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Letters to the Editor


On behalf of the Park City High School Community Scholarship Program, I would like to thank those in our community who generously donate money each year to our deserving seniors. This year, I am thankful for a new scholarship donor, the Underdog Foundation, whose upcoming "Culinary, Wine and Ski Classic" fundraiser will provide two scholarships — one for Hispanic students and another for students who have overcome serious obstacles (www.theunderdogfoundation,org). Last year, local individuals, organizations and companies funded 65 community scholarships ranging from $500 to $4,000!

This is my fourth school year working at PCHS as the community scholarship advisor (a position wholly funded by the Park City Education Foundation). I am in awe of the many young people I’ve had the opportunity to meet on the job. Some have outstanding grades and talents. Some are athletes and leaders. Some are accomplished actors, singers, dancers, composers, musicians and filmmakers. Our students are writers, artists, culinary experts and technical geniuses. An astounding number of Park City students have overcome extreme hardships and obstacles — physical, mental and financial — in their lives, and are still trying to find a way to get to college.

Most of our students are hard workers. Some of them work full-time jobs — or multiple jobs — outside of school to help their parents pay the household bills. There is a great deal of financial need among our students! All Park City High School seniors deserve the chance to succeed in their college endeavors. The community scholarship program at Park City High School recognizes and rewards seniors for their talents and efforts. It is my sincere hope that the members of our generous community will join again in the effort to help make the college dreams of our departing seniors come true.

Scholarships are tax-deductible donations and may be one-time awards, starting at $500, or endowments that will fund awards in perpetuity. Funds for this year’s Community Scholarship Program are due by March 31. Park City community members interested in donating scholarships may contact me at 645-5650, ext. 2085.

Thank you,

Dana Ardovino Community scholarship advisor Park City High School

Alito and left-wing ‘intellectuals’


The embarrassing behavior of Senators Kennedy and Schumer during the hearings, combined with the blatant partisan politicking they are currently engaged in surrounding the 2006 elections will backfire on many of those Senate Democrats, particularly red state Democrats, that follow Ted Kennedy, Chuck Schumer, and Harry Reid over the far left edge of American politics.


Carol Steinkirchner Peoa, Utah

In support of our soldiers


Paul Reickoff bemoans to Pat Parkinson in Saturdays’ Record and on the front page no less that, "No one is talking about the war"– for good or ill! Could it be that Pat, while interviewing Paul for the article, failed to mention the letter writing campaign that’s been waged for the last three years in your very own newspaper?

Should Paul or Sean Huze desire to see what we’ve been talking about, I herein give The Record permission to give them my personal information. The working title of the galley they’ll receive is, "If You Can Dream It, You Can Ski It," subtitled, "A Chronicle of Thank-You Letters to Boots-on-the-Ground from a Ski/Tinsel Town."

My goal is to get this published, set up a foundation and use the money to benefit wounded warriors and military families. And then translate whatever will read well, into Farsi, the Middle Eastern language common between Afghanistan and Iraq.

Sincerely yours, with best regards,

Kimberly C. Wade kimattigersign Park City

P.S. Maybe it will, maybe it won’t. But Paul, if it makes any difference, my paratroop sergeant dad told me more than once, he got dropped into a lot of crappy places in WWII. I’m sorry that you did also. He never really could warm up to any pilot, ever even though he was sure they were right enough guys!

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