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Letters to the Editor

Kudos for Candy


Candy Erickson’s impeccable character was revealed when I attempted to contribute to her campaign. She graciously declined, proceeded to tell me she already had sufficient funds and suggested I give my contribution to charity. Initially, I was surprised, but her response validated my faith in her character. May her honesty and integrity give us pause to reflect upon the qualities that truly constitute great leaders. Dana Brewster

Park City

Animal cruelty should be a felony


Hello, friends of Utah Animal Adoption Center. If you love animals, please help us pass Henry’s Law in 2008, after 12 long years of trying! "Henry’s Law," named in honor of the little black chihuahua who suffered at the hands of an abusive spouse of his owner, would make crimes of the most egregious, horrific, intentional animal cruelty and torture a felony in Utah as it already is in 43 other states.

For copies of a petition requesting that the penalties for a intentional animal cruelty be upgraded to a first-offense penalty, please call (801) 355-PETS or write to Utah Animal Adoption Center, 1955 N. Redwood Road, Salt Lake, UT 84116.

Thank you for helping improve Utah laws for all our citizens … for the love of animals. Cheryl Smith Executive director, Utah Animal Adoption Center

Gotta keep deer from denting our Porsches


I read the letters of condemnation as Parkite after Parkite raged over a sheriff’s deputy’s shooting of a dog chasing livestock in Park City. Where are you bleeding hearts when a dog let out to run wild by its mindless owner chews on a poor defenseless deer’s leg, causing it to be shot by a city police officer? Can you even imagine the pain and agony the deer went through? Now I understand the true meaning of the lighted "Watch out for Deer" road signs posted in Park City. We can’t have the local wildlife denting our Hummers and Porsches now, can we?

Robert Sasser

Peoa, Utah

Taylor is the next Harper Lee


Please tell Taylor (Park Record staff writer Taylor Eisenman) to come back to Minnesota. We miss her oh so much. Every time I look out my window and see the building where she used to live, it makes me sad. (Actually, the first thing I see is the halfway house which is, ironically, halfway between my building and where she used to live, and that also makes me sad, but not as sad as the fact that Taylor no longer lives here.) Why does Utah get to have all the nice mountains (rhetorical – clearly Minnesota was not lucky enough to be at the intersection of colliding plates millions of years ago) and why can’t we just take one of your mountain ranges and put it in Minnesota? I was thinking we could demolish St Cloud and put it there. Nobody would miss St Cloud. But alas, I do not believe the technology exists yet for something of that nature.

So, until said mountain moving becomes commonplace, I hope you enjoy your time with Taylor, I know I did. Joe Mortensen

Minneapolis P.S. Taylor writes lovely articles and is the next Harper Lee.

Winter Welcome was a winner


On behalf of the Youth WinterSports Alliance and our beneficiaries – the winter programs and children of Park City – I want to express my sincere gratitude for ALL the support the 27th Annual Jans Winter Welcome has received. From the local businesses who contribute auction items and the Winter Welcome Committee and volunteers who make the event possible, to the primary sponsors such as Bill White Enterprises, Jans, Deer Valley, Rossignol, Marker, Deer Valley Lodging, The Underdog Foundation and The Park Record – and everyone in between – it is truly a collaborative, community-wide effort to ensure this perennial gala is such a success.

I am pleased to report that Jans Winter Welcome has once again netted over $200,000 – proceeds which will have a direct and significant impact on the lives of our local children and junior athletes. Since 2003, JANS Winter Welcome and the Youth WinterSports Alliance have contributed well over $1,000,000 to the programs and junior athletes of our community. This support enables our organizations to fund initiatives as varied as scholarships, subsidized program fees, equipment purchases, travel & transportation, coaching salaries and even assistance with competition fees.

Finally, I would like to acknowledge Deer Valley Resort for the incredible, tireless effort put forth to ensure the evening is perfect. My heartfelt thanks to all, including Bob Wheaton, Coleen Reardon, Karen Gibbs, Julie Wilson, Silver Lake Executive Chef Clark Norris, Snow Park Pastry Chef Debbie Swenerton, Janine Troilo, Nick Polychronis and their amazing staff! Thank you all.

Shelley L. Gillwald

Executive director,

Youth WinterSports Alliance

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