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Letters to the Editor

Editor: When is the new promised traffic light for Old Ranch Road to S.R. 224 going to be completed? This traffic light was promised to be operational last summer, then it was moved to September, then it was assumed to be complete before winter. Here we are into the winter and only pieces of the promise are installed. What is going on? Old Ranch Road was realigned to match up with Sun Peak Drive for justification of a traffic light and now we have two road inputs trying to merge into S.R. 224 at the same time without the benefit of a traffic light. This is made worse by the snow covering the center merge lane and the 224 traffic not knowing what the Old Ranch and Sun Peak traffic are trying to do. All of this would be solved if UDOT/Summit County would finish their incomplete task! Finish your job before someone gets hurt! Sincerely, Richard Thomas Park City Threatening to shoot Editor: In regard to the statement made by Tracy Otterness of Wanship — You actually made a public threat to shoot a firearm and harm or kill a living thing. Guess that says it all, people do make threats to use their loaded firearms to shoot living things be it animals, people or whatever. Amazing, isn’t it? Sincerely, Michele Low Park City Mountain biker lawsuit Editor: I read with great dismay that PCMR is being sued for the mountain bike accident experienced by an Illinois man. As an avid mountain biker, I have been most grateful to PCMR and Deer Valley for permitting trails to be placed on their land. While I realize that a "flatlander" might need more coaching and better signage than I do, I remember years when the only access to the PCMR land was via "guerilla" trails. Unauthorized trails sometimes led to trespass and criminal charges. A lot of work went into persuading the resorts to welcome biking visitors. Perhaps our unfortunate visitor might remember that transferring the blame for his high-speed accident to the resort might multiply his injury a thousand-fold — when the rest of us suffer the loss of access to the trails that he was unable to handle? Sincerely, Phidias Cinaglia Case dismissed! Editor:

Only in Park City could a debate over a dog overshadow resolution of a large wrongful death lawsuit that was reported by The Park Record recently. As an avid recreational skier, it was satisfying to see that The Canyons negotiated the voluntarily dismissal of the backcountry avalanche death from 2001, without having to pay a dime. Mr. Simon, commendations to you, for making this happen and helping keep the resorts open and lift ticket prices as low as they can be in this overly-litigious world. I don’t know you, but would love to shake your hand (and maybe even give you a big hug) if I ever meet you.

And, no, by the way, I don’t and never have worked at a ski resort. I am simply a Summit County resident who is happy to see people not get away with suing companies simply because they can, especially our local resorts. The accident was obviously unfortunate, as is any death, but the result of poor decision-making by the visitors.

As I write this letter, I notice yet another lawsuit filed by a Mr. George Takata from Illinois this one against PCMR and I just cringe. Mr. Takata, do us all a favor, don’t come back to our resorts if you can’t take responsibility for your own actions! Case dismissed! Julie Larsen Park City

County business licenses Editor: Can it really cost $175 to issue a business license? A dog license costs $7. It appears that our good commissioners took last year’s revenue, divided by the number of businesses and voila, here is your new rate — not the cost-driven formula envisioned by the legislature. Ray Johnson Park City Recycling contributors Editor: Since December of 2000, the Raymond Family Foundation has been the largest private contributor to Recycle Utah. Through their continuing and very generous support in 2005, the recycling center has been able to substantially expand its conservation efforts in Summit County and beyond. The Foundation has directed us to use their gift for both the Recycle Utah plastics program and for educational purposes, which we are doing. As many will know, plastic recycling is not a profitable business and must be subsidized to achieve its goals. Through the support of the Raymond Family Foundation, we have prevented 53 tons (142 bales) of plastics from being dumped in our landfills and Recycle Utah has become the only center in the state capable of recycling every type of plastic. The volume of this tonnage cannot even be estimated. And the accounting for this year is not complete yet. We wish to extend our heartfelt appreciation to the Raymond family for again giving a gift that makes a difference to us all. Signed Marc Estabrook Treasurer, Recycle Utah

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