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Letters to the Editor


On behalf of the Men of McPolin, we would like to thank everyone that made the "Day at the Races" a success. We were able to raise money to help support special programs at McPolin and have fun in the process. We want to thank all the parents and staff at McPolin Elementary that volunteered and participated. We especially want to thank all the local businesses that supported and sponsored the event.

We want to thank the band – "Two Buck Tux" – for a tremendous performance and showcasing some of the young talent in our community. Hopefully this will become an annual event that becomes a part of the community calendar. Moe Hickey "Men of McPolin"

Park City

FLDS raid is reminder of our duty to kids


The question of how our government should deal with all those FLDS children after the raid on their compound is certainly one of importance. It is also a question that raises the issue of what to do with children of those who break the law in other ways such as controlled-substance trafficking, child pornography or theft. One rarely hears an outcry of indignation when a drug bust puts a family out on the street after seizure of their property such as the one we have heard after the recent polygamy incident. Perhaps this is just due to the large number of children involved or maybe it is something altogether different. Whatever, it is abundantly clear that we need to make sure that all children affected by the arrest of criminal family members are well cared for. I’d like to thank all those protesting the Texas raid for bringing this to our attention.

Nick Wright

Park City

Thanks, Teri, for bringing us the world


Park City was "mapped" once again on Saturday, May 10th, as part of the global Pangea Day, and we have local resident and brilliant person Teri Orr to thank for that! For anyone who shared in the satellite link-up of this stunning event at the Eccles Center, or has ever been touched by an event of the Park City Performing Arts Foundation, please join me in thanking Teri for her contributions to our community. Pangea Day was inspired by one of the award winners of the TED organization, and it linked the whole world in live and satellite experiences of people sharing peace in some of the world’s most challenging and disparaging of circumstances. Through her participation in the elite TED conference this winter, Teri was inspired to arrange for the Eccles Center to be able to provide a satellite link to this event. After several hours of films, speeches, and musical dedications to peace, the event closed with a "worldwide heartbeat", performed by drummers of all backgrounds from Africa to Asia, Israel, and around the globe. In the final moments of this performance, "Park City, Utah" moved across the banner of participating towns and cities. In that moment, I was both a proud resident and an inspired activist, and very grateful to Teri Orr for her vision. For anyone interested in viewing the films displayed, you may

visit PangeaDay.org.

Julie W. Sands

Park City

Park Record writer picked wrong soapbox


In reference to Jay Hamburger’s article titled "Two kids injured in soapbox derby " on page A-5 last Wednesday, he totally "missed the boat" by making the fate of these two children and their accident as the lead story. Rather than focusing on all of the collective hard work by the many volunteers, the building of the cars by the parents, the playing of music by a very precocious local band, and the overall camaraderie shared among teachers, town officials, school children, parents of those children, and new friends we made on that sunny afternoon all for a charitable cause he intently put the real story of the day "on the back burner." Mr. Hamburger could have reported on all of the positives of this first annual event to raise money for education, but instead he took the low road and sensationalized the minor accident that happened and made that "his" story for the day. Seven stitches between two kids playing on a Saturday afternoon is now a Park City Record headliner GIVE ME A BREAK!

If you get a chance, go to our web site at http://www.menofmcpolin.com and truly find out what MOM is all about. As a concerned father, my intent here is not to diminish what the family endured last Saturday. But without knowing the parents, I would think they were a little embarrassed to have to share a very personal story involving their two small children with the people of Summit County.

As for my advice to Jay, how about a little less "ham" on your "burger" in the future. Philip Perry Park City

No country for unleashed dogs


Thumbs up to Rick Scott’s letter regarding unleashed dogs. I am a dog lover and have a 60-pound dog who is walked on a leash. When loose dog/dogs coming running up to her she is intimidated and does not take kindly to the other dog. A 60-pound dog is very strong to hold on to and especially if there is more than one dog coming at you. For this reason I stopped walking my dog when I have to "worry" about meeting unleashed dogs. Does anyone consider the fact that there are people who do not like or are fearful of a dog? I live out in the country where people assume the leash law does not exist and many people I have encountered do not have control over their dog.

I would also like to address bicyclists and skiers on wheels who use Bitner Ranch Road. This IS NOT A COUNTY ROAD. It is a private road maintained by Glenwild, The Preserve and Goshawk Ranch. Plowing and maintenance are paid for by the residents of these three subdivisions. The road is windy and narrow with blind curves. There are large dump and cement trucks on it daily with all the construction in the area, plus increased traffic. Signs are posted stating it is a private road which are totally ignored. When stopping a person to inform them of trespassing, we are met with hostility. Why should we have to wait on our private road to get around a bicyclist, especially when it’s a big group? Being a narrow road there isn’t a shoulder to move over to and it is not patrolled for speed. With the speed and rudeness people drive, it is not the safest road to ride or ski on. Jeanne Fuehr Park City

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