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Letters to the Editor


On September 24, 2008, Park City radio station KPCW informed the public that Quinn’s Junction Partnership had obtained a map that varied substantially from both the master plan maps of Park City and Summit County. Whereas the official maps of both entities showed properties around the Snyderville Basin as developable lands, this "secret" map showed the majority of these properties targeted as open space including the Quinn’s Junction parcel. Following this disclosure, City planners were interviewed and laughed at the notion that this subterranean map existed.

As a result of that interview I asked City attorneys if I could release the map to the public.

On September 25, 2008, Summit County Commissioner Sally Elliott also appeared on KPCW and was asked if this map in fact existed. Her response to that direct question was that such map existed and could be obtained by the public from the plats at the County recorder’s office in Coalville. Of course, this alleged public map cannot be found in Coalville. Within ½ hour of Ms. Elliott’s interview, I received an email from Park City’s attorney threatening that if I released this so-called public map that my client would be sued.

Commissioner Elliott also commented on discussions concerning an Air Force resort that has been stalled for over 10 years. She further claimed that the City and County had provided the Air Force with 10 or 12 sites in which to pick a location. What she failed to disclose is that the list she provided to the Air Force also included the Quinn’s Junction site. The same site that appears as open space on the "secret map." Further she failed to disclose that the preferred Canyon’s site was owned by the County, created through TDRs received through developers in exchange for zoning and carried a price tag of approximately $10 million. Finally that millions of dollars in public funds would be allocated to purchase Red Maples from the Air Force when Quinn’s had proposed that the public get it free.

She further took the inexplicable positions that the Air Force resort would be better suited to impact SR 224, which road is in traffic failure and which area the County is monitoring for increasing dirty air. She noted that SR 248 traffic was increasing but did not explain how hundreds of thousands of square feet a commercial density adjacent to the Quinn’s parcel had been approved and over 300 new homes to the south were on deck for approval. Finally it was incredible to me that Ms. Elliott claimed that the County wanted increased density only in resort areas when she has to pass Kimball Junction on her way home from Coalville.

It is beyond my imagination that Sally Elliott cannot give a straight answer and accurate facts. Why this local government has to operate behind closed doors and keep maps secret is an insult to the constituents who expect more.

Greg S. Ericksen

Attorney for Quinn’s Junction

We need John’s problem-solving skills in Coalville


A beneficial change is coming to Summit County government, and John Hanrahan, candidate for Seat C for the County Council, will meet the challenge.

John’s creative, thoughtful and personable approach to problem-solving has been apparent as a physician, a not-for-profit humanitarian organizer and a community leader. I have complete confidence in his abilities to help us all through this transition. We are fortunate to have a candidate of his caliber willing to work for all of us.

Please vote for John in November.

Marianne Cone

Park City

McCain was angry, contentious, scared


Obama’s only mistake (in the Sept. 26 debate) was that he didn’t take advantage of every opening in response to McCain’s statements. Obama definitely proved his case that McCain is committed to continuing the policies of this failed current administration. his own words and actions, McCain proved himself to be an angry, contentious, discourteous – and scared – "old" man (my apologies to every senior) with no idea of what reality is for average Americans. If McCain should win the election, my greatest fear is that something awful would happen to him. Which means that Palin would be the president. That possibility should give even the most dedicated Republican pause.

Miiram Hyde

South Salt Lake

Hanrahan looks beyond the symptoms


As a resident of Park City for two decades, I have occasionally had to go to the doctor (not often, thankfully). But when I did, I would often see Dr. John Hanrahan. The characteristics that make Dr. Hanrahan a great doctor are the same ones that would make him a great member of the newly formed County Council. He’s an attentive listener, he looks for the source of a problem rather than just treat the symptom, he puts everyone at ease, he takes his time with people, and above all he has a wonderful sense of humor (which I think is important in politics). These are the traits needed to bring not only the new Council together, but to bring the entire County together. I have no doubt that Dr. Hanrahan will represent everyone’s best interests the same way he was able to offer excellent treatment to anyone who walked through the clinic door. That’s why I’m voting for Dr. John Hanrahan for County Council Seat C; he has the skills needed to make the County Council the best it can be.

George Dymalski

Park City

Thanks for nothing, Rep. Bishop


An open letter to Rep. Rob Bishop:

You jerk. I work on Main Street in Park City. Main Street. Your vote against the bailout package has just made it immeasurably harder for me to make enough money to pay my mortgage, to pay my electric bill, to put gas in the car. If I don’t have people coming in the door and spending money, I don’t make money. Your refusal to help means there will be a lot fewer peope coming in the door to spend money. I have no investments on Wall Street. But this was never about Wall Street versus Main Street, it was about the health of the American economy. Don’t you understand? It is all connected.

I also think about my mother, retired. She is no Wall Street wizard but she relies on her few investments to help pay for medications — she has severe arthritis and a heart condition. My mother and I lead very common, average lives and you have just made them much, much more difficult.

You stripped out all the regulation you could over the past decade. You allowed this house of cards to be built and then when it came crashing down you refused to take responsibility and help clean up the mess. You grabbed your ‘ideals’ and ran the other way.

I am going to spend all the time I can (but no money — I have no extra now) to unseat you this fall. You and the idealogues like you don’t serve your constituents, you serve your own best interests and your clearly proven outmoded ideology.

Thanks for nothing, you big idiot. Throw ’em out. Throw ’em all out!

