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This year we can choose two people who will bring particularly useful talents to City Council. One is an outstanding incumbent and the other is new to elected office but proven in business and volunteer experience. I urge you to vote for Candy Erickson and Liza Simpson. They are straight thinkers who will make a dynamite team. Both mean what they say and neither takes too long to say what she means.

Kate Doordan

Park City

Slurry seal, walkability: two thumbs down


Every day the slurry-seal boys wake up and thank God for stupid people. Like cocaine dealers, they wouldn’t exist without the clueless people who buy their junk. Thanks to guys like Erik and Derek, we all have to suffer. How about that garbage on Albertson’s parking lot? Except for the gravel and bad application method (rakes), it’s the same stuff as the Yarrow’s lot. Both are cosmetic surfaces. The difference is the Yarrow’s lot it not bumpy, messy or slippery.

While driving or riding on slurry seal, it must be treated like ice. I’ve had my bicycle hydroplane and fishtail so many times that I’m very happy to have only crashed once because of the crap. While driving you must be very careful at intersections. I almost got T-boned after spinning my tires at an intersection. This is all on dry slurry seal. I believe it’s even worse when it’s wet. The only time I’ve had my car spin out is on slurry seal after a snowstorm.

I’ve walked and ridden bicycles more miles in Park City than anyone. Even if I get killed tomorrow by a real-estate agent or soccer mom driving an SUV while talking on the phone, no one is going to match my miles, ever. In a few years I won’t be able to ride in Park City because of the dangerous road conditions created by Eric and his slurry-seal pals. Because of this totally irresponsible spending on slurry seal, I’m voting NO on the walkability bond all the way. Use the slurry seal and weed-watering budgets on the bond projects.

Speaking of elections, I firmly believe if Summit County residents could vole slurry seal and chip seal or any other cheap crap that Derek likes to smear on our roads out of the budget, slurry seal and chip seal will no longer exist in Summit County and will be missed by no one.

The Bonanza Drive area is fine the way it is (except for the horrible slurry-seal job next to the Wells Fargo bank). If people don’t like traffic jams or construction traffic and noise, they should leave the area. It’s only going to get worse, much worse, no matter how much money is thrown at the problem. Since I rarely drive, I don’t care how bad the traffic is.

John Haney

Park City

How do you spell generosity?


Dear Rotary Club: Thank you for the dictionaries. We’re glad that all the third graders in Park City got the dictionaries. Thank you so much. We love the gifts that you gave us. We think that they will be helpful for us.

Noah Burbank

Alanna Hamill

And the third graders at McPolin Elementary

Walkability bond is about safety


Park City is a great place to live, and making it more safe and more enjoyable to walk and ride a bike sounds like a winner! The dedicated citizens who have labored over this idea need our support. The Walkability Bond grew out of the idea that we could make things better. A recent study showed the need to separate pedestrians and cyclists from vehicular traffic. The Landmark Design team conducted telephone interviews and held meetings in which the citizens of Park City identified needs and recommended solutions. This process started with children’s safety in mind. Connecting our town means sidewalks, road striping, separated paths, underpasses and overpasses for pedestrians and cyclists. These projects will improve our town while decreasing the stress levels associated with growth, especially at peak traffic periods. For us these projects are not about trails for recreation. This is about safety, a preemptive and positive move forward. This bond gives our citizens the power and the resources to improve our lives and the surrounding Park City environment. We also believe getting the job completed all at once will be better than dragging a construction job on for many years. Because of a conflict I could not attend the meet-and-greet with the candidates. However, I hope they will be sharing their stance on this issue, either for or against. There are challenges to be addressed. Let’s be proactive.

In order for these projects to thrive, we need your help to fund this effort with a bond. Vote yes on November 6th.

The Riccis

Park City

Kacy has done her homework


We urge ALL voters to cast a vote for Kacy Quinley. Kacy has expressed sincere and thoughtful answers to the questions posed in The Park Record and other public forums. Because Kacy has done her homework (attending City Council meetings, listening to the debates and reading proposed projects), her responses are based on facts versus emotions or pressure from others. Kacy’s comments show an understanding of the many concerns facing Park City and her ideas for solving current issues are solid and thought provoking.

Kacy will serve on the City Council as a team member with honesty, integrity and a constant concern for fiscal responsibility.

