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All avalanche trainers have same goal


I hate to defend myself in a newspaper for something I did not say or intend to imply in my letter (Park Record, ( Jan. 19-22). I merely offered simple advice to take a complete avalanche course, possibly in addition to a one-night awareness course. I want to clarify for the readers of the Park Record and to avalanche educators that Mike Ruth (Park Record Jan. 26-29) unfairly and falsely accused me of discrediting avalanche educators. Although Swiss-German is my first language, I think it was quite clear that my entire point was that if one wants to be a backcountry skier/boarder out of bounds, an evening class does not provide complete enough information to keep them safe in all situations.

Yes, it is obviously true that such a class may be the first exposure to avalanche awareness for many people that was never disputed or even the point of my letter. My letter was written to encourage people to take more in-depth courses and classes. How can that be a negative thing? I myself teach those very evening classes that Mr. Ruth claims that I was bashing. Every short awareness course is good, but for heaven’s sake, at least take a level 1 avalanche class if you really want to learn to be safe.

I am not sure why Mr. Ruth took such offense to the promotion of avalanche courses that he himself teaches. I was not attacking any person or company. In fact, I was merely advocating the further in-depth education of all backcountry users and stating an indisputable fact that in order to be fully informed and safe in the backcountry, you should take a full course, not just a one-night class.

It is just too bad that this somehow became a personal attack when really, we all have the same goal in the industry: helping people make smart, informed decisions.

Freddy Grossniklaus

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Park City

They came to Nordic ski tour in droves


On behalf of the Snyderville Basin Recreation District, I would like to thank all of those involved with the 2nd Annual Rossignol Silver Ski Tour. We had close to 150 participants and appreciate all of those young and old who came out to support Nordic skiing in the greater Park City area.

A big thanks to the sponsors for providing the great swag; thanks to the Mountain Trails Foundation for their continued support and collaboration on the event; and a special thanks to the volunteers from the Park City Nordic Club, as well as our stellar soup servers Tom and Lucy Minihan.

The Silver Ski event is another great example of the partnerships that exist between local governments, non-profits and private enterprise here in the Park City area.

Happy Trails!

Senta Beyer

Snyderville Basin Recreation District

Since you can’t get it right, cancel my paper


After subscribing to The Park Record for eight years, we have just reluctantly cancelled our annual subscription.

The reason for this cancellation is because the PR carrier dumps the newspaper in the driveway, as well as the unsolicited Salt Lake Tribune. We have asked PR circulation to hold the paper while we are traveling, but have returned from trips to find a pile of newspapers on our property. In response to an announcement in last week’s PR, we requested our newspaper to be delivered to the mailbox instead of being dropped in the driveway. We were assured the paper would be delivered by USPS on Wednesday of this week, but instead it was found in the driveway. When we inquired if the SL Tribune could be made to go away, we were told the only way was to unsubscribe to the Record.

While we try to follow the police department’s guidelines for insuring property safety when away from home, the unsolicited deliverance of these papers cancels out our efforts. We sometimes read the SL Tribune online, and have made this decision to support local attempts to reduce excessive and unnecessary waste. But in spite of our efforts we still have to dispose of unread and unsolicited newspapers on behalf of the SL Tribune.

Because of this disregard for the needs and requests of the customer, and because we have no assurance that our absences from home won t be advertised by newspapers collecting in the driveway, and because we are trying to reduce, not increase, our contributions to the landfill and recycle center, we feel we have no choice but to unsubscribe. Kevin and Sedona Callahan Park City

Big Band Dance support was sweet


To music lovers, generous donors and "sweetheart" dancers

Thank you ALL for supporting the 4th Annual Big Band Sweetheart Dance at The Yarrow on Friday evening! Our SELL-OUT crowd was tremendous, and the support given our PCHS music programs was wonderful! We would also like to thank some notable guests, including Dr. and Mrs. Ray Timothy (our superintendent of schools and his wife,) Mr. and Mrs. Dana Williams (our illustrious mayor and his wife) and Mr. and Mrs. James Santy, virtually music royalty in our town, for attending and supporting our music students!

Having an exemplary music program is one of the defining elements in a top-notch school district, and our students, parents, and staff are working hard to help achieve that! The generous community donations and support for this event were very much appreciated, and we look forward to seeing everyone back next year!


Alison Vallejo

PCHS Big Band Sweetheart Dance Committee