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Editor: I fully agree with the last line of Natalie Evans Hatch’s Dec. 14 letter to the editor where she writes, "Someone needs to be responsible." How about starting with the owner of the husky who allowed the dog to roam freely around an elementary school? Michael Root Jeremy Ranch Overuse of force Editor: I was just sickened when I heard about the Summit County Deputy who shot the dog with a shotgun in Trailside Park last week. What a ridiculous, overuse of force. I bet the deputy was disappointed when he found out he couldn’t keep the body and have it stuffed in some threatening pose to display in his home (next to the stuffed deer?). I wonder how hard would it have been to capture the husky (like animal control does every day) and cite the owner instead of blowing it away and then dumping its body in the trash? Park City pet owners be warned! It’s open hunting season, no license required. Sincerely, Chris Petty Park City Sick over dog killing Editor: I was sick over reading how a deputy sheriff murdered a family pet because it was chasing a deer. Was there no other option? How about a stun gun? How about just firing a shot in the air? How about just capturing the dog and taking it to the pound? Over a deer — that is what offends me the most, a deer that is legal to shoot and will probably be shot by some hunter anyway. Would this same deputy sheriff have shot his family animal because it was chasing wildlife? This dog was a member of someone’s family, I am sure a child called Rowdy his or her friend. Did this deer have a name or was it a member of someone’s family? I understand the owner should not have let the animal run free, but dogs do get loose. I think this deputy sheriff had other options and he just chose not to use them. I hope you feel good about yourself, officer, personally I could not shoot an animal, not even a deer. Sincerely, Neil Sparling Park City Community generosity Editor:

As a member of the KPCW Board of Trustees, I would like to thank all those who called in last week and made a contribution during our annual, year-end fundraiser. Thanks to our listeners, it was our best-ever, year-end drive! And, not by a little. Over-the-air contributions were up 50 percent and when we add challenge grants to the mix, the total is double what the station raised a year ago. Also, last week, the Summit County Commission unanimously voted to grant the station’s RAP tax grant request. Our board thanks the commission, and the RAP Tax Committee, for their vote of confidence. For 25 years, KPCW has been the station you’ve called home. On behalf of the board, staff and volunteers of KPCW, I’d like to thank everyone whose continued support keeps the community campfire burning bright. Jane Campbell, member KPCW Board of Trustees Support for the uninsured Editor: The staff and Board of Directors of People’s Health Clinic would like to express our profound gratitude to everyone who has donated to The People’s Health Clinic during our fundraising season. Through the generosity of our donors, we will continue to reach out to the uninsured to offer health care and comfort when there is nowhere else to turn. We send many thanks to all of the people who made our fundraising event such a success, including all the local performers who reminded us what talented people we have in our community. Caf Terigo and Hans Fuegi, along with the support of Greg Schirf and The Wasatch Brew Pub, provided a wonderful gastronomical experience for our guests. To Adam and Cindy Bronfman, a special heartfelt "thank you" for helping to ensure that The People’s Health Clinic will enter the 2006 fiscal year with the resources needed to assure our continued efforts and work with the uninsured. Although the Samuel Bronfman foundation contributes to many charities, Adam and Cindy Bronfman are directly responsible for the matching challenge of $50,000. Their sense of social justice and concern is an inspiration to all of us who work with the non-profit organizations of our community. In this special season when people reach out to those less fortunate, we are reminded of the great generosity and support of so many members of our community. We thank each of you for sharing your time, effort and money on behalf of others (there is still time to donate to PHC, and to support the generous donation of Adam Bronfman). Special thanks go to The Park Record and to KPCW for their support in bringing the message and work of The People’s Health Clinic to the attention of our residents. May your Holiday and Christmas Season be filled with joy and your New Year with good health. Regards, Shelley Weiss and the staff and Board of People’s Health Clinic Roommate Roundup Editor. All of us at Mountainlands Community Housing Trust and Bad Ass Coffee would like to extend a very grateful thank you to our community and our local businesses for one of the most successful Roommate Roundup years yet! A special thank you to Tom and Jose at Davanza’s, Andy at El Chubasco and Bryan from the Park City Library for their food donations. With your help we were able to provide a very warm welcome to all of our seasonal workers. Of course, as always, a very big thank you to Tim and his staff at the Christian Center for everything they do to not only support us, but everything they do to help our community. Thank you to The Park Record and KPCW for helping us to get the word out about all those in need of housing. Last but surely not least, thank you to our wonderful community for stepping up and offering rooms and homes for all of our seasonal residents. The number of people wanting to help has been overwhelming and your generosity can be seen in the eyes of some very happy seasonal workers who now have a home for the winter. We appreciate the support of all the wonderful people in our community and we wish everyone a very happy 2005-2006 winter season! Sincerely, Nicole Butolph, housing specialist Mountainlands Community Housing Trust Michel Boroff, owner Bad Ass Coffee

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