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Letters to the Editor


I received a nice color brochure from Congressman Rob Bishop informing me of a Town Hall meeting to be held on Jan. 17 in Coalville. The brochure arrived on Jan. 18. Then I read the following headline in last Saturday’s Park Record: "Congressman draws sparse crowd." Hmmmm, I wonder if there’s a connection?

This is either another example of government inefficiency or perhaps Congressman Bishop isn’t that interested in meeting his Summit County constituents. As this is not the first time this has happened, I’m beginning to suspect the latter. In the future, Mr. Bishop should instruct his staff to mail the brochures out in a more timely manner in order to provide his constituents with enough notice to plan to attend. One week prior would be nice, two weeks would be better.


Jack Mayhew Park City

Family sends a card of thanks


Through the columns of The Park Record, the family of Peggy Hall Blonquist of Coalville would like to express their appreciation for the many beautiful flowers, planters, food donations, cards and other kind expressions of sympathy at her sudden and unexpected passing. We especially wish to thank Walker Mortuary, Bishop Weston, members of the Coalville First Ward and friends and family members who assisted at her funeral and the luncheon that followed. We shall always remember your kindness.

Belvon Blonquist Gordon and Susan Wright Peggy Dee and Roger Whitney Tonja and Howdy Hanson

The need for cooperation


This is in response to the Dr. Badger’s letter to the editor. I work for a law enforcement agency in a large city as a police dispatcher. I take officer safety and citizen safety very seriously. The doctor needs to understand the Park City Police Department is a small agency and maybe the way the "roadblock" was set up was not as it is on television, but it was possible that it was all the officer had to work with at the time. The officer acted in a way that may not have been appropriate but it did get him the results that he was looking for — the doctor stopped his vehicle and the tow truck driver in question was safe.

The doctor, I understand, is upset about the entire incident but I think he should thank that officer for saving him from something that could have haunted him all his life. He could have killed the tow truck driver with his vehicle and would carry that with him. So put this to rest. I deal with gunfire, knife fights, car chases, foot pursuits and real crimes, like murders. You, doctor, and you, Park City Police, do not know how good you have it. You need to work together, understand one another and put this behind you.


Connie Fowers El Cajon, Calif.

Make a statement to film rest visitors


Utah is being damaged by Senator Buttars’ hayseed statements on evolution and his cruel and hurtful remarks about gays and lesbians. As a straight male, his comment about a supposed "homosexual handbook" that "targets your kids" is an insult to my intelligence. There is no such book. It only exists in the mind of Senator Buttars, who is attempting to demonize a small minority of good people for political ends. How brave of you, Senator Buttars!

I have talked to many of those associated with the gay-lesbian-bisexual-transgender community of Salt Lake, and we have nothing to fear from these folks. Chill out — your hormones will not change direction because you shook hands with a gay person and treated them with respect.

Whatever happened to putting a little love, understanding and acceptance in our hearts rather than issuing statements that sound like they were mined from a Nazi propaganda pamphlet?

We must all ask: What good have Senator Buttars’ ignorant statements done for the image of the state of Utah? And, is this the picture we want to present to the world? The world is watching even now from Park City at the film festival.

Rather than this negative image, what if prominent citizens of Utah raised the money for the building of a million-dollar gay-lesbian-bisexual-transgender community center? If this gesture of good will and tolerance became reality, it would reverberate around the world. Imagine the positive headlines! Imagine the praise!

I know I’m a foolish dreamer, but I can see Larry Miller, a good man who fell down "Brokeback Mountain," as one of the people at the ribbon-cutting ceremony.


Roger E. Carrier Sandy, Utah

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