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Letters to the Editor


I appreciated Jay’s coverage of the attempted theft at The Sidecar. But I was dismayed by the lack of attention to the perpetrator’s age. Why was a 19-year-old in a Utah private club? Will Park City Police file the appropriate charges regarding this?

Kim Wessel
Park City

This time your vote will count


I love the primary election. It is the one time, in a state that always votes conservative Republican, I know that a Democrat will win. No matter who the candidate, it will be a Democrat. So for any of those saying, "Why should I vote? My vote doesn’t count in Utah," I urge you to get out and vote TUESDAY, Feb 5th. This time it will count.

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As for my candidate, I think Barack Obama has what it takes to bring this country together and end the negative image of our country to the rest of the world. His policies, ideals, and beliefs are full of hope and unity. His faith is Christian. Obama energizes and motivates our people to act and make change happen. He will call on Americans to take action and we will respond. There is no other candidate that moves me to act. I have been involved in politics only one other time and it was for our very own Mayor Dana. In a way, Mayor Williams is a lot like Obama. He brought unity to the division in our city and County, he worked on policies that helped shape this great city we live in, and he listened to all sides before making judgment. In so doing, we have a greener city, a booming resort economy and one of the greatest communities in this country to recreate, raise a family and settle down. SO, once again, I had to act and get involved in a political campaign. I had to write this letter, put on a bumper sticker, wear a pin and get YOU out to VOTE this Tuesday, Feb 5th. Join me in showing your Democratic support in ’08.

For more information go to http://www.barackobama.com.

Jennifer Guetschow
Park City

Old way of doing things won’t cut it anymore


If you are a Democrat in the State of Utah, you’re probably wondering why you should even bother voting in the Democratic primary on Tuesday, February 5th.. Does your vote even matter in this politically conservative state of ours? The answer is unequivocally YES! This is your chance to have a voice, to have a vote that matters, to have a say in who our nation’s Democratic candidate for president will be.

This year’s presidential election will have far-reaching ramifications for the future of our community and our country. The next president will be faced with a volatile economy, as well as the challenge of improving our nation’s public education system, and the quagmire that is the Iraq war. There are over 45 million Americans without health insurance, yet as a nation we spend more than twice as much on health care when compared to other industrialized countries. Americans generate 15,000 pounds of carbon dioxide every year from personal transportation, home energy use and from the energy used to produce all of the products and services we consume. The effects of climate change could be disastrous for our local economy and our planet. These are all important issues that impact our community and our nation. In order to address these issues, we need to pursue a cooperative, bipartisan way of thinking in Washington. The old way of doing things just won’t cut it anymore. That is why we need Senator Barack Obama as the next president of the United States.

Senator Obama has inspired a nation with his message of hope and optimism, and given the most cynical of us a reason to believe that our government doesn’t need to be elitist and partisan. He has dedicated more then two decades of his life to public service and has given a voice to those who are not always heard. He has shown honesty and integrity while campaigning and inspired thousands to get out and vote for something they really believe in. Barack Obama can heal this nation and bring all of us together to meet the challenges facing our nation.

Elizabeth Hebert
Park City