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On July 28 and August 2, 2008, I completed my Eagle Scout project with the help of many volunteers. I went to Camp Zarahemla in Morgan,

Utah, where over 5,000 per year attend this beautiful camp. While there I stripped, sanded, and painted 19 serving tables. These tables were in great need of restoration. I would like to thank The Home Depot in Park City for its generous donation of all the stain that was needed to refinish these tables. I would also like to thank all the volunteers that helped me complete my project. I am excited to have had the opportunity to help improve the quality of a place where so many people in our community get to recreate.

Thank you.

Tanner Peers

Park City

Motorists, cyclists must share responsibility


Last month the gap between motorists and bicyclists was driven wider by a Kamas local running down a road biker. The frightening thing is how many people have taken the side of the motorist. Many of the comments on the Internet advocate violence against road riders. Some one even came up with a joke, "Why do they have bikers in Kamas??? To give dem good ol’ boys something to kill when it ain’t deer season." This is appalling that a fellow human being would consider killing another because they were inconvenienced.

I have to admit that the road bikers have brought this problem on

themselves. We as bicyclists expect to have the same rights as cars on the

highway but we blatantly disregard the same laws that we should abide by. I

have seen repeated instances where a bicyclist will run a red light or stop

sign. If we were in a car we would never do this but feel somehow entitled

to on a bike. This is wrong. How can we expect respect from drivers when we show them that we are somehow above the law?

The situation between the motorist, Jason Barto and the bicyclist, Shane Dunleavy, is a case where two fools met. Barto had no right to run Dunleavy down but Dunleavy should have not been riding side by side on such a narrow highway. I was riding in the Tour de Park City and came upon the scene right after it happened and could see that the road had too much traffic for two riders abreast.

Yes, it may be legal to do so but it is rude and inconsiderate to ride this way. This is the reason motorists have so little respect for bikers. As bikers we need to set the proper example if we expect things to improve. Obey the traffic laws as if you were in a car. Give the right of way to cars whenever you can. Stay off of the road as much as possible.

I personally try to never cross to the left of the white line. I will only do so if it is clear of traffic to avoid the ever-present broken beer bottles. If we can ride single file and stay to the left of or on the white line, there is plenty of room for the traffic to pass with the 3-foot margin.

I appeal to bicyclists to make a point of being responsible. If you

are riding in a group be the one to suggest that everyone stop at stop signs

and traffic lights. I also appeal to law enforcement to treat bikers the

same as cars, if we break the law we should be cited. This is the only way

that this situation will improve. We will not change the attitudes of people

like Barto and DelRay Hatch, an Oakley city councilman who advocated running bicyclists over in a Summit County public meeting. But we can change the opinions of many others but it starts with us.

Bill Dark

Park City

You rock, Mountain Town Stages


As the summer season draws to a close, I would like to congratulate Mountain Town Stages on another great summer of free live music in and around Park City. Brian Richards has stepped up and done a wonderful job. And all of the board members deserve a big thanks also. From the home concerts to Miners Park, Deer Valley, The Canyons, Woodenshoe Park in Peoa, and the La Casita stages, there was some amazing live music this summer.

There are still a few shows left, including John Boys Mule at Deer Valley this Wednesday. All shows are free, so please help support free live music by making a donation. And the Cow Ballet is coming up on Saturday, September 6th with Muddpuddle, and they can always use some volunteers.

Thanks Mountain Town Stages, you rock.

Ted Keane

Park City

People’s Health Clinic celebrates new site


The People’s Health Clinic celebrated its brand-new location with an open house last Sunday. Appreciation and thanks are due to those who made it happen and made it fun. First and foremost, Mark Fischer, Mike Sweeney and Gary C for the building and the ability to run the clinic from The Yard. To the Park City Area Homebuilders Association for underwriting the open house and treating the community to a wonderful time. To Mike Holmes and the stellar crew at Park City Market. And to the volunteers, staff and community who pulled together to celebrate a clinic everyone in town should be proud of. For details, visit peopleshealthclinic.org.

Terry Moffitt

Park City

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