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Letters to the Editor


I have known Anne Bransford for the past six years. Between shuttling our kids to Salt Lake City for Civil Air Patrol, my last-minute pleas for help at TMIS, or just needing a ski buddy for the day, Anne rarely tells me no.

I highly recommend Anne Bransford for a seat on the school board. She’s involved, dedicated and committed to making our Park City schools the best they can be. Marcy Needham Park City

Anne would be a fresh breath of air


Anne Bransford will be a fresh breath of air for the Park City School Board. As a problem solver she is creative and decisive, Not only is Anne a listener but also she is an amazing leader. When something needs doing, Anne is the first one in line. As a graduate of Wheaton College and a multi participant in school events, Anne Bransford should be your next school board member. Anne has three children in the Park City school system who are aware of the luck they have to be in this fine school system. The importance of selecting the right person for the school board will directly affect your children’s future. Get to know Anne Bransford, Delve into what she stands for. You won’t be disappointed.

Marti Ryan

Park City

A Parkite, yes, but not a ‘Crazy Parkite’


I appreciate very much the article that Greg Marshall wrote about me winning the Get Smart Video contest that appeared in the June 14, 2008, issue of The Park Record. It came out wonderfully.

However, Mr. Marshall inadvertently misinterpreted a piece of information we discussed that I must respectfully correct. Although I work in association with, I do not own, nor am I am founder, or an investor of Crazy Parkite Productions. Thank you for correcting this fact.

Nate Sears

Park City

Gerd makes learning come alive


Gerd Holmsen Aguilar … No one would be better for our school district! The teachers at the McPolin lunch table all support Gerd for school board in District 3. The reasons are many but include her 40 years experience as an educator, principal and director of home schooling. She has been a volunteer in her grandchildren’s classes at McPolin and she makes learning come alive! She is supported by the staff, her neighbors, and the children. It is important to have an educator on the school board to represent the needs of teachers as well as students, parents and the community. She is articulate and clear. She can cut right through to the truth. Her voice is strong and responsible. She knows schools. We need her.

Aggie Johanson

Park City

Why use poison near Swaner preserve?


Regarding the use of poisons at Fox Point, who hired a pest-control company in the first place? It’s beyond belief to me that there isn’t a law against using poisons anywhere close to Swaner. Forget the fact that they were targeting voles, or using the wrong poison, or placing it "too close" to pathways. Should this be allowed at ALL? It’s so ironic that people want to live next to a nature preserve and enjoy the wildlife there, but if one of those critters crosses the line and leaves the preserve … KILL IT!

I’m no expert on this stuff, but what about a critter eating this poison, crossing back over into the preserve to die its miserable death, then being eaten by a sandhill crane, who then dies and is eaten by a fox, who then dies and is eaten by a hawk …?

The use of any animal poison should be prohibited abutting the preserve. Obviously, exceptions must be made to protect public health such as a rat infestation of a business or home, etc. But poisoning animals simply because they burrow in our yards should not be allowed or tolerated. If you don’t want holes in your yard, don’t live next to a nature preserve.

Peter Kemp


Vern will be missed on school board


Please exercise your citizenship by voting this Tuesday, June 24th, in the primary elections. Voting polls for Third District will be located at Treasure Mountain International School and St. Luke’s Church (near the Blue Roof).

Vern Christensen will be sorely missed on the school board. He must be replaced with someone who can hit the ground running and make informed decisions that are based on facts rather than speculation.

Anne Bransford School board candidate Park City

Weeds in Summit County: a tale of woad


With Dyer’s woad exploding and hoary cress taking over, the question is: Why is the public so apathetic? I am nearing the end of my four-year term on the Summit County Weed Board. It began with great energy and hope; now I am disappointed.

Weeds in western Summit County are like a wildfire: They are so insidious that you don’t know you’re being burned. How? Wildlife and domestic animals do not eat most noxious weeds. Weeds take up space, soil, and water that other plants could use. They are invaders and prefer to be a monoculture. Weeds negatively affect the value of your property and the public lands we love to use. They are irritating, sometimes poisonous, and unsightly.

It is not enough that we have a GREAT county weed department. It is not enough that there are laws in place, and requirements for building and disturbing soil. It is not enough that there are volunteer organizations, a few Scout troops, and some good-hearted folks that care. Each citizen needs to do their part. What is that? Weed your own yard. Do not buy noxious weeds from nurseries, even though they look like lovely flowers. Adopt a site and do a little work. Pick your favorite trail, vacant lot, length of stream and keep it weed free. In this case, many hands make light work.

Additionally, I would like the Summit County Commissioners to increase the county weed budget to include a weed officer who would not only identify weeds for the public, work on educating the public, but also have the authority to write citations.

Thanks for reading this opinion, even more thanks if you decide to do your part. Rochelle Robinson

Park City

School board needs a seasoned educator


School board members seem to be those elected officials that we as a community complain about but seldom have time to vote for. But you can change that. Next Tuesday, June 24th, there is a primary school board election for Precinct 3 (previously held by Vern Christensen) to narrow three candidates down to two for the general election next fall. In the primary I am supporting Gerd Holmsen Aguilar for school board and I hope you consider doing the same.

Gerd is a retired public school teacher of 40 years who taught K-8 and ESL. She was also a principal, directed a home school program, and worked at the state legislative level representing the California Teachers Association (CTA) and the National Eduation Association (NEA). In the last four years she’s been a valued volunteer at McPolin Elementary. I believe a well-rounded school board must have a seasoned educator in the mix. Even though we have some fine candidates running, Gerd is the only one with the background in education that would truly benefit our schools. Let’s not waste this opportunity to put her experience and knowledge to good use. Vote for Gerd for Precinct 3 school board! Stacy Dymalski McPolin and TMIS parent

Park City

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