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Letters to the Editor


What qualities make a good state representative? Would you want that person to be smart, but approachable; have a good sense of right and wrong; be willing to listen and consider various points of view; possess a strong work ethic; and offer a skill-set that would enable effective and ethical lawmaking?

We are lucky when a person who brings all this to the table, and more, is willing to run for office. This year, District 53 has just such a candidate. I am pleased and excited to support Kathy Lofft for the Utah House of Representatives!

Kathy grew up in rural New Hampshire in a small town not unlike many of those in District 53, where her father’s family had owned a farm for over 200 years. A proud graduate of the public schools, Kathy is the first person in her immediate family to complete both college and graduate school. Kathy worked for over a dozen years as a business lawyer for companies including GE Capital, and her practice specialties include corporate governance and ethics. Kathy’s record is one of hard work and achievement, and she understands accountability.

Kathy has a long record of volunteer service and advocacy reaching back to her childhood. Growing up with 4-H and Girl Scouts, she learned early about the value of giving back to the community. In college, she worked for causes including the prevention of child abuse and domestic violence. She also provided pro bono services to the elderly. Kathy currently serves as a member of the board of directors of and as a volunteer for Habitat for Humanity and The Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Salt Lake. Earlier this year, Kathy helped organize a local chapter of Utah Moms for Clean Air.

Kathy has experience drafting legislation for the District of Columbia. As a business lawyer and former manager, Kathy brings an understanding of operations and finance, and experience with governance and ethics matters. Her record of volunteer service demonstrates her deep personal commitment to the community. In short, her life is a testament to hard work and core values including honesty, openness and fair play.

Please visit http://www.votelofft.com for more information. I hope you will join me in voting for Kathy Lofft for the Utah House of Representatives from District 53!

Joanna Charnes

Park City

This isn’t the Peace Corps I remember


I was intrigued when I read the title of the front-page article in this week’s paper, "Peace Corps group reunites." As a return Peace Corps volunteer, I was anxious to read how others had continued a family-like bond that was formed in challenging and amazing circumstances.

However, what I read in the article was disappointing. Rather than "promote a better understanding of other peoples," which is one of Peace Corps’ three goals, the return volunteers in the article reinforce impressions of pity and fear with statements like "For me, it’s just so depressing" and "[Sierra Leone would] be much more dangerous today than it was way back."

This is certainly not what John F. Kennedy envisioned on October 14, 1960, when he spoke to students at the University of Michigan about becoming a group of Americans who would live and serve abroad, encourage mutual understanding between Americans and other cultures, and promote world peace and friendship.

As I continued to read the article and arrived at the section titled "A call to serve," I hoped to see statistics about the amazing projects volunteers are involved in around the globe. Instead, this section includes lamenting quotes like, "I think we all sold out to a certain extent," "We got jobs, we got mortgages," and "[Our] nation is just a lot more cynical now and the younger people are more apathetic." Instead, we might consider the return Peace Corps volunteers I know now mothers and fathers with mortgages and jobs who lead important community projects around our nation. We might consider the 8,079 young Americans currently serving as Peace Corps volunteers in 139 countries. We might consider the 75 students in the college classes I teach this semester who volunteer in schools, churches, and numerous community organizations in Salt Lake and Park City.

We should think better of and expect more from our outstanding, informed, involved citizens and youth who are doing what Kennedy compelled Americans to do: "sharing in the great common task of bringing to man that decent way of life which is the foundation of freedom and a condition of peace."

To learn more about Peace Corps and grassroots volunteer projects around the world, go to http://www.peacecorps.gov .

Jennifer Courtney

Park City

We can do better than Mel Brown


Legislator Mel Brown is the poster boy for the past. Banished from his Salt Lake seat, he now rules from Summit County (after an interim lobbying career) eager to regain his leadership position next session. Meanwhile Utah struggles with his 2007 ill-conceived incorporations bill (HB 644 has left Wasatch County reeling) and his efforts to overturn the recent Summit County change of governance vote.

We can do better. We need something different.

In a year when change is not only in the air, but on everyone’s mind, it is time for a candidate who is smart, ethical, educated, and … from this century. Kathy Lofft is that person. She knows the law. She has written legislation and will read, and understand, all of the bills and will do a fine job. Please get to know her (votelofft.com), and support her run for House District 53 this November.

Patrick Cone

Oakley, Utah

Look who has led us to financial socialism


The Brits failed to stifle our emerging democracy in the War of Independence. The Civil War couldn’t even destroy our country. World Wars I and II didn’t defeat our spirit. Vietnam was a tragic mess but we came through with our democracy intact.

But in just a few short years the Republicans have transformed a prosperous nation into one of enormous debt, from a nation that respected civil liberties and protections to one of warrantless eavesdropping, detention without representation, and torture in the name of freedom.

And, most ironic of all, they have led us from a capitalist democracy to financial socialism. Maybe since socialism has proved so effective for many other governmental programs, including our police and fire departments, it will work just great, in true Bolshevik mode, at remedying the current crisis on Wall Street after our best and brightest and most greedy were "blindsided" by unknowable evil-doers.

Maybe, too, Republicans will be forced to give some thought to other socialist experiments like universal health care and decent educational funding. Just show them how to make a profit and their hearts will surely follow.

Nick Wright

Park City

It’s no time to rest on our laurels


Back in the early 1930s during the Great Depression I was a kid growing up in a town in Idaho. Averell Harriman, president of the Union Pacific Railroad, was in the process of establishing a ski resort in the Sawtooth Mountains which he named Sun Valley. Although it was an exclusive resort designed for the rich and famous, Mr. Harriman made us local kids feel welcome. His idea was it would give a better character to his new venture. It turned out to be win win for all of us. He had the advantage of playing at Sun Valley, and famous people from all over the world got to see just normal western peoples.

