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Letter carriers move to Park Ave.

Vacation holds and other 'pick-ups' now at Park City Post Office

The results of an efficiency study conducted this summer prompted the United States Postal Service to move all letter carriers at the Kimball Junction office to the Park Avenue location last week.

This will not affect post office boxes or the retail portion at Kimball Junction, said district spokesman Robert Vunder.

It will require residents to go to the main Park City location for some services such as picking up certified letters or parcels requiring a signature, plus mail on hold during a vacation, he explained.

Stationing all carriers out of the Park Ave. office is expected to save money and not make a significant difference on the time or fuel it takes to deliver mail.

"From day one it actually saves," he said. "Every dollar we save is another dollar we don’t need to sell postage stamps for every dollar we save goes to our bottom line."

Having to drive the extra distance for some services may be inconvenient for some Basin residents, but it’s only four miles and very few people utilize those services anyway, he said.

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Tasks like requesting a vacation hold can be done online, or at the Kimball Junction office if done in advance, he added.

The only way Vunder said he could imagine someone being significantly inconvenienced is if they fail to check the address on their "left" slip and go the Junction office to pick up their package.

The Park Ave. location is next to the Park City Police station. The Junction office is near World Market and T.J. Maxx.

Andrew Kirk

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