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"A homebuilder … wants to gate his subdivision to keep out the riff-raff."

I can’t believe that opening sentence in Patrick Parkinson’s story about a gate at The Woods of Parley’s Lane was written, much less got past the editors.

I read the story fully expecting to see this statement was a quote from the developer, in which case it would have been fine to print. But in absence of such a quote, it appears Mr. Parkinson was simply editorializing and putting words in Mr. Knight’s mouth, in an inflammatory way. If I were Mr. Knight, I would be DEMANDING a retraction and apology by the newspaper. Yet another example of the opinionated "news reporting" of The Park Record.

Meanwhile, if a developer wants to gate PRIVATE roads, who cares? Are homeowners forbidden from gating their driveways, or fencing their properties? Yes, a gate provides "exclusivity," and what’s wrong with that? Private landowners can EXCLUDE anybody they choose from their property, that’s a basic right. What’s next, forbidding "No Trespassing" signs on private property?

I’m all for preserving open space and managing growth, but this is a ridiculous "us versus them" issue. (And Mr. Parkinson’s statement certainly adds fuel to that. Do Summit County residents even care if a gate is installed in a private subdivision? Why WOULD they care?

Peter Kemp


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