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Letters to the Editor

Editor: There is an old saying among lawyers and judges: If you have the facts, argue the facts, if you have the law, argue the law, and if you have neither, pound the table. There’s lots of table pounding going on these days. The lawyers/developers who have concocted their greed-driven attack on county land planning under the guise of affordable housing and filed some eight lawsuits is the most egregious example. They try their case in the press with clockwork. Their theater gets more elaborate with every appearance. It’s highly likely that they know that in the court of law their chances of winning are slim to none. How about the water company that buys full-page ads in The Park Record to make its case? Then there is the lady who can’t/won’t train and control her dog Rowdy, which leads to the dog being shot by a sheriff’s deputy. In all of her screaming at the sheriff, she never acknowledges her responsibility for what happened. She’s lucky she isn’t facing a case of Rowdy maiming or killing a child. Rowdy was gone long before his encounter with the deputy, thanks to his owner. Most recently is the case of Dr. Important who didn’t stop his car immediately when instructed to by a Park City Police officer, resulting in the car’s rear window being broken by the officer’s flashlight. In some cities the officer might have used his gun instead of his flashlight to affect the emergency stop. Dr. Important is now yelling that he did nothing wrong and it’s all the officer’s fault. Yeah, sure, mister — join the crowd. The crowd is growing. Why does The Park Record give so much coverage to these non-news events, thereby enabling people’s irresponsible behavior? These stories and their loud sniveling actually belong in supermarket tabloids, or as late night infomercials, or as classified ads under the heading "Personal." Dave Barry Park City Another perspective Editor: Slants on stories are inevitable, especially when they involve dogs in Park City, but when reputations and possibly the careers of elected officials are on the line, someone needs to say something. I wrote a story about the dog-shooting incident in the Summit County Bee and came across some facts that were not included in the highly publicized local versions of this story. The two dogs were aggressively cornering a large buck and were about to kill it. The officers tried every conceivable means to stop the dogs. One of the responding officers was on the K-9 Unit and has extensive experience and expertise in this area. The officer had to shoot the dogs or let the dogs kill the deer. Earlier that same morning, calls were made to Animal Control reporting that the same two dogs were chasing a fox. Schapper’s dog had also been quarantined a few months prior to this incident for attacking a neighbor’s dog. After the dog was shot, Animal Control officers took the dog to Schapper’s home and even offered to help her bury it. Schapper refused the animal and three days later, when her sister and a friend went to the shelter to retrieve the dog’s remains, an attendant told them they would be assisted if they could wait their turn. Animal Control officers were notified and did, in fact, assist them in retrieving the dog’s body. For anyone who still thinks that the officers involved acted rashly, please visit the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources Web site and read the article posted there explaining why dogs and deer don’t mix. Every time a dog chases a deer it endangers the deer’s chances for survival since deer live on their stored fat in winter. But it doesn’t harm the dog because the dog has an owner who takes care of its survival needs. While I feel for Jenny’s loss, I feel sorrier for the officers involved. They have been unjustly blamed and criticized for simply performing their duty to protect Utah’s wildlife from a dog whose owner failed to control her animal. Wendy Mair Heber City Thumbs up to local business Editor: It is always nice to receive good service and I recently had that experience with Park City Jewelers in your town. I ordered a custom chain and pendant for a present and Ken Whipple was kind enough to rush the order so I could have it in time. There was a slight mix up in the price charged and price quoted but when I brought this to Michelle’s attention, she was quick to make an adjustment that was quite satisfactory. You are lucky to have a reputable business such as this in your town! Bob Britton Elmwood, Wis.

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