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Letters to the Editor


This evening I drove past the sports fields at Quinn’s Junction and was astonished to see the amount of glare and light pollution being produced by the field lighting. Uncontrolled floodlighting literally spills all over the valley reaching as far as Richardson Flat and the glare presented to drivers headed into Park City on 248 is very uncomfortable. The sky glow that’s been created is visible all the way to Silver Creek Junction.

As an architectural lighting consultant I can tell you that this lighting system wouldn’t be permitted in any community in overly-bright Las Vegas. How it’s acceptable here, in a community that places such a high value on efficiency, environmental responsibility and preservation of the night sky, and has the lighting ordinances to back it up, is hard to understand.

The fields could have been lighted very effectively using fixtures with glare control that would have delivered controlled light to the playing surfaces, while limiting uplight into the sky and light trespass onto the surrounding mountains.

While the sports fields are a wonderful addition to our community, it’s unfortunate that the lighting system is such distraction.

Ken Reynar

Park City

Scarecrow row is a scream


On a warm fall day, the community gathered at the McPolin Farm for the annual Friends of the Farm scarecrow-building festival. The wonderful scarecrows made are on display along the trail at the Farm and the Friends of the Farm invite the public to walk the trail and admire the creativity and humor. Obama is even there!

Our thanks to those who came out to build scarecrows, including Big Brothers and Big Sisters. It was our great pleasure to support their organization in building scarecrows together. We also want to thank the recycling center for their donation of wood for the posts and recycled grocery bags for the stuffing as well as KPCW, The Park Record and Park City Municipal Corp for their awesome support. And a big thank you to Denise Carey, PCMC, for her never-ending help and time. We couldn’t have done it without her!

Sara Clark, George Hull, Carole Wade, Sharon Winders and Jane Washington

Friends of the Farm

Palestine is taboo topic


In the upcoming elections, many issues, both internal and external, are being debated. Some of these subjects include the US presence in Iraq and the Middle East in general, the economic crisis, health care, and many other topics. However, this election, just like every other election, has ignored one major issue. This issue is the Israel Palestine conflict. Many people in America are unaware that this problem even exists, and those who do know about it are often uneducated when it comes to the topic.

For those who don’t know what this issue is, after WWI, the League of Nations gave Great Britain the task of creating a state for the Jewish people who had been displaced because of the war. These displaced persons went to Palestine, a small country which possesses important areas such as the Gaza Strip. Then, in the 1940s, Great Britain created the official state of Israel. After WWII, many Jews were eager to leave Europe and so they illegally immigrated to Israel. In 1948, Israel began their war for Independence. Great Britain supported Palestine because they knew that supporting Israel would ruin their relations with the Arabs. However, the Jews still managed to slowly take control over the Arabs in the region. the end of the war Israel had taken about half of old Palestine. For the next while Jews flooded into the new Jewish state. In 1967, Jordan, Syria, and Egypt sent troops to the Israeli border. They tried to take back Palestine, but the Jews repelled the troops in what is called the Six Days war. Israel not only kept what they had, but also took control of the Gaza Strip, the Golan Heights, the Sinai Peninsula, and the once-Jordan-controlled West Bank of the Jordan River. Now Palestine is under Israeli


The U.S. supports Israel and considers them to be an ally. This alliance the U.S. has with the Israelis is part of the reason why the U.S. is disliked in many parts of the Middle East. Since the U.S. would like to resolve its issues with the Arab countries, why aren’t the candidates discussing this topic?

Instead they act as if the issue is not worth discussing and thus ignore it. The true reason is America has reached a point at which it does not want to hear the other side to the Israel Palestine conflict. If a candidate were to say he was pro Palestine in an election he would lose. Whether or not a person agrees on a topic is unimportant. What is needed is discussion. If a topic is not discussed it cannot be understood by either side. As Americans it is our duty to understand the conflicts of the world and make our own opinions, not to let the opinions of our government control us. Without civilians discussing these issues, the government will never consider change.

Vulhar Mewah

Ephraim, Utah

There is no scandal, no secret map


You elected me to defend Summit County’s codes and the laws that protect all we have worked to achieve. I’m tough. I refuse to kill the goose that laid our golden egg. I’ve never lied to you, or anyone else. Wednesday’s letter to the editor from Mr. Greg Erickson and the quarter page ad are all about a landowner who wants to dismantle our code to build something our code does not allow. Can you imagine that he is angry? Can you imagine that he doesn’t want me to be re-elected? Can you imagine that he and others like him would prefer to see my opponent elected?

There is no scandal. Every action of Summit County follows the law. We operate in the clear, cool light of day. The "secret" map began as an ownership plat map of properties in western Summit County when COSAC began to identify parcels for possible purchase. The plat map is still the plat map and you can get it on the Web, or from the County Recorder. All of our incentive density bonus records are available. We received fair-market value or better for the ones we have sold. The proceeds are accounted for in the open-space fund. We are actively seeking meaningful open-space parcels to purchase with the accrued profits. The program began LONG before I was elected, but I’ve always been a proponent of open space and have watched carefully over the process.

I have nothing to gain from serving you except the satisfaction of a job well done. I’m willing to serve you for only one more term to insure a smooth transition to our new form of government. I’m willing to spend the time and effort to defend what we’ve built against those who would destroy it. Since I was elected in November 2004, we’ve been successful in whittling down the number of lawsuits against Summit County from 28 to 14. We’re winning, folks.

I’m not willing to fight Mr. Erickson’s lawsuit in the press. I refuse to lower myself to wrestle in the mud.

If you want to continue the good fight, send me back. I need your support. I can’t do this alone.

Sally Elliott

Summit County Commissioner

Mercury warnings: food for thought


Utah’s new warnings about mercury-tainted fish which now