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Hi, my name is Dr. John Hanrahan and I am honored to be running as the Democrat for Summit County Council Seat "C." With the political season heating up, I want to briefly introduce myself. Based on my experiences, I have leadership abilities that will serve Summit County residents well as we transition to our new five-person county council with a new county manager. As a family doctor in Park City for eight years, I have developed excellent listening, communication, and problem-solving skills, which are necessary tools for any council member.

Some of you may know me from the humanitarian organization Hope Alliance, of which I am a founder and the current president. Through my work with Hope Alliance, I have developed vision, leadership, and the ability to get things done, even when there are very little resources available. I have worked with diverse groups of people and leaders from the African bush to EMTs in Summit County, from the Amazon jungle to children in our schools. I have learned how to mediate in crises, form relationships with diverse people, and lead with vision and compassion.

Being a father of two young children, I have a keen understanding of parents’ shared desire to see our kids grow up in a safe environment where they can reach their full potential.

My experiences have taught me to listen well to all sides of an issue before reaching common-sense decisions that put the community first.

If elected, I will serve with integrity, honesty, and experience.

I’d be honored to earn your vote in November. Please visit my website at voteforjohn.net for more info, or you can email me at john@voteforjohn.net with any questions or concerns. Thank you for your consideration.

John Hanrahan, MD

Democratic candidate

County Council Seat C

‘Pondering Palin’ poll shows bias


Has The Park Record asked its readers to ponder the experience of the Democratic Presidential ticket? Just curious, I do not read The Park Record online daily.

The author of "Pondering Palin" seems to paint Sarah Palin in a very negative light, intentionally ignoring the fact that she is the Governor of Alaska. Bill Clinton served as the Governor of Arkansas; what international experience did he bring to the White House? Palin also served as Alaska’s energy commissioner; energy certainly seems relevant to the election. This too was omitted by the writer. Each question proposed by "Pondering Palin" seems to reflect the author’s disconnect with the political reality of this campaign. According to the polls, the selection of Palin has energized conservatives and attracted independents towards McCain, not driven them away due to some obvious "cynical ploy." The fact of the matter is: Obama should have selected Hillary. Instead he placed 18 million votes in limbo. His political arrogance will probably make him a loser in November.

I’ll assume that The Park Record has vetted the Obama/Biden ticket as vigorously as the Republican. Voters need to ponder the experience of the Democrats as well. How prepared is a community organizer, constitutional law professor, Illinois state legislator and 2-year U.S. senator to serve as the POTUS? Well, Biden is experienced, is he really? Biden has been a U.S. senator my entire life, 35 years. Unfortunately, Biden has faced plagiarism charges twice and history has proven him to have been on the wrong side of major foreign policy issues throughout his career.

George Gillies

Park City

John Hanrahan: a leader among leaders


Rarely do we have the opportunity to vote for someone so wonderfully qualified for a local office. John Hanrahan was in my Leadership Class IV, and he was a standout. It didn’t take long to figure that out. After the first day’s challenge, a grueling ropes course, I went home and announced to everyone that there was a leader among the leaders in the group. John is an amazing person. He is competent, intelligent, knowledgeable and compassionate. I am certain that he will be invaluable on the newly formed County Council and that his presence will improve the quality of life in Summit County.

This opportunity can only be exercised by those who register and vote; so please, Park City residents, if you are not yet registered, you have until October 5 to do so by mail or October 20 to get to Coalville and register in person. In local elections sometimes one or two votes make the difference. John Hanrahan can make a difference, but only if we all make sure to get to the polls on November 4 and cast a vote for him.

Jill Sheinberg

Park City

We’d be lucky to have Claudia on council


I have had the distinct pleasure of knowing Claudia McMullin since the day she moved to Park City back in 1999. I’ve watched her develop her own law practice and get involved in her community, join Leadership 2002, the Kimball Art Center Board, the Sunrise Rotary, the University Hospital Foundation Board, champion the No Vote/No Voice campaign of the last election, be appointed to the Snyderville Basin Planning Commission, and on and on. She is truly involved in her community. She wants to preserve open space, ranchland and farmland, water, streams and wetlands; she supports affordable workforce housing, alternative energy initiatives and housing for our seniors; she believes in managed growth, while recognizing private property rights; she lives in and for our community.

I’ve watched her sit through marathon planning sessions and give the same attention to the last speaker as she did to the first. I’ve debated all kinds of issues with Claudia and admired her willingness to listen to all sides before forming an opinion, remaining open to all sides before finalizing and eloquently stating her own. She listens to the community the entire community.

Claudia McMullin is tough, tenacious, fair-minded, respectful, smart, and Summit County will be lucky to have her on the new County Council. But, she can’t win if you don’t vote. So on November 4, get out there and vote for Claudia for County Council Seat B!

Pat Paterson

Park City, UT

America can do better than McCain/Palin


John McCain, in his $500 shoes, and the Governor from Alaska are stomping around the country with their dog-and-pony show. His story is about his military service; hers is about the decisions she and her husband have made for their family. Hundreds of thousands of people in the military (including the 4,000 plus who have died in Iraq and the tens of thousands who have been severely injured) have a story and deserve recognition. Gov. Palin’s story about raising a child with a disability is repeated many times over in this country and around the world. Having to deal with these circumstances does not make this duo the best qualified. It defies comprehension that U.S. citizens watch this emotional circus and forget that, for the past eight years, the Republicans have taken care of the wealthy, ignored national tragedies, created the largest deficit in history and trashed the Constitution and our country’s moral standing.

John McCain declared that he and Ms. Palin, "a heartbeat from the presidency," were going to Washington to clean up the swamp. Sen. McCain voted with the current occupant 90 percent of the time and has been in Washington for 26 years. Gov. Palin was involved (and agreed with Sen. Ted Stevens of Alaska, who has been indicted for accepting gifts from oil companies) in the building of the "bridge to nowhere." This qualifies them as occupants of the swamp and part of the slime.

America can do better than that. Having Barack Obama and Joe Biden in Washington would give citizens hope for a better future.

Nancy Y. Wagner

Park City

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