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Letters to the Editor

Editor: Two hundred seventy-five thousand square feet of hotel/condo smack dab in the middle of your residential, quiet community? Didn’t know it could happen to you? Well, apparently it can. That is what Sun Peak residents are fighting. Years ago, a parcel in Sun Peak was given a vague allowance to build on it a 140-unit hotel. This vested-rights agreement has since expired. Vested-rights agreements have expiration dates because communities change. What made sense for a parcel 20 years ago may not today. Therefore, our county government is under obligation to re-examine what the needs of the current community are. Yet, instead of considering this parcel for residential lots, before the county is a proposal to build a monstrous, over 300-unit, five-story hotel/condo. This will be as big as the Grand Summit Lodge at the Canyons only in a residential community. The county is not under legal obligation to approve this plan. Please, I ask the residents outside of Sun Peak to help us in this fight against a big Chicago-based developer, because if it happens here in Sun Peak, it could happen in any of our neighborhoods. I further implore the county to listen to the residents they represent. The developers will go back to Chicago when they are done. My family and I are here to stay. Kim Drury Sun Peak resident KPCW a sense of place Editor: I am compelled as a long time listener and resident to maintain my path as being a loyal supporter and a patriotic consumer of 91.9 FM. I was raised on KPCW. Since 1980, my senior year at PCHS, KPCW and I had a partnership. I was their listener and they were my entertainment. I am deeply rooted and positively gung-ho about my local radio station. When I think about KPCW, I draw comparisons of having a close friend for 25 years. We all change, yet we all grow together. KPCW is my "Sense of Place." KPCW is stacked tall and stacked deep with a bounty of incredible volunteers and staff. Blair and Susan Feulner are synonymous with the Wasatch Back. When I think of the top commodities in our area, they are two of the top. The real point of being a Summit County/ Wasatch County resident is to enjoy our community and to educate ourselves on our surroundings as well as local, national and global goings on. KPCW is that forum and much, much more. There is nothing broken here. I am profoundly grateful and proud to be a Parkite, while having all the benefits of this great place, including the benefit of having an awesome local radio station to tune into on a daily basis. To the next 25 years! Dave Engen Park City Dog poop and watersheds Editor: Help protect our watersheds — scoop your dog’s poop! On Nov. 19, a group of volunteers working with the Swaner Nature Preserve cleaned the trails behind the Spring Creek, Trout Creek, Black Hawk and Canyon Creek developments. This trail system runs next to East Canyon Creek near Kimball Junction. Over 150 pounds of dog waste was picked up that day! That’s a lot of dog poop! If you think of it as human waste, would you want to walk along the trail? We should take pride in our community, wherever we live or visit, and not treat it like a dumping ground. Dog waste is a growing problem in our community: It causes pollution in our watersheds. It poses health concerns for humans and our pets. It provides nutrients (fertilizer) for noxious weeds. Take pride in your community. Double bag dog waste, place it in a zip lock bag, and pack it out if no waste receptacle is available. Please help keep all our trails clean in our beautiful state so our spring runoff will be a clean one. It’s the right thing to do. Mary Perry Irish wolfhound owner Friend of East Canyon Creek Park City Internet safety Editor: The Parley’s Park PTA would like to express sincere appreciation to FBI Special Agent Jeff Ross who presented the Utah Internet Crime against Children Task Force’s "A Parent’s Guide to Internet Safety" to Elementary school parents last Tuesday night at Parley’s. His presentation was a real eye opener to the crimes committed against young people via the Internet and our responsibility to educate ourselves and our children on the safe use of home computers. Utah has one of the highest incidences per capita in the country involving child exploitation by an adult using the Internet. Every parent needs to know the rules for online safety and can find more information through the attorney general’s office or at http://www.attorneygeneral.utah.gov. Thank you to Angie and Carl Schmae and Federal Prosecutor Karin Fojtik, who helped make this meeting possible. Sincerely, Stephanie Polukoff PPES PTA President Teachers thank Zions Bank Editor:

We would like to thank Andy Garland, manager of Zions Bank and his employees for the monetary donation to our field trip fund. We also appreciate the art project they provided for our students. We appreciate the bank’s continuing support of our third-grade students at McPolin Elementary. Tori Carson, Linda Ferguson and Kim Jensen McPolin Elementary teachers A gift of giving Editor: Throughout the month of November, friends and families of the National Sports Federation (NSF) at the Utah Olympic Park and from other generous contributions, raised over $1,300 to provide clothing for moms and kids at the Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA), an organization that helps battered women and their children get started with a new outlook in life.

On Dec. 3, the doors opened early at 7:30 a.m. at the Kids Gap in the Cottonwood Mall, and volunteers helped purchase clothing with the money that was raised. This clothing will help provide a warm and joyous Christmas for those moms and kids who otherwise may not be able to have a Christmas to celebrate. After everything was purchased and boxed up, the volunteers took all the items and dropped them off at the YWCA later that morning. We wish to the NSF, and to all those that contributed to this project. A special thanks to all the volunteers who helped make this a big success. Their willingness to help out and pitch in was truly inspiring. And especially to the Kids Gap and their employees who graciously helped out and made this possible. Most of all we wish to give a big thank you to Jason "Crash" Jentzsch, who put in many hours of hard work and organized this fundraiser. His dedication to his kids at the Utah Olympic Park, and to this service project, has inspired many people. Through this, he has given those moms and kids at the YWCA a joyous Christmas. As he stated, "Doing this service project, has helped out a small number of people, compared to all the rest in our state that may be in need of something. But it reflects what we can do for just a small number of people that are going through some hard times." Thank you, Jason, for a job well done! We truly appreciate all that you have done. Sue Morgan, Curtis Jentzsch and the Utah Olympic Park family and friends

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