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I am one of the many parents who wish to thank you and The Park Record for covering the U.S. National Freestyle Championships held at Deer Valley in March. Though perhaps just a bridesmaid to the mega-world of Alpine skiing, mogul skiing has been my daughter’s entire world for the last 10 years. Though she couldn’t compete due to injury, she did make the U.S. Women’s Freestyle Team this season, and we were thrilled that The Park Record covered the national championship event and gave due acknowledgement and coverage to the outstanding athletes, many of them Park City’s own. I hope The Park Record will keep an eye on these exceptionally dedicated competitors when next year’s race season rolls around.

Thank you again for your good attention to this exciting sport.

Jill Boornazian Berkeley, Calif.

Climate change is not a political issue


Re: "CO2 is beneficial to the environment (Park Record, April 26-29):" Pot meet kettle. Someone needs to remind David Latham that it is quite clear that he is not a scientist either. His physically impossible diatribe indicates that he is clearly on his own "agenda" as well.

Anyone who has taken basic science can tell you it is very easy to change the molecular density of gases with heat (such as from the combustion process of an automobile or power plant). CO2 is also a very necessary aspect of the atmosphere that specifically dictates what solar heat is retained in the atmosphere but, like anything, too much of it is a bad thing (such as a Chevy Suburban that contributes 13 times its own weight in a single year).

Scientists have melted ice cores from several locations and have literally been able to evaluate air that was trapped as far back as 650,000 years for CO2 concentration and approximate global mean temperature. This is approximately 13 times longer than modern humans have existed. The pattern looks like a radio wave, including ice ages (several of which humans and our ancestors have lived through), which has never varied more than approximately 5 degrees Celsius. That is until about 100-150 years ago, when the temperature began shooting straight up and has leapt off the chart.

Not only is the mathematical probability of this, happening right now specifically, .000000017 (less than the odds of winning a lottery), but we also know that we have also removed trillions of pounds of carbon dioxide from the ground and have placed it in the atmosphere, and that all data seems to indicate CO2 concentration and global average temperate seem to have a direct correlation. If it were solar warming, the mathematical probability of this happening, right now, is still .000000017, and therefore still next to impossible.

Mr. Latham quite clearly needs to remove the political blinders and realize that this is not a political issue and stop attacking the messenger. News flash: Many of us don’t particularly care for Al Gore either, but that doesn’t make the reality of climate change any less true.

Andre Shoumatoff

Park City

Stakeholder, Gov. Huntsman’s Blue Ribbon Advisory Committee on Climate Change

You’re rock stars in our book


Special thanks to all you cool cats who came out to our Music Makers fundraiser on Saturday. It was one of our most successful Music Makers ever. Thanks for raising a glass with us, gettin’ your groove on and supporting free live music in Summit County, much love we truly appreciate the support.

Extra special kudos to Jenn Chesney for all the time and effort that she put into making Music Makers a ridiculously triumphant evening. We’d also like to thank Mark Fischer, Rob Greene, Tenth Mountain Landscaping, Randy Barton, Shelley Gillwald, and all who donated items for our silent auction. You guys are cookies. For those of you who helped out and weren’t mentioned you’re rock stars in our book! Stay tuned for our summer concert lineup announcements coming over the next couple weeks.

Musically Yours,

Brian Richards

Park City

Community Conductor Of Musical Affairs,

Mountain Town Stages

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