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Letters to the Editor

Rory brings the right stuff to Planning Commission


We as a community are lucky to have Rory Murphy appointed to the Planning Commission. I have worked with Rory professionally and have served with him as a volunteer on the board of the Park City Historical Society & Museum. He is smart, fair, hard working and an extremely pleasant person to be around. His experience and sound thinking will be a strong asset to this commission as we continue to shape Park City during this critical phase of our growth.

Congratulations, Rory, and thank you for taking the time to serve the community.

Julie Hopkins

Park City

Thanks, Frank, for helping spread the word


Sending a huge Thank You to Frank Normile and the Park City Film Series for doing a special and free showing of MATCHSTICK PRODUCTION’S "Seven Sunny Days" ski movie. Those attending were from the Park City Mountain Sports Club, Father Bob’s "Ninos on Skis" program, the Fairway Meadows Home Owners’ Association, and the Park City’s Master Ski Racers. Our number two goal was to show where our sport of skiing is going … off of 4,000-ft. cliffs in Norway, and into the biggest-ever mountain and terrain-park air. Our number one goal was to see if a MATCHSTICK PRODUCTIONS showing in a family-oriented theater in Park City would be well received. Thanks to Frank Normile we got good attendance and rave reviews from the audience.

Glenn McConkey

Park City

A lump of coal for you this year, Burton


We were amazed when we heard on the local news that Burton Snowboards is tempting snowboarders to "poach" Alta & Deer Valley. If they get a video of themselves snowboarding at a ski area that does not allow snowboarding, they could win a purse of $5,000.

Once again, the adults are setting a very bad example to the young people of this world. Just because Burton wants a bigger slice of the pie doesn’t make it right to break the rules!

Shame on you, Burton! You get a lump of coal in your stocking this year!

Kelley & Dan Holtman

Park City

There’s a place for affordable housing


When the commission begins to look at future housing for local workers, it could be beneficial for them to have owners allow pets. Surely there will be bus service to the new hospital at Quinn’s and there is plenty of space there for development. Why is it the city’s responsibility to provide housing for seasonal resort employees? If the resorts need more housing, they should provide it. They are the ones receiving large amounts of revenue and getting cheap labor. It should not be the responsibility of taxpayers.

I am content with my 3% annual increase as I watch friends around the country worry about their houses losing value and being upside down in their mortgages. Given the chance of ownership, people will take care of their property. What is this country coming to when individuals making $75,000 are considered "low income"?

Ben Mixson

Park City

Celebrate Sundance, don’t sabotage it


About this time each year, it happens like clockwork: an individual or a group levels a complaint against the Sundance Film Festival. Over the years, we’ve heard it all: "Sundance doesn’t reserve enough tickets for locals." "Sundance should let locals wait overnight for tickets." "Sundance should come up with a better ticketing system." And, most recently, "Sundance needs to keep their closing night party quiet after 10 p.m." For each criticism, Sundance has responded swiftly with new plans and solutions to accommodate the locals of Park City.

This most recent complaint about the noise levels in the Racquet Club neighborhood, brought to the city council by one individual (and her friend), will likely mean Sundance will have to find a new venue for their closing night party next year. And, Sundance may have to cut a screening at the end of each day at that venue as well. Ironically, this would significantly reduce ticket availability.

It should be noted that there are more than 100 condos in the Racquet Club development and no other individual from that neighborhood has ever filed a complaint in the 7-plus years the event has been held been held there. It should also be known that Sundance rents the city-owned facility each year, bringing in over 30 thousand dollars in revenue. Over the years, that money has paid for numerous upgrades, new equipment and various other major and minor improvements to the city-owned facility.

This is a letter I have been meaning to write for years. I believe we should start a new tradition in Park City. Next December, instead of coming up with complaints, why don’t we as a community come up with compliments for the festival that has truly put Park City on the map?

Yes, it brings more traffic. Yes, sometimes it is hard to get tickets. Yes, it is a crazy wild time in our little ski town. Embrace it! Enjoy it! Have you never "done Sundance?" Why not? Remove the chip from your shoulder and realize that for 10 days each year some of the most creative, talented and dedicated artists are in our backyard. Go meet them, and revel in the opportunities that have been served to us on a silver platter from the Sundance Institute.

This is my official "thank you" to those working to make the festival work for everyone. Let’s all be a little more grateful and graceful when January rolls around. Katie Eldridge

Park City

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