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Letters to the Editor

Thanks for the support and encouragement


I would like to thank the readers of The Park Record for their kind words of support and encouragement. I have enjoyed the opportunity to hopefully inject a little humor into the public discourse of Park City and the surrounding communities.

I would also like to thank Nan Noaker and Andy Bernhard for allowing me to express myself through a medium that has been so enjoyable for me. I was allowed virtually unlimited editorial freedom and that made the job so much more fulfilling.

Some may not know that I have a full-time job during the day and that cartooning and other free-lance work is done in my off hours. The demands on my time have become almost overwhelming and it seems that this was a good time for me to give up something that I loved doing, but did not have the time to do well.

I need to thank my family and friends for their support and understanding. It is a humbling experience to know there are those who are willing to overlook so many faults to see the good hidden sometimes well beneath the surface.

It may seem ironic, but I would hope that this time of the season will encourage each to look beyond that which divides us and celebrate that which unites us and makes our community such a great place to live.


John N. Kilbourn

Park City

Martin doesn’t represent Mountain Town Stages


I was very disheartened when I heard from The Canyons that they intend to use the services of "Toby Martin for production support" in hosting their upcoming spring concert series. I have also heard rumors that Mr. Martin has approached Quarry Village and other locations and sponsors to offer his individual programming services. All of these stages have been proudly built and programmed by Mountain Town Stages.

As the founder and former first chair of Mountain Town Stages, I feel compelled to inform the public, businesses and government entities of the true nature of the current situation.

Mr. Martin does not represent Mountain Town Stages. He was terminated from his position as executive director. I wish Toby Martin the best. It is my hope that he will use his own ideas and locations to further his career.

Due to financing from the fabulous Frontier Bank and the hard work of the Board of Trustees, Mountain Town Stages has now paid its debts and has a tremendous future.

I know this community values deeply the work of the nonprofit groups that exist here. I especially feel that the real estate community must understand the enhanced worth that these groups create. It is their mission statements and the full commitment of their entire group that allows for each organizations contribution to the quality of life here in the mountains.

Please show your support for Mountain Town Stages – help them to continue to penetrate Summit County with music and love – visit their website and contact them directly. MountainTownStages.com

Musically yours,

Randy Barton Park City

Wisdom, not bravado, needed in war on terror


I awoke this morning to see a fine blanket of virgin snow embracing my home. Instead of the usual news, the TV was tuned to CSPAN with Lt. General William Caldwell talking on FUTURE of WAR at the Robert Dole Institute of Politics. It was interesting to me, as I recalled my combat service in World War II over 60 years ago in the mountains of Italy. The general was using conventional military macho words like, "We can extend our forces anywhere in world and ‘kick butt’ however, we are faced with a new kind of enemy that requires a new kind of strategy."

What was this new strategy? Dialog in place of bullets! He ordered the troops to lay down their arms, smile and talk with the people whom we had invaded, an amazing command considering few of our troops had capability to converse in the Iraqi language. However, he claimed that it produced positive results. What he claimed to be a vision of future war reminded me of actual experience over 60 years ago:

Although we were stationed in a small village in a country we had liberated (invaded), our company commander told us we could visit the locals as long as we carried no arms. Major battles were soon to happen, but we and partisans held the locality. Wisdom, not bravado, prevented useless carnage back then.

Isn’t General Caldwell saying that the War on Terrorism is not being conducted in a sensible manner, rather it is hopeless, wasteful and inhumane? Jim Powell Park City

Local people, businesses came through for Lorraine


Lorraine Smith has breast cancer. She is fighting it out with courage and strength. Lorraine was born in Utah. She has been married for 31 years and has three children and six grandkids.

On Nov. 28th there was a chili fund-raiser held in her honor. The fund-raiser raised $2,059 for Lorraine. This money will allow Lorraine to concentrate on her health, not her finances.

Without the people from Deer Valley Lodging’s reservations department, who helped with cooking, baking organizing, and selling and buying tickets to the drawing, the fund-raiser would never have happened.

Thanks to the generous donations of the community and individuals, we were able to raise twice as much money as we hoped. Thanks go to so many local businesses we can’t list them all here.

Thanks to all the Deer Valley Lodging employees who came for chili and bought tickets.

Thank you for everything.

Patty Smith

Park City

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