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Letters to the Editor

Editor: It’s another summer and another start to the Olympics, the 2008 Beijing Olympics to be exact. The opening ceremonies were amazing. And once again I get that exuberant high school feeling of excitement, the one we all felt in winter 2002 for our Olympics. The high lasted for well beyond the weeks of The Games. I can forget the normal stuff of living in Park City (Why did that fellow cut me off on Parley’s? Which of my neighbors called the fish & game on that moose last winter?). What remains is the thrill of competition, the camaraderie of sport in its many forms, and I welcome it.

As I watch each opening ceremony, full of its countries’ traditions and proud release, it reminds me that it really is a small, small world, but one of many stories. We each have one to tell.

And I look forward to these summer games, as I do with all of the games every 2 years with a sense of optimism. May sportsmanship win out, and may we all compete well into the coming centuries! And for a coming story, I keep thinking of the athletes in our backyard. I’ve been lucky to have volunteered at the Utah Olympic Park since 2001; and the quality of athletes, the sacrifices of their families, produces world class competition at our doorsteps. Hooray for our home team and for all athletes around the globe for making sport ‘the way’ of our new century!

Go Sport!

Kelly Franklin Jeremy Ranch

Recognize Blair for his contributions


Though I have little knowledge of what led to the current dispute between Blair Feulner and the board of directors at KPCW, I do know how much Blair has meant to the radio station, our community, and countless individuals who know him personally or professionally. I find it sad that his tenure should end on such a sour note, as it is hard for me to imagine anything that could have warranted the reports that have circulated.

Last week I sat with Blair during the weekly Rotary Club lunch meeting. I asked him if I should still make my annual donation. Without hesitation, he said, "Absolutely. I don’t want my situation to affect the station." He made it clear he would not say anything negative about anyone involved in the disagreement.

I hope the board will choose to take a similar path. I, like many, would be thrilled if some compromise could bring him back to his microphone after some much needed time off. His talent as an interviewer and news analyst is unquestioned. Barring that possibility, I hope, at the minimum, he can be recognized for his incredible contributions to KPCW.


(R. T. Winn, M.D.)

Woodland, Utah

KPCW has lost its heart and soul


It seems to me that there are many, many people who feel like I do. There are Suzanne Lewis, Joan Calder, Sally Elliott, and others who have written/spoken up. The outrage is simmering because Blair has been treated with such arrogance it is impossible to understand. It is in Blair’s own interest to see the situation resolved to his advantage; no one would want to interfere with that process. But it is certainly a debacle that only some fiasco-fed attorney could possibly enjoy. I wish The Park Record could provide a forum for people offering helpful advice and encouragement. If there is one thing Park City has a lot of, it is problem solvers. So far it feels so ominous. The heart and soul have been cut out of KPCW. Everyone knows it. And no one is going to forget it. The station’s days are numbered because everyone will stop caring. In fact, it may already have happened.

Susan Truxes

Park City

Leukemia victims need your help


I have been a member of the Park City community for the last 10 years and now I am asking for your help.

I am going to compete in the Nation’s Triathlon in Washington, D.C., in honor of five-year-old Dylan Smith, a Utah native who has been fighting leukemia for the last three years. On Monday, August 4th, we celebrated the end of Dylan’s three-year chemotherapy treatment with Dylan and his family!

As a member of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Team in Training program, I am also committed to raising $5,000 for the Society’s Utah branch by August 21.

Please support this cause by simply mailing a tax-deductible check payable to the "Leukemia and Lymphoma Society" to the following address: Kate Fitzgerald, P.O. Box 981085, Park City, UT 84098. Or, you may go directly to my Web site and easily make your donation there (http://pages.teamintraining.org/ut/nattri08/kfitzgerald ).

Any amount you wish to contribute will help find a cure for blood cancers and will be greatly appreciated. Corporate sponsorships are also available.

Thank you,

Kate Fitzgerald

Park City

Overwhelmed by kindness, compassion

Editor; I am overwhelmed by the kindness and compassion of this community during my battle with colon cancer over the past 7 months. I have been blessed by so many of your prayers, cards, flowers, gifts, wonderful food, and even a beautiful homemade quilt! Thank you for such love. I wish to thank Park City School District for their continual support to me. I wish to express my thanks to Park City High School faculty and staff, and to send a special note of compassion to Kelly Yeates and her family. This will be my husband and my 29th winter in Park City, and I am grateful to be a part of this community and to have raised our family here. We certainly chose the right place to live! I thank each of you.

Laurie White Park City

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