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Letters to the Editor

All's fair for Soaring Wings celebration


It was a beautiful day in the park for the 15th Annual Park City Children’s Fair on Sunday. It was the most successful fair we’ve ever had!

I’d like to thank Heide McDermott, Eli Parker, Pam Quigley, Shannon Baynes, Joy Covey, and Alyssa Fought, as well as the entire Park City community.

Our strive to celebrate every child locally and worldwide is made possible by our supportive school and city community.

Thank you,

Lina King

Park City Fair Chair 2008 Soaring Wings Montessori School

Vandals take note: You will be caught


I would like to give the Park City community a warning. Last Sunday evening the windows in my truck parked in the Prospector neighborhood were smashed with rocks. The Park City Police informed me that I was not the only one. Someone went on a smashing spree in Summit County and Park City. This senseless act is an invasion of our community peace and must not be tolerated. Tire slashing in Park Meadows last year and now window smashing? I am really at a loss. I would like to offer a reward of $200 for information leading to arrest and conviction of the culprits. To the culprits I would like to extend my sympathy. One way or another you will be caught and brought to justice. We will be watching for you and you will pay for the damage caused.

Craig Poncelet

Park City

Roger’s right: Bush-bashing was out of line


To Roger Strand and others who were offended, I apologize. You are absolutely right, Roger. What I said was unconscionable and most regrettable. It in no way reflects my patriotism and my respect for the office of President. I apologize and I do hope you will accept my apology and forgive me.

I’m normally given to biting my tongue when angry, but this one just flew out when I got the bad news that Summit County wouldn’t be reimbursed for our considerable expenses in providing sheriff deputies to cover the President’s fundraising visit. We truly struggle in Summit County to make every nickel of taxpayer money stretch as far as possible. During my years of public service, I’ve worked very hard to contain costs and not raise taxes. The overtime costs for extra deputies will doubtless be an overage which we will have to make up from another equally valuable service. I was frustrated, but should have kept my mouth shut.

Sally Elliott

Park City

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