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Letters to the Editor


On Sunday, September 21st, a very special event will take place at Jean Louis Restaurant in downtown Park City.

In June, I met with Mark Eaton, a Park City local and former Utah Jazz player, about an idea he had for a fundraiser for Peace House. His vision was to have a fabulous dinner featuring the cuisine of Franck Peissel, an executive chef with more than 22 years of culinary experience who has earned ZAGAT’s "America’s Top Restaurant" award four times and was recently named Best Chef by Salt Lake City Magazine. Franck enthusiastically agreed to help, and he went one step further by inviting Jean Louis another renowned chef who has spent more than 30 years perfecting the culinary arts in Paris, Provence, Morocco and New York City to participate.

For this very special Peace House event, these two world-class talents will prepare an exquisite five-course meal with the perfect selection of fine wines, and all of the proceeds will go directly to support the important work Peace House does every day to keep families in our community safe and free from violence. In addition to Mark, Franck and Jean Louis, many talented people have worked to make this wonderful evening a success. Kim Curran spent countless hours organizing the event and overseeing the creation of invitations and other supporting materials. Cheryl Roder-Quill of angryporcupine*design created artwork for the event and designed the invitations. Todd Swensen of Word Assembly wrote copy. And Russell Cummings programmed the e-mail invitations.

On behalf of Peace House, I’d like to thank all of them for caring about our work and for sharing their time and talent. To make reservations, call Kim at 1-877-95peace. Space is limited, so call to reserve your seat today. I hope you’ll take advantage of this rare opportunity to enjoy an exquisite meal and contribute to an important cause.

Jane Patten

Peace House, Park City

What would Park Ave. be without parking?


This is an open letter to Park City Public Works.

It’s been brought to my attention that the elimination of 20-25 park spaces on Park Avenue is being considered. I did not receive any notice of this via mail or any other process and your deadline for comments is apparently today. I’m certain that most if not all of the tenants in the Marriott Summit Watch complex, which includes several galleries and restaurants, would not have received this notice either due to the fact that we do not get a bill from the water department, which is apparently where the mailing list was obtained.

I am very much against the proposal to eliminate these park spaces since the availability of parking on lower Main Street is already deficient. It’s not like we have a China Bridge at this end of the Main Street shopping district.

I think it would have taken a minimal amount of effort for someone to come around to the businesses that would be impacted by this with the notice to give feedback. Perhaps it was the intention on someone’s part to avoid feedback fearing the response.

Obviously, I am opposed to the elimination.

David C. Schultz

West Light Images, Inc.

Claudia McMullin would bring an open mind


Claudia! Smart, vibrant, witty, exuberant and passionate. A few years ago Gordon Strachan told me that I needed to meet Claudia, that she and I would really hit it off; he was right we did.

I didn’t really get to know Claudia until we were both appointed to the Snyderville Basin Planning Commission. Our service together has not only been a "hoot", but a great learning experience for me. As Claudia will say, our minds process information and issues in a very similar manner, although we often arrive at different conclusions. Why we arrive at different conclusions is not as important as the fact that, although one will always know how Claudia feels about an issue, she is open to other perspectives and opinions. She is willing to listen and absorb what another has to say on a topic, weigh it and then come to a conclusion.

This is a talent that is essential for a member of the new Summit County Council. One has to be willing to hear new and differing viewpoints, to learn and to balance the interests of all Summit County residents in reaching a decision. During our tenure on the SBPC, Claudia has shown that, although she may have an opinion about an issue, her decision will be based on what she learns during the public process, weighing not only the legal issues involved, but the public’s goal and objectives. Her personal opinion doesn’t control; her decision is based on what is legally defensible and what is in the best interest of the community as a whole.

Vote for Claudia! She will work to represent the diverse interests of the county in an equitable and unbiased manner.

Kathy Kinsman

Park City

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