Sun Valley was as close to heaven as much could imagine. It had the first chair lift, based on a cable-hauling system for bananas onto boats from plantations. It had, at first, three ski lifts; Dollar, Rudd, and Prospector, as well as Dime for beginners. It soon had ski instructors of world fame. It had a free bus system to transport from place to place. This was a bright place in what otherwise could have been a dismal area.

Along came World War II and I felt compelled to join the 10th Mountain Division which was forming in Colorado. That choice was a defining point in my life. Although the U.S. Army did not approve of having fun in training, many of us would escape on weekend leave to Alta, Utah, for the best skiing in the best in the world.

I was ultimately to establish a business with my family in Park City and now live here in retirement. What could be better? It is my vision of the future of Park City. We have grown from a pathetic ghost town to a world class ski resort, but it is no time to rest on our laurels. It is time to build the greatest winter resort in the world using the gifts that exist:

  • the best snow on earth
  • a great community
  • an almost complete infrastructure
  • extend an energy-saving rail line from the airport to Park City
  • no more need for additional parking of cars
  • voila, Park City becomes a ski-in ski-out city
  • we save our precious snow on the streets
  • plan rational livery system
  • develop the Interconnect between Park City and nearby resorts in the Wasatch, e.g., Solitude, Brighton, Snowbird and Alta

    Wow. How many more ideas are available?

    Jim Powell

    Park City

    If I’m elected, your opinions will be Hurd


    Greetings. I’m Thomas Hurd and I am running for Seat "C" on the new Summit County Council.

    If elected, these would be my first-year goals:

  • Assure that Summit County has the most open and transparent county government in Utah
  • Hire the best qualified county manager we can find
  • Assure that the rule of law is alive and well in Summit County
  • Encourage citizen participation by listening to what you have to say and taking heed
  • Prioritize spending so that your taxes achieve the greatest good for the money expended

    I will expand on each of these goals in weekly inserts.

    I have no other commitments thus I am willing and able to give this job the full attention it demands. Email me at hurd-tl@msn.com.

    Thomas Hurd

    Park City

    The ‘O’ in Obama stands for zero experience


    Casting political persuasions aside, I find myself wondering how it is that some 50 million Americans will cast their vote for a presidential candidate with no military, business or executive experience. In sports, we call this an "o-fer" as in "O fer 3."

    Senator Obama has zero military experience. He has never been in the military, never worked with or for the DOD and has never commanded a military force. Rather than trust the commanders in Iraq, he voted against the now-successful troop surge. This galactic error in judgment was either due to his lack of military knowledge, lack of faith in our military or for political expedience — all of which are bad. He also misjudged America: We may not have liked the war, but we detest losing even more.

    Senator Obama has zero business experience. He has never had to meet payroll. Confiscatory and growth-stunting fees and taxes facing businesses are totally foreign to him. He has never created a single job in the private sector. He has never identified a market, hired employees to create a product, fought regulatory approval agencies, manufactured and sold the product for a profit. He has never signed his name to SEC filings. He has never had to answer to shareholders and likely can’t read a pro-forma P&L statement.

    Senator Obama has zero executive experience. He has never been in charge of a major organization be it public or private. He has never had to make key decisions. He tallied 130+ "present" votes as a back bench Illinois State Senator while part of the majority party. Even as a legislator (no executive responsibility), he has never written a single piece of legislation of any consequence.

    Track record … resume … there was one?

    Kendall Simmons

    Park City

    Hanrahan has the skills to represent us


    Since we all reside in this beautiful place, let’s do our part to continue to keep it great. It’s our future and I support John Hanrahan for Summit County Seat C.

    I met John Hanrahan 10 years ago during his early years forming his first nonprofit organization, The Hope Alliance. It didn’t take my acquaintance with John long before I realized that this was a man I wanted to know better and work with. I have continued to work with him and enjoyed a wonderful relationship with his family and mutual friends. His skills to listen clearly, understand completely, and formulate a team plan of action are admirable and coupled with a passion to create desired change the results can be pretty fantastic.

    I encourage you to get the facts, learn about John by checking out his Web site, http://www.voteforjohn.net .

    Get involved, be aware of the challenges we face in the future of our town, and get out and vote!

    Kym Meehan

    Park City

    Pampered Navy retiree versus self-made man


    I believe most will agree that this national election is the most important to our country in recent history. It most certainly is for me, and I am 81 years old. I personally see this as a contest between the two men running for president; although the vice presidential candidates do affect the way I see the country going.

    One of the presidential candidates has worked his way to a great education through hard work. The other candidate was put in a special high school in order to get a high school diploma. He did poorly. Because of family influence, he was given an appointment to Annapolis ahead of much more deserving young men. He finished fifth from the bottom in his class and showed a minimum of leadership skills. Because of family influence he gets into the pilot training program ahead of more deserving young men. He does poorly, crashes one plane and still graduates. He crashes two more planes (probably pilot error) and still gets promoted ahead of others in his Annapolis class.

    One of the candidates has been married and faithful to the same woman since they first walked down the aisle; the other admits to many affairs and divorced an ailing wife to marry another woman. The winner of this election will have a chance to take America into the 21st century; through logic and reason. If the evangelical right manages to elect the pampered Navy retiree, we can expect our education system to fall behind the rest of the world. Logic and reason can move us ahead.

    The evangelicals cannot see beyond their faith. Faith and truth are not compatible. The advances in science in the next four years are going to be truly amazing. I can only see our country leading the way if we elect the young man who worked for everything to get to where he is today.

    Larry J. Kluth

    Lt. Col. USAF Ret.

    Mesa, Ariz.

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