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Letters to the Editor

We'd be privileged to have Hanrahan serve


My family met John Hanrahan (and his wife Maura) back in 1992 when they were our neighbors. He was then working at the Park City Family Health Center and in 1997 went on to remove a mole from my dad’s back (who happened to be visiting from Arizona). John found out my dad had melanoma, and was so gentle in calling me to give me the diagnosis, and then referring us to a great oncologist at Huntsman Cancer Institute. John always checked in on my dad’s health, and my father really enjoyed visiting with John when he attended local Rotary meetings (my dad had been a long-time Rotarian).

My dad passed away in 2001, but he always admired John. We have also been friends through his own personal fight with cancer. He is the most giving, generous man we know and gives of himself to others and really takes the time to listen. We would be privileged to have him serve for public office on our County Council. Don’t forget to vote!

Kathy Anderson

Park City

Chris Robinson: a man of compassion, civility


The other evening I had the opportunity to listen to the candidates for County Council at a forum in St. Luke’s Church covered by the Park Record. We have some outstanding candidates but one stands out for Seat D and his name is Chris Robinson.

During these critical times in our county when we are changing our form of government, we need Chris Robinson who has a clear understanding of business, conservation and recreation so we can move forward quickly. Chris knows how to make government efficient and responsive to the needs of the community.

Chris has a young family, he has run businesses and he has been a long-time leader of the Nature Conservancy. He is a man of many talents, experience and innovation. He not only talks about alternative energy, but also is actively investigating wind power.

Of all the outstanding characteristics possessed by Chris Robinson, the one I notice most is his compassion and his civility. These will be important attributes during the critical decision making on the important issues facing the new County Council.

As we select a county manager, resolve our affordable housing and traffic issues, maintain our tax base and preserve open space, Chris Robinson approaches these issues as an even-tempered and experienced leader.

My vote is for Chris Robinson for County Council seat D and I hope all of our citizens will consider voting for Chris as well.

Judy Sobin

Park City

Claudia McMullin brings immense experience


I want to take the time to encourage all those qualified to vote in the upcoming election to cast a vote in favor of Claudia McMullin for County Council Seat B. I have known Claudia nearly a decade now and she is without a doubt one of the most intelligent, thoughtful, and genuine individuals I have been fortunate enough to know. She will bring immense experience to the County Council given her years as a planning commissioner and will decipher issues fairly and objectively without any personal agenda. The choice is obvious – Claudia for County Council Seat B.

Kevin Simon

Park City

Ure’s comments were an insult to young voters


Thank you for running a story about the "Yes We Can" Party at The Spur Bar & Grill, the goal of which was to encourage younger Parkites to vote and become more informed and excited about Barack Obama and the local Democratic candidates.

I was, however, quite dismayed by Summit County Republican Chair David Ure’s negativity regarding younger voters. True, they have not historically turned out in great numbers, but why not continue to motivate and educate each other about the importance of exercising our right to vote? Ure’s suggestion that young voters make their decisions based upon emotion rather than where a candidate stands on the issues was downright insulting.

Moreover, his "joke" about wishing for an election-day snowstorm to decrease turnout at the polls is irresponsible. A mutual goal of both parties should be to encourage all eligible citizens to vote. Clearly, he is finding the Democratic enthusiasm to be a threat to the local and national Republican contenders in this year’s election.

Finally, Ure commented that the only young people who sacrifice for their country are those serving in the Armed Forces. That is simply not the case as there are many other ways young citizens can contribute to our country, and many of us do.

It appears that Mr. Ure is further perpetuating the image of the Republican Party being an out-of-touch, elite "old boys network" that is incapable of adapting to our rapidly changing society.

I’d like to thank everyone who came to the "Yes We Can" Party and helped pull it together. There was a fantastic turnout; it was exciting to see so many people truly energized and discussing the issues. We are grateful to The Spur for providing us with an ideal gathering spot.

A special thanks to the local Democratic candidates for taking the time to speak to the crowd — they are running for the offices that have the most impact on our daily lives. If you care about having affordable housing, open space, and believe in environmental issues, please support the local Democrats on Nov. 4.

I encourage young voters to prove Mr. Ure (and others like him) wrong — let’s make it a record turnout year for both parties! Hilary Reiter

Park City

On Mid-Mountain Trail, watch your back(side)


I am writing for your help seeking a vicious White Pyrenees-type breed of dog whom I encountered while biking recently at The Canyons Resort. He’s literally a (huge) pain in the ass. Please let me explain.

While biking on the Mid Mountain Trail on Friday, Sept. 19, in the early afternoon, I was attacked and badly bitten (yes, in the butt) by this animal. Alas the animal, which was following closely behind a herd of sheep grazing there, cannot be located. As such, I have had to endure a painful round of rabies shots, which I will continue to receive throughout the next month, stitches, and other inconveniences too many to mention.

While it’s too late for me, I am hoping to warn other bikers, hikers and nature lovers of this animal. It’s a White Pyrenees-type breed of dog. It is approximately three feet tall, white, thin and with distinct tufts of long hair at its feet. The animal is dangerous and will attack! Even if you do your best to avoid it, as I did, it will come back from behind you and viciously bite you, unprovoked.

If you have seen this animal, particularly after Wednesday, Sept. 17th, please contact me (naomigdoyle@yahoo.com ) or Summit County Animal Control (435-615-3985). Like me, they are very interested in locating this animal.

Enjoy the fall weather but please watch your back. The owner of this animal won’t, so you’ll have to do it for yourself.

Naomi Doyle

Sun Peak

For PC school board, Gerd is the word


In my opinion, November 4, 2008, will be a monumental day. If you haven’t registered to vote, get on it!

