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Letters to the Editor

Editor: This letter goes out to the idiot in the silver BMW who was doing at least 75 mph up the 20 mph Mine Road at 9 a.m. on Monday morning. Your clueless disregard for safety, or our historic residential streets’ speed limits, suggests to me your severe IQ limitations, or perhaps a recent blown lobotomy. You should be arrested and put in jail.

Unfortunately, your speed was so incredible that I was unable to get your license plate number. If I was a cop, you would be in cuffs, dude.

I guess that making it on time to your ski lesson at Silver Lake Village and your cell-phone conversation was much more important than the residents’ clearly-eroding safety who live full-time on the 20 mph Mine Road.

Those who somehow justify doing 75 mph in a 20 mph zone on a historic residential street should give me a call, and I will personally convince you otherwise. I don’t care how important you seem to think you are, or how many brain cells you clearly demonstrate are missing, it is just simply pure stupidity.

Maybe it’s time to include in your New Year’s resolutions to slow down when traveling on any historic residential street, and particularly on the Mine Road.

Pete Marth Old Town resident

Owner’s responsibility


It is the responsibility of pet owners to have control of their pets at all times, not animal control or the sheriff’s department. The dog owner made a choice to allow their dog to mutilate wildlife.


Rick Wagner Park City

Deer vs. dog


I was disturbed when I read the letters to the editor condemning the police department for killing a dog that was harassing wildlife last week. I thought I lived in a county that loved animals! Maybe I was wrong. Deer in this environment live on the ragged edge between life and death each winter, relying on their stores of fat for survival. Each time they run, these resources are depleted. A deer may not die right then, but when its resources run out in February or March, the result is the same. Death.

I heard the owner of this dog on the radio saying that if something runs, a dog will chase. That is just instinct. Shall we assume then that it is OK for dogs to chase (and possibly attack) our children too, because it is JUST instinct? NO. Unfavorable instincts are overcome with training. In the same way that we train our children to obey laws for their own protection, we should train our dogs for THEIR own protection. Then, they won’t suffer the consequences of being "unlawful citizens."

I agree with the letters last week on one thing: There WERE two victims and one entity responsible for this incident. Last week’s letters represented the victims as the dog and its owner and the police as the party responsible. I submit that the deer and the dog were victims, the police were (as is their purpose) the facilitator of the good laws that protect our wildlife, and the responsible party is the one who didn’t care enough about her dog to train it for its own protection. If we love animals as we say we do, let’s protect them by training them.


Tracy Otterness Wanship

P.S. If I see your dog chasing deer on my property, I WILL shoot it.

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