-priority streets outside of Old Town include Royal Street, Little Kate Road and Sidewinder Drive.

Second-priority streets include Aerie Drive, Meadows Drive and Thaynes Canyon Drive. Some of the streets put into the third-priority group include Aspen Springs Drive, Solamere Drive and Paddington Drive.

Meanwhile, the guide covers issues like winter parking restriction and sidewalk shoveling. The sidewalks are the responsibility of property owners or business owners with stretches of sidewalk in front of their places.

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The guide also indicates people should clear the snow around mailboxes to make sure a letter carrier is able to deliver the mail. The Public Works Department will repair mailboxes that are damaged by direct contact with a municipal snowplow, the guide says.

Park City last weekend received the first significant snow of the season, and Erickson said the snowplow crew performed well, but encountered minor issues. He said new snowplow operators had difficulty steering the vehicles out of cul-de-sacs as they avoided parked cars.

"It was the first big storm. There’s always cobwebs to get out of the system," Erickson said.

The Snow Removal Guide is available on City Hall’s website, http://www.parkcity.org. Once at the site, select the ‘City Departments’ category under the Government heading. Pick Public Works from the dropdown menu and then select the Park City Snow Removal Guide link at the bottom of the page.