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Letters to the Editor


The current hullabaloo about gas prices and the president’s fund-raising visit got me to remembering incidents in the distant past.

Some 70 years ago, one could get a quart of milk for 10 cents; today it’s about $1.25. One could buy a man’s suit for some $50; today it’s around $200 for the same quality. My folks bought a nice house in a good neighborhood in Twin Falls, Idaho, for $4,500. Today, even with the falling market for housing, the same house in a neighborhood that has not declined would go for around $150,000.

Remember the essentials of life: food, clothing and shelter? Look at the increase factors: food (milk) 1.25 ÷ .10 = 12.5; clothing (man’s suit) 200 ÷ 50 = 4; shelter 150,000 ÷ 4,500 = 33.

Now consider fuel. Gasoline was around 35 cents a gallon. Today it’s about $3.90. 390 ÷ 35 = 11, less than milk, 1/3 of the increase in shelter and only around four times the increase in clothing. Yet there is no crisis in the fantastic housing-price increases or sub-moderate clothing price.

I remember while traveling as a tourist in Greece some 30 years ago one could get a nice lunch for 25 cents but filling the gas tank cost $44, about what it costs now in the USA. Yesterday on the news, truckers in the UK were striking because diesel was $9 a gallon, twice what it is here. Crazy world, no?

Now to our outgoing president’s local fund-raiser for his party’s nominee: Flight in Air Force 1 to Salt Lake; helicopters to Park City, probably involving a retinue of hundreds and a cost to taxpayers of millions. How much money did he raise? I bet it was less than he spent of our money. Not very effective money laundering.

Crazy world, no?

Jim Powell

Park City

Memorial Day book sale was memorable


Thanks to the hard work of the volunteers and the generosity of residents and visitors alike, the Friends of the Summit County Library (FOL) had a very successful annual Memorial Day Used Book Sale. This money generated will be used to buy additional materials and supplement programs (like March’s pirate party) at all the county library branches (Kimball, Coalville, Kamas, Bookmobile). We couldn’t have done it without the muscle power of Deputy Tony Ewell and the County Jail Inmate Work Program thank you for saving our backs!

We accept donations year-round. Just bring them in a bag or boxful at a time to the libraries.

Our next book sale will be the wonderful pre-Christmas half-price Scholastic sale. Keep your eye posted for the ads later this year.

Keep on reading,

Tina Blake

Park City President, FOL

A moving tribune to Darren Bean


As a former Parkite, and now a 15-year resident of Madison, Wisconsin, I was able to attend the memorial service for Darren Bean. For those of you who knew Darren and know and treasure your friendships with Danielle and Brian, I wanted to share a few thoughts with you about the service and the sentiments in Madison for Darren.

The service was an incredible tribute to Darren and the pilot of the medflight team who lost his life in the crash that took Darren. I estimate that just shy of 1,000 people attended the service which was held outside, on the lakeside rooftop of our city’s stunning Frank Lloyd Wright-designed convention center. It was a beautiful spring night and the perfect setting to take time to remember these two remarkable people who loved and enjoyed the outdoors.

An honor guard comprised of emergency, fire and medflight personnel, along with bagpipes, were on hand to honor these fallen heroes. Brian delivered Darren’s primary eulogy and he did an amazing job. It was so touching to hear Brian share thoughts of Darren as a young man loving to ski the bumps on Thaynes or dragging Brian to the back bowls, even when he (Brian) wasn’t ready, to his days playing football for Park City. Brian and Danielle’s love and respect for Darren were spoken through every word Brian delivered.

Darren’s wife, Stacey, also delivered an incredibly moving tribute to Darren, including reading a poem she wrote for him and read on their wedding day. She is a remarkable woman, mom and doctor in her own right.

I am so sad that I never realized Darren lived in the Madison area. I actually crossed paths with him a couple of times and never put two and two together, that he was the Darren Bean I had known as a young boy in Park City. Without exception, everyone I have spoken to, including the mayor of Madison, members of the Madison Fire Department, doctors and the heads of all of our hospitals, rave about Darren and everyone of them reflect on his incredible capabilities, beautiful spirit, his positive impact and the lives he had saved and his zest for life and his family.

Darren is going to be missed by many of you and by so many in the Madison community, who came to depend on his friendship, knowledge and medical expertise.

I was hoping to see Brian and Danielle at the memorial service, but was unable as there were many demands on them that evening. I hope perhaps they will read this and know that this former Parkite was in the audience and understood the love, nurturing, support and effort they both made when raising Darren in the beautiful spot called Park City. Deb Archer (formerly Debby Travis Symonds) President & CEO Greater Madison Convention & Visitors Bureau

Fancy Footwork lived up to its name


Last night I attended the Fancy Footwork program that was presented by The Park City Dance Academy at The Eccles Center for the Performing Arts.

To be brutally honest, I was fully prepared for a long and drawn out evening. Instead, I got a spectacular display of the array of talented dancers in the academy. I heard other people in the audience around me also commenting on how surprised they were at the quality of the performances. From the tiniest little tutu-clad girls to the truly cool hip-hop dancing … the evening can only be called a tremendous success. The costumes were glorious, the lighting and sound were perfect, but mostly, the hours of practice and hard work put in by each and every dancer was clearly evident.

In a time where young people often get a bad rep for what they get up to, it was wonderful to see that our town can boast of kids that are focused and putting themselves to the test.

Thank you Park City Dance Academy for a smile-filled evening. BRAVO to you and your talented dance students!

Pam Eichner

(mom to one of the little dancing bears)

Park City

Let’s not make it personal


"Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people." Eleanor Roosevelt

As long as we vilify a person instead of an action(s), as long as we continue to direct energy into vicious witch-hunts instead of solutions to the issues of our country, we will be a population of self-righteous talking heads. Instead we should be using our energy and educated minds to put forth ideas to solve the problems of energy, hunger, peace and prosperity. Here is not a quick fix, but a concerted effort to dialogue and examine issues important to us all and make a positive contribution to pay back for all we enjoy.

Clearly, lots of us seem to take great pleasure at the expense of a person(s) and sadly, feel smug at having stated something trite and trivial about that person(s).

"Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself." Leo Tolstoy Allison Florance Park City

Bush bashing was unprofessional


Whether you like a president or dislike him, you do have a certain duty as a citizen to respect the office. Polite protesting against President Bush is part of our heritage and there is nothing wrong with voicing your opinion. However, when you are a public official, a certain amount of professional decorum is required. Sally Elliott’s comment, "Frankly, I don’t care whether he lives or dies, don’t let him die in Summit County" falls into the bracket of plain stupidity. Sally, are you so completely ignorant of your duty as an elected officer of Summit County? You are supposed to represent all of the people, not just your liberal backers. Try taking a cue from Mayor Dana; he represents Park City, not just himself.

All of this whining and crying about President Bush coming here for a fund-raiser is ludicrous. If it were former President Bill Clinton coming to fund-raise for Hillary, would you be as outraged? Have you forgotten the expense of the Clintons coming here for a vacation?

I have a great idea: Rather than spending your time being negative about a lame duck, put your energy into electing a new president that will make you feel good about America. Anti-anything only brings negative results; pro peace is so much better that anti-war.

If you like Obama, spend your time helping him get elected, and if you like McCain do the same; if you only project anger and hate to fulfill your ego, that is what your life will be filled with.

Roger Strand

Park City

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