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Letters to the Editor

Your support will make Earth a better place


(An open letter to all the participants in the Soaring Wings Montessori School 15th annual Park City Children’s Fair.)

Thank you for your help in making our 15th annual Park City Children’s Fair a success. It was a fun-filled day in the park and we raised enough money to make sure that our friends, Grandmother Marie of southern Utah, Assitan of Mali, Soureya of Niger, Danusha of Sri Lanka, Yang Guo of China, Josue of Honduras and Reinaldo of Paraguay, have enough clean water, food and medicine for another year. We can add a few more acres to our Soaring Winds Rainforest Preserve through the Nature Conservancy and we are making donations to each of the following organizations that we have chosen for helping to make the Earth a better place for children:

Park City Library

Hawkwatch International

Summit County Friends of Animals

Recycle Utah

Kimball Art Gallery

We sure feel good about helping make a difference in our world. We hope you do, too!

Drew Neff

And the rest the children, teachers and parents of the Soaring Wings Parent/Teacher/Student Organization

Unleashed dogs can be threatening


I just read a story in the paper about the second pepper-spray "incident." Come on, Park City. I love walking my dog off leash as much as anyone, but we all have to recognize that there are people who are afraid of dogs and have a right to expect our pooches not to invade their personal space when they are out enjoying our many trails. And let’s face it, how many of us think our dogs are better behaved than they actually are because they usually listen to us really well?

I am not defending Mr. Berube’s actions at all, but he certainly is making a point of an issue that others also feel strongly about.

I walk my very mellow lab on the rail trail almost every day off leash. Whenever I see anyone who is walking a dog on a leash, riding a bike, or walking without a dog, I call my dog back and put him on the leash until we pass. I started doing this because of Mr. Berube and his free hand with the pepper spray, but I have been thanked several times and I know it is appreciated by the non-dog lovers of PC.

This way my dog gets the extra exercise running around, and the others using the trail who aren’t comfortable with dogs get to enjoy it too: A win/win situation, in my opinion. Melissa Kennedy-Band Prospector Square resident, proud dog owner and frequent trail walker

This is Park City, not Abu Ghraib


Bob Berube: This is peaceful Park City, not Abu Ghraib. Get with our lifestyle or move somewhere else. You are nothing but a pathetic coward.

Joni Taxin Park City

Friends make big contribution to library


The Friends of the Park City Library Board would like to express our gratitude to the many Parkites who support the library by paying membership dues to the Friends each year and by attending the library programs. The recent turnout for actor, activist and author Mike Farrell’s presentation, as part of the library’s visiting authors program, is a good example. We would also like to thank the Washington School Inn, which so generously provides lovely lodging for the library’s visiting authors.

Our largest fund-raiser of the year is the three-day used book sale held over Labor Day Weekend in the Santy Auditorium. It is well attended by many, many locals. Thank you for that support as well. We hope to see you all there again this year!

Barbara Bretz and Trine Nielsen

co-presidents, Friends of the Park City Library

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