Larry and Pat Horyna

Park City

Ghouls were out of this world


The inaugural year of Washington’s GHOUL INN (a.k.a. Washington School Inn, a B&B 364 days out of the year) was a complete success because of all the volunteers and their huge effort. Thank you to all those that played characters in our haunted house, those that carved pumpkins for our contest, and those that came to tour our haunted house on Halloween night. We appreciate being part of this great community and your support.

Jean Carlan

Manager, Washington School Inn

My garage is my trailhead


I loving the saying, "My garage is my trailhead." Park City is almost there. We have a world-class trail system surrounding our town but the biggest problem is getting through the traffic in town. The Walkability Bond would make it so someone could access our trail system on a series of bike lanes, pathways and underpasses. A good example is the bike path and underpass under Deer Valley Drive at the Bonanza Drive intersection.

There are so many benefits that come from the passage of the Walkability Bond, such as giving us a pool of money that can used as matching money for government grants. It will also provide a safe way for our children to get to school.

The amenities we will get from the passage of the bond will add to existing attractions we have to make a visit to Park City a better experience for our guest.

Please join me in voting for the Walkability Bond.

Jan Wilking

Park City

Liza has earned our respect


I have known Liza Simpson for many years, both as a friend and as a member of the Parks and Recreation Board and Leadership Class V. Liza is exactly the type of person we should have serve on our city council. Her intelligence slices through the obscuring details of a problem and cuts straight to real, workable solutions. When she commits to doing something, you can rest assured that it will be done to the best of her considerable abilities. And finally, she has the ability to push her agenda of building community, improving our quality of life, and maintaining our resort economy because her years of service have earned her the respect of so many people here in town.

Liza already knows the issues facing the city council. Having attended almost all the work sessions and council meetings since May, she knows the city staff, the current issues facing the council, and the way the council works. She will be able to work with the existing council to build community, to improve traffic, to maintain the recreational opportunities we enjoy, and to build a strong local economy. For details on her ideas, visit http://www.voteliza.com .

I want to vote for a person who has already demonstrated a deep commitment to this community. I want to vote for a person that will be able to build consensus with the other city council members in order to protect and enhance our quality of life. I want to vote for someone whose integrity and civility are proven. Liza is that person. Please join me in voting for Liza on Tuesday.

Thank you,

Dave Staley

Park City

Joe has served us well


I am writing to endorse Joe Kernan for reelection on Park City’s City Council. Joe has served us well during his tenure on the council. He is accountable to his constituents, has no hidden agendas and remains committed to maintaining the high quality of life we enjoy in this community. He uses his education in business and finance to watch-guard the city. One of his focuses is public utilities and service. He is a long-time advocate for sidewalks and traffic control even before the buzzword "Walkability." He supported our neighborhood’s lobby to get a traffic light at a busy and dangerous intersection before we had a fatality. He is an advocate for affordable housing, our Hispanic community, open space, parks, recreation and traffic control. He now has the experience and knowledge to continue Park City’s responsible, sensible and controlled development. He is worth your vote and support.

Get to know Joe!

Charles M. Bova, M.D.

Park City

Main Street was frightfully fabulous


This was the first trick-or-treat year for my four-year-old twins. They were SO excited! I wish to thank ALL of the businesses and other contributors on Main Street that pulled together such a fabulous, happy, safe and memorable Halloween for my family and all of the smiling families we encountered along the way! Thank you for your efforts at dressing up, scary (but not too scary!) decorations and most of all – your warmth to the kids of our town. We had a GREAT time – we are still smiling!

Thank you Main Street! We really appreciate you and look forward to next year!

Happy Halloween,

Pam Eichner

Park City

Bruce Almighty


We support Bruce Taylor in his candidacy for a seat on the Park City Council. As a nine-year leader and team player of the Snyderville Basin Planning Commission, Taylor is known to be moderate and thoughtful in expressing his views, always keeping the character and integrity of the region in mind. He understands the issues both within the city and the Snyderville Basin and would serve well as a bridge between both locales. Taylor is a long-time Park City resident, and a Leadership Park City alumnus. Consistent with the direction of the current city council, Taylor, a Park City architect, promotes green design in his residential and commercial projects. He is easy-going, well liked and plays well with others. That goes a long way on this city council.

Kevin and Sedona Callahan

Park City

Liza: thoughtful, considerate and careful


Several years ago City Park had become the focal point of racial tension in this community. Liza and her husband, Cris, stepped forward to volunteer as park hosts. They spent many, many hours walking City Park, welcoming guests, keeping a watchful eye for Park City Police. We needed thoughtful, non-biased individuals who could also support our police officers. Individuals who did not jump to conclusions and carefully weighed the circumstances. Liza and Cris are a perfect fit.

