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Letters to the Editor

Teacher appreciation? There's the rub


On behalf of many Park City School District teachers, I would like to thank Harriet McEntire, owner of Align Spa, for graciously offering free massages to any Park City School District employee during Teacher Appreciation Week. Harriet, a graduate of Park City High School, espoused that she was simply "giving back" to those who have meant so much … Thank you, Harriet and staff!

Deb DeKoff

Park City

Emergency crews did everything they could


Patrick Parkinson has called me a number of times in the past seeking information touching on my professional activities. I have found him to be interested in fully understanding those situations, and he has quoted me fairly and accurately. Most unfortunately, that was not the case in Saturday’s edition.

Pat called me on Friday, this time in my capacity as Bishop of the Kimball Ward of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He asked about the condition of Lucy Jackson, a two-year old who had been involved in a tragic choking accident. I told him that Lucy had just passed away, notwithstanding the prompt efforts of experienced medical and search and rescue volunteers who worked tirelessly with the men and women of the Park City Fire District in an effort to save her. I also gave him background information about this beautiful, vibrant girl and the manifold ways in which her parents have served the Park City community.

I was extremely disappointed, then, when I read Saturday’s Park Record and found that I had been selectively quoted, with my comments twisted to suggest a criticism of Fire District personnel whose presence and patrols are so important to our neighborhoods. The effort to sensationalize this tragedy by injecting a political slant was unfair to the volunteer and professional responders, and it was terribly insensitive to the Jacksons in their time of profound grief. If Pat chose to quote me at all, he should not have omitted my praise of the efforts of these dedicated men and women who did, in my opinion, absolutely everything they could to save Lucy’s life.

Ted Barnes

Park City

Treasure Mountain PTSO was outstanding


Treasure Mountain International School faculty and administration extend a heartfelt thank you to members of our 2007-2008 PTSO. This outstanding group of parents has volunteered immeasurable time and effort to support our students, faculty and administration throughout our busy school year. For this we are truly grateful.

We look forward to working with our new PTSO in the fall and wish the best to those who will be moving up to Park City High School next year. Thank you one and all. Camille MacGregor on behalf of the TMIS faculty and administration