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Letters to the Editor

Death by a thousand duck bites

I have read with amusement the arguments pro and con regarding the expansion of Wal-Mart. While I am not a big fan or Wal-Mart, and frankly would not shop there if (when) another discount retailer is in closer proximity to Park City, I believe the only real issue is one of logistics and planning. Has anyone tried to navigate the area around Wal-Mart or the surrounding businesses? It is a nightmare. Has anyone been stuck for 20 minutes just trying to get back onto Route 224 from the area between the Outlet Mall and McDonalds? It is impossible. What needs to be done is a comprehensive plan for traffic, highway access and, as I have written recently in this newspaper, a rail system. Let’s put the decision on Wal-Mart expansion and other new development in the Route 224 corridor on hold until the larger issues which will affect and potentially choke all development have been addressed. Death by a thousand duck bites is still a sad end. Let’s not ruin Park City by allowing many small decisions to be made before the larger issues are debated and addressed.

Jim Arnold

Park City

Being president isn’t all about pep rallies


While watching the primary results on the evening of Super Tuesday, I was surprised to find myself emotional that Hillary was losing her edge in the Democratic Party nomination bid. I felt like crying, and I blamed my husband and close friends for becoming Obama converts. It is like they have fallen in love – they are all cheerleaders taking personal pride in a new romance! And why not? Barack, a charismatic leader with a handsome open face, soothing voice and an idealistic message, is easy to like. I don’t really blame them.

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Hillary is not so easy to love. My friends say they are annoyed and irritated by her. And this is why I want to cry – people love to be annoyed or irritated by women! All of us, we somehow judge or don’t respond passionately to women in public leadership. We aren’t used to it. Our voices aren’t as soothing, our manner not as relaxed. We sometimes strike the wrong tone. Other than Oprah (and she sounds annoying when speaking at rallies for Obama too), it is hard to even think of female public personas to name. Well, here are a few: Katie Couric, Nancy Grace, Margaret Thatcher, Queen Elizabeth, Condoleeza Rice, Barbara Streisand, Barbara Walters, Rosie O’Donnell, Whoopie Goldberg, Nancy Pelosi, Jane Fonda. And you know what has been said about many of them.

I want Hillary to be the next president of the United States. Yes, a woman president! When will there ever be a better female candidate? She is smart, strong, and prepared. She has worked like a dog for years. Nothing in life or government could surprise her. No, she isn’t as lovely to listen to on the big stage as Barack, but being president isn’t all about giant pep rallies. Hillary shines in smaller groups. Just like most of us gals. Noelle Strong Park City

Thanks, Jake, for your devotion to our country


About two weeks ago, Sergeant Jake Larsen, a 2000 Park City High School graduate, returned home from Iraq. Jake’s tour of duty was very eventful with many victories and trials. He doesn’t brag about his awards which he received, a Purple Heart and Medal of Valor for saving three Iraqi soldiers. At one point the tank he was in blew up and he was injured, but he kept going on serving his country. He had the heartache of losing fellow soldier friends. Jake has always been a kind, loving person especially with his brother Andy. He is the son of Mike and Allison Larsen, brother of Wylie and Andy. No matter what your feelings about the war in Iraq, it is so touching to know that young men and women are sacrificing so greatly to serve their country. We honor these young men and women in the service of the great United States of America. Thank you, Jake, for doing such a courageous job. We love you. Welcome home and God bless America.

Rose Gay

Kathy Penrose

Park City

They’re still bringing comfort, encouragement


During the final days of my husband Rick’s life, the "Care Givers" were absolutely devoted in helping me keep him as comfortable and uplifted as possible. The dedication and devotion Georgene (George) delivered goes totally unmeasured. Then there was Steve, the guitar-playing singing chaplain.

Even though Rick was suffering with cancer and was in severe pain, George kept her attitude light-hearted and most definitely sincere.

They helped me as well as the primary care giver. I’ve always said, ‘Hugs are free and they’re healthy." There were always hugs along with the encouragement and assurance I was doing a good job and the right things. This helped me to endure through this most difficult time.

Rick passed on the morning of Halloween 2007. These wonderful giving hospice people still check on me.

Thanks isn’t really enough to say, but I know I have new friends who sincerely care about my well-being.

Thank you, George, and your great staff.

Lisa Mueller-Mahanes


From one Commodore to another


As an alumnus of Vanderbilt University, and a part time resident of Park City, I would like to thank The Park Record for the recent article on Colt Nichter and his selection of Vanderbilt as his school of choice for his college football career. Not only will he be playing in what is widely considered the best football conference in the nation, but he will also receive an excellent education from a fine university.

Over the past six years, Vanderbilt’s student-athletes have compiled a 93% graduation rate, and are ranked academically first in the Southeastern Conference, while competing in the toughest athletic conference in the nation.

Colt has made a wise choice, and I wish him the best in his academic and athletic endeavors as a Commodore.

Tom Wirth

Park City and

Brentwood, Tenn.

They kept the Torah Trek on track

On behalf of Temple Har Shalom and the Park City Jewish Community, I want to express our most heartfelt appreciation to the Park City Police Department for their assistance above and beyond the call of duty in assisting us in our historic ‘Torah Trek’ on Friday Feb. 1, 2007. There are few cities – maybe no cities – in which a police force would assist with such generosity of spirit.

Particular praise should be heaped upon my friend, Chief Lloyd Evans. Officers Annette Ellis and Wayne Young, along with Sgt. Lynn Nagel, merit special praise. I do not exaggerate when I say that this event would not have been the success it was without their assistance. There was a UHP officer who also assisted. His name is unknown to us, but we offer him great thanks.

The entire Jewish community of Park City thanks all of you!

Rabbi Josh Aaronson

Park City

China student exchange touched many lives


We could not let our experience as hosts of 14 guests from Beijing, China, come to an end without a heartfelt thank you to Val Chin and Shirley Smith for making it possible. Thanks to these two dedicated women, who have been organizing the student exchange between Park City High School and Beijing No. 4 High School for 15 years, our children had the opportunity to travel to China in October to stay with host families and visit historic and cultural destinations in Beijing, Xian, Hangzhou and Shanghai. The program created by Val and Shirley, in partnership with the Beijing Peoples Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, has done nothing short of facilitating wide-reaching international relationships that will affect the lives of everyone touched by this program and those they influence. While the experience was life changing for our kids, we had an equally valuable experience hosting our Chinese guests (students and adult chaperones) in return over the last couple of weeks here in Park City. Thanks to all the host families for pitching in with transportation; meals; chaperoning; arranging for activities, event tickets and lovely gifts; addressing all the issues arising from the weather; and hosting endless pizza parties for the kids. Our deepest thanks to Park City High School, the Sundance Institute, Park City Rotary Club, Park City Municipal Corporation, Mayor Sakrison of Moab and several local businesses for making their Park City visit one that our guests from China will never, ever forget.

With warmest regards and gratitude,

The Ward, Brenner, Cauceglia, Chapman, Chavira, Anderson, Eckels, Fischer, Garrison, Kanten, and Wegesser families,

and fellow hosts

Sue Galusha,

Mayor Dana and Lisa Williams,

and Dave McNaughton