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Letters to the Editor

Silly summer sensation


As relatively new residents of Park City, we would like extend a huge thanks to the founders of Park Silly Kimberly Kuehn, Jewels Harrison and Julie Doerr-Arenson for what we’re sure were countless exhausting hours spent planning, organizing and executing an amazing and fun summer market! A great idea on every front as it provides an outlet for the many local skilled artists, cooks and musicians while at the same time drawing people to Main Street on Sundays. Plus, where else in town can one practice hula-hooping, play on a giant see-saw and wear crazy hats? It was a fantastic addition to summer in Park City!

Martha Noyes

David Holeman

Park City

Will there be anything historic to celebrate?


Old Town, why are you spending $9,000,000 on a wonderful historic museum restoration when everything historic is about to be destroyed? A decision by City Hall to study the design rules of Old Town sounds scary to me (a good word it’s Halloween). Those rules were laid down respectful of people, land and mountains.

Slow down for a while, Old Town. The burden of excessive taxes and the pressure of developers should ease. You’ll be able to pick yourselves up and be better than ever. The housing for workers that is so badly needed will be built. The roads and trails will be repaired or build and safe for all. The health facilities that are strained will be adjusted.

To the old timers who are saying, "I can sell this place, where am I going to go?" When you are ready, your property can be sold without the competition of a flooded and greedy market.

To the people who are studying the design rules Please remember that height like the end of Main Street is not good. It won’t be long before it be just so ordinary.

There is a new building here with its marvelous transportation system and Marianne Cone’s murals so perfect a good example of how new in Old Town should look. Old and new can look great together.

Rosemary Sweeney

Daly Avenue

P.S. A good old-fashioned block party in the transit building with a great big Christmas tree would show everyone there is much warmth here still. You could even have an elegant wedding in there with the guests arriving by bus.

May there be many more Silly Markets


Many thanks to the organizers, staffers, vendors, entertainers and all those who participated in the Sunday Silly Market this year. It was such a treat to see Main Street come alive in the summer with those who have made Park City what it truly is. Congratulations on a successful year, and may you continue far into the future.

Chris Meyer

Park City

Cast your vote for Joe


This year’s City Council election will impact our health, safety and quality of life. Although we enjoy a wonderful life here, I have growing concerns with traffic congestion, a lack of senior services and continuing water shortages. These are real issues that require a willingness to address problems head on with real solutions.

Please cast your vote for Joe. I have known him since moving here 17 years ago. You will find him direct, knowledgeable and dedicated to Park City residents. His background in business, non-profits and government (as a current city council member) has equipped him to continue working diligently for the community.

Jan Zinn

Park City

Fall Festival was Fenomenal


Parley’s Park Elementary School had a successful Fall Fun Festival. Young and old had a wonderful time. We would like to thank all the parents and students who volunteered their time. We are indebted to Mike Holm from Park City Market for donation over two hundred pumpkins.

Eileen Gordon

Alyson Dingman

Park City

Instead of a nasty note, how about your vote?


To "Concerned Neighbor" Anonymously, you left a note in my mailbox calling me an "Unfit Mother" because I let my children ride their bikes in the street in front of our house in Park Meadows. To you – I ask, please vote for the Walkability Bond, November 6th. Please use your voice more effectively than criticism and vote for the bond that will improve our streets and make our town more pedestrian and biker friendly.

The bond will create walkways, sidewalks and designated routes for people to get to school and work safely. Our kids will have safer places to play and all of us will have better pathways to walk or bike to school, work, shops or friend’s houses.

In order to be healthy, children must live outside as well as inside. That’s why I let my kids ride around our neighborhood and to school. The speed limit is 20 mph here (25 mph on Little Kate, the way to school). Is it really that much of an inconvenience for you to slow down when you see people in the street? Especially kids? Let’s all help improve our community and environment by voting for Prop 1, putting money where our mouth is, spending tax dollars wisely and improving our streets with a clear conscience and purpose.

Next time, "neighbor," if you really are so concerned, please come talk to me, don’t just leave a nasty note. And better yet, help pass this bond for a sustainable, walkable street for our kids and each other.


Susan Curbow

Park City

Young Riders would vote yes if they could


The Young Riders Youth Cycling Program would like to ask the citizens of Park City to vote "YES" on the Walkability Bond. The importance of the bond has several obvious benefits, such as safety, connectivity and our town’s quality of life.

But another concern has been overlooked. Park City’s problems, as many know, are a product of its own success. Issues such as traffic congestion, scarcity of low-income housing and disappearing open space are just a few examples of this phenomenon. "If we knew then what we know now," as the old saying goes. …

Let’s not make the same mistakes again. Let’s improve our alternative transportation infrastructure at the same time as we improve our roads. If we act now, we will save money.

Here are some points to consider in our planning:

Build and improve certain roads that are for cars only.

Build multi-use roads that run efficiently and safely.

Build paths, crossings and bike lanes for alternative user groups so they can reach their destinations efficiently and safely.

The time to act for all user groups is NOW!


Heinrich Deters

Park City

Current council represents the soul of Park City


I have lived in Park City for the past 13 years, and I have been very impressed with the current city council. This council has a great mix of people who all have the best interest of our community in mind. I have appreciated their willingness to listen to the residents of Park City. The meeting that comes foremost to my mind is when the community I live in pleaded to the council for 2 hours and they listened intently, even though we had nothing new to say after the first. I also appreciate the fact that the personalities of the council are so varied that new and innovative ideas about our issues are commonly debated. The soul of Park City is represented by our current council members.

For these reasons I am enthusiastically supporting both of the incumbents, Joe Kernan and Candy Erickson. Furthermore, I think Liza Simpson is a perfect addition to the current council.

These candidates recognize and address the complex issues that are prevalent in our community.

Support Park City; get out and vote on Nov. 6th. Shirin Spangenberg Park City

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