I have known Liza for years and strongly support her run for City Council. The same qualities she brought to the Park Host program are the reason she will make a wonderful council member. Thoughtful, considerate, and careful. She has been active in so many issues, but most importantly for me she stepped in and was able to help build a bridge between the new immigrant community and law enforcement. And for this I will always be grateful.

Shelley Weiss


Don’t get me Wong: I’m for Candy and Joe


As a 14-year resident of Park City and an active member of the community, I urge all of you to vote next Tuesday. If you cannot get to the poll on Tuesday, call 615-6300 to get information about locations for early voting.

Please join me in re-electing Candy Erickson and Joe Kernan to the Park City Council. We also have an opportunity to elect a new member to the council from a good group of candidates with diverse backgrounds.

the way, many people have asked, but I am not related to Dennis Wong.

Russell Wong

Park City

Joe stands up for the underserved


I have known Joe Kernan for about 12 years in various community capacities. I first met him when he volunteered to be a family advocate in a community-based program to help youth and families at risk. I’ve watched him as a mentor and champion for kids and families, always willing to stand up for what is right, and what makes sense. When resources are tight, instead of saying no, he says, "How else can we do this?" Joe’s thinking and approaches are creative, innovative, "out of the box"; he doesn’t just talk, he sets the wheels in motion for action. From his care for families to his love of the earth and sustaining our planet through conservation and recycling, Joe has the vision and capabilities to continue to lead Park City and Summit County through the inevitable changes ahead, while maintaining a sense of the priorities and values regarding the reasons I, and many others, came here in the first place – to live in the most beautiful place on earth and enjoy a sense of community with each other. Joe stands up for the underserved people in our county, and I’ll stand up to back him in this election.

Merrilee Buchanan

Spring Creek

Two for Taylor


Of the many fine candidates putting their hats in the ring for a City Council seat, Bruce Taylor stands out. Bruce is an intelligent, highly creative, diplomatic person with the ability to understand complex issues, listen intently to all sides, and identify solutions that best meet the needs of the situation. He brings no personal agenda to his work, but rather searches patiently for the best possible options for a successful and sensible outcome. In his nine years on the Snyderville Basin Planning Commission, Bruce’s role was a critical one: a reasonable, compassionate, diplomatic and professional voice. Bruce is not one to crow about his accomplishments, and when faced with conflict, you couldn’t ask for a more reasonable, calm person to resolve an issue. Bruce has spent countless hours, years in fact, in service to this region, and where many would enjoy a respite after such a commitment, Bruce has chosen to turn his talent and professionalism to city issues. We encourage you to strongly consider Bruce Taylor when casting your votes this week. We have no doubt that he would make an outstanding contribution as a member of City Council.

Lisa Cilva Ward

Jeff Ward

Park City

Sundance wants me? Don’t think so


That was a lovely offer to Parkites to join the ranks of film festival volunteers. However, hundreds of us have served our time over the years and would prefer to attend the festival as film viewers. Please do not insult us by giving us an opportunity to "give back to the festival" by working for a few vouchers and some swag. Bah! Anyone who has volunteered knows that you work long days and then stand in long lines trying to get into a movie, and the movie sells out when you are the third person from the door. The citizens of Park City already contribute to the festival by dealing with the daily nuisances that are created during the ten days of Sundance, and I must say that most of us do it happily.

More importantly, address the issue that really concerns us, and that is our inability to acquire a locals’ film package. These packages have steadily decreased as your need for volunteers has increased. I love Sundance; it is my favorite event in Park City. However, I want to attend films, not stand in a parking lot directing traffic. Please consider a Park City ‘locals’ package so that we are not vying with the rest of the state for a spot on the list. A separate package for those of us who live within the city limits, or maybe in Summit County?

Now that would be great: Sundance giving back to

those that it impacts the most.

Carole Fontana

Park City

PS: Yes, I am aware of the free documentary series at the Library. Thank you.

Taylor made for City Council


Please consider a vote for Bruce Taylor on Tuesday. Bruce has a vision for the future of how to sustain the Park City lifestyle and sense of community. He has developed this vision through experience as a 20-year Park City resident and through years of community service. Bruce served for 9 years member of the Snyderville Basin Planning Commission (3 as its chair) and has donated his professional architectural services to Recycle Utah.

He believes in sustainability, walkability, public/private cooperation to address housing needs, and responsible growth.

Thank you for considering Bruce Taylor for City Council.

Diane Foster


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