Thomas Cushman

Park City

Finally, a leash-free dog facility


Please bring your dog and help celebrate the opening of the Park City Dog Park this Thursday, Oct. 2. The Mayor and City Council will help with a ribbon-cutting ceremony at 5 p.m. While there is still much work to be done to make the park as "world class" as other Park City recreational parks, we are delighted that the park is open! Our dog has been thrilled to run like the wind without having to worry about cars, cyclists, and hikers.

The wish list for the next phase of the dog park includes: drainage, trees, shade, landscaping, more benches, and irrigation. Send an email to dogparkpc@yahoo.com if you would like to be on the dog park committee, make a donation, or contribute an item on the wish list. Please also let your City Council representative know that completing the next phase of the park should be a priority in the 2009 budget.

Thank you to Rich Wyman and Ian Weinman for their dedication and persistence over the last three years in leading the charge to create the park. Thanks also to Mayor Williams, the City Council, the Park City Recreation Advisory Board, Ken Fisher & Matt Twombly from the city, Cathy King, Charlene Brewster, and Bobbie Pyron of Summit County Friends of Animals, and Carol Potter of Mountain Trails. Finally, thanks to all the individuals in the community who have dreamed of a dog park during the last decade (you know who you are).

Margie Schloesser

Dog Park committee member

Park City

Robinson would be a superb choice


In the course of my work for our communities and environment I’ve had the chance to meet a few extraordinary people. At the top of that list is Chris Robinson, now a candidate for Summit County Council.

Chris blends a unique set of qualities that would make him a superb addition to Summit County government. He listens, thinks creatively, and keeps the public’s long-term interest at the forefront of his thinking. And, when Chris commits to an endeavor, he accomplishes wonderful ends.

Whether it’s open-space protection, sharp fiscal analysis, community planning, or just contributing to good causes, I’ve found Chris Robinson a giant leader. I hope you’ll give him a chance to serve Summit County by voting for him on November 4.

Ralph Becker

Salt Lake City

Why was Rees arrest newsworthy?


I was astonished when I read Pat Parkinson’s story about Jim Rees’s arrest and alleged DUI. Why was that newsworthy?

Shall I look forward to reading about EVERYONE arrested for DUI in the county or are we just picking on people who have served their community?

Is that the extent of the news out here in the "northwest edge of Summit County?"

I, for one, am embarrassed for The Park Record. I wish Jim, and his entire family, who by the way have all probably read about this, the very best of luck at his upcoming hearing!

Connie Stewart


Community Wireless made transition smooth


I would like to personally thank Community Wireless of Park City for giving Wasatch Public Media the opportunity to purchase KCPW FM in Salt Lake City. In particular I would like to thank Joe Wrona and Bill Mullen who represented the Community Wireless Board during the negotiations and during the preparation, execution and ultimate completion of a complex business transaction. They believed in Salt Lake’s mission and purpose when others did not. I would also like to thank Tina Quayle, general manager of KPCW, and her staff. They made the five-month period where we, in a sense, leased KCPW from Community Wireless until the purchase was completed, as smooth as possible and as professional as we could have hoped for during that challenging period.

Community Wireless gave me a small window of opportunity and that was all I needed. They kept their promises and we kept ours by meeting all of the conditions and deadlines that were put before us.

I know how difficult it was for Community Wireless to take the leap of faith to support our purchase of the station. For the 50,000 listeners in Salt Lake City we are grateful you did. Thank you.

Ed Sweeney

President and CEO

Wasatch Public Media

A true patriot would defend our ideals


Senator McCain has made patriotism an issue in his campaign for the presidency.

Patriotism is indeed a legitimate issue and Senator McCain, shot down, captured and imprisoned for years, suffered greatly. Patriotism, however, must extend beyond military service. Of the dangers threatening our country today, one of the most subtle has been the erosion of standards of honorable behavior and failing ethics. We have a president who has lied, given support to torture and whose enemy combatant ploy in which, at his whim, a citizen can be jailed for years without evidence, without trial, with no appeal and with no explanation of the charges – this is fascism.

The principal focus of patriotism today must be the defense and reaffirmation of the ideas and ideals that made our country great.

Surely truthfulness is one of these ideals. How then can we support a candidate for the presidency whose campaign includes many lies-most recently one falsely accusing Barack Obama of proposing sex education for tiny tots?

Yes, this is politics, but should not political attacks be limited to the issues? McCain’s tactics are to divert attention from them and to focus instead on unrelated nonsense.

Dick Scudder

Chairman of the board

MediaNews Group, Denver

Democrats should have seen crisis coming


I was astonished to hear Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic speaker of the House of Representatives, blame the Bush administration for the current economic crisis. She made these statements during the discussion in Congress about the bailout of our financial institutions, which was to be a bipartisan effort.

Ms. Pelosi should ask Christopher Dodd (Democrat), chairman of the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs, and Barney Frank (Democrat), chairman of the House Committee on Financial Services, why they did not foresee the potential problems in the housing mortgage market and banking industry.

The Senate Committee provides oversight of "banks, banking and financial institutions; deposit insurance; economic stabilization; federal monetary policy, including the Federal Reserve System; and money and credit."

The House Committee provides oversight of the "securities, insurance, banking and housing industries. The Committee also oversees the Federal Reserve, the United States Department of the Treasury, and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission."

I can only assume the two committees were AWOL and they did not do their jobs overseeing the regulation of the U.S. financial institutions.

Donald A. Moskowitz

Londonderry, N.H.


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