One vote I will be casting is for Gerd Holmsen Aguilar, who is running for the Park City Board of Education in Precinct 3. Gerd has had a solid career in education as a principal, teacher (all grades K-8), and member of numerous educational associations for 40 years. 40 YEARS! I would think that in 40 years, Gerd has learned a few lessons about effective and ineffective educational programs and policies, and I would like to see our school district benefit from those lessons.

Gerd has worked with English Language Learners for 13 years. I volunteer at McPolin Elementary and am learning of the challenges of teaching an increasingly large population of ELL students. Knowing that Gerd recognizes the complexities of working with both native English speakers and ELL students speaks volumes to me.

Gerd, now retired, has chosen to devote time to the Board of Education. With grandchildren enrolled in our district, Gerd has a personal interest in the success of our schools and as a result has become a valued volunteer. In addition, her participation in Park City’s Leadership program has helped shape her commitment to the community within Park City.

Having been a teacher, I believe that Gerd would be a tremendous resource to the board. She has had to navigate the world of education and has had direct experience with programs that come and go, teachers’ responsibilities, changing demographics, to mention but a few issues that are sure to arise over the course of her term.

If you live in District 3, vote for Gerd. Gerd Holmsen Aguilar will bring a wealth of knowledge based in experience about education to the Board of Education. This would be a perfect fit, in my opinion.

Stacey Hamill

Park City

We heard more live music than ever before


We’d like to thank everybody who helped Mountain Town Stages bring free live music to stages throughout Summit County in 2008 — the generous sponsors, the many vibe tribe volunteers, the great venues that hosted music, the talented musicians and our wonderful community for coming out and supporting live music. It was a beautiful summer and the hills were alive with music and love and we couldn’t have done it without your support. We as a community are truly blessed that we are able to enjoy the sounds of free music throughout the summer.

We’d also like to thank all of you who are programming great music in Summit County, be it free or ticketed, indoors or outdoors — this past summer saw more live music throughout town than ever before. On any given night you could enjoy wonderful local acts performing at small stages on Main Street or legends of the music world on big stages at Deer Valley and The Canyons, not to mention all the acts performing in clubs and restaurants throughout town. It was truly a musical summer and we can now look forward to a winter full of more music. "And the fields were full of dancin’, full of singin’ and romancin’, the music never stopped." Amen to that! Brian Richards

and the board of trustees

Mountain Town Stages

Legislators acting for the benefit of the few


The people of District 53 need a representative who is willing to listen to all sides and who can represent all the diverse interests of the district, including the rural rancher and the farmer and tourism and urban interests. The long-time resident and the new arrival to the district deserve equal representation. They all pay taxes and they all have issues that need to be addressed. Democracy is not a seniority system. The answers to our future can only come from a unified effort, rather than attempts to polarize one lifestyle from another.

We need to repeal legislation that undermines the democratic process, such as HB466 (as amended by HB164). Bills like this try to quiet the voice of the renter and minimize the voice of the small landowner, and give greater power to large landowners and developers. We are in this together and any attempt to undermine the public’s constitutionally guaranteed rights, including the rights of initiation and referendum, like SB53, should be met with indignation and contempt from all political persuasions as purely UN-AMERICAN and unacceptable. These are examples of representation run amok, of legislators acting for the benefit of the few and not the many and it must be changed. Where are the checks and balances?

We have to do better than this.

We can do better than this.

I believe that Kathy Lofft is the ear and voice that we need in this district to move us forward, to fix the problems we face now and in the future. Her energy, enthusiasm, education, experience and rural upbringing will benefit all of our interests, whether it’s resort or ranching. She is the right person for the job at the right time.

Thank you, and please vote November 4th

Neil Rossmiller

Hoytsville, Utah

Aguilar, Leavitt would be great board members


I am a proud alumnus of Leadership Class XIII, and I am proud to support both Gerd Aguilar for Park City School District and Matt Leavitt for South Summit School District. Having spent quality time with both candidates during PC Leadership, I can tell you that they are both passionate, intelligent and caring people who would make great board members. Please consider voting for these two fine candidates.

Thank you,

Shirin Spangenberg

Park City

Resort lift-ticket sales to benefit Habitat


Park City Mountain Resort has generously donated lift tickets to benefit Habitat this year!

Thanks to Park City Mountain Resort, locals have the opportunity to ski for $25 with Park City Mountain Resort’s Habitat for Humanity benefit. The $25 lift tickets are valid opening day through December 19, 2008, and must be purchased in advance at Jans, ColeSport, or by calling Habitat for Humanity, Summit & Wasatch counties, at (435) 658-1400. Quantities are limited, so I recommend that you buy yours today. I anticipate that the tickets will be sold out by the end of next week.

All proceeds from the Park City Mountain Resort lift ticket benefit will go to our upcoming Habitat for Humanity, Summit & Wasatch Counties projects. Habitat for Humanity’s goal is to reduce poverty housing and homelessness. We accomplish this locally by partnering with area businesses and the community to build homes for deserving families. Habitat for Humanity offers a hand up to local families otherwise unable to afford a home. Habitat arranges 0 percent interest mortgages for the families and varies the terms, if necessary. Home ownership means long-term financial and domestic stability.

Therefore, children are more likely to stay in school and improve as students. Recipient families share increased self-esteem and a sense of dignity in having homes of their own. Home ownership improves lives in many ways and positively affects future generations. Habitat for Humanity builds more than houses — it builds homes, enriches lives, and builds communities.

Thank you, Park City Mountain Resort!

Julie Bernhard

Executive director

Habitat for Humanity, Summit and Wasatch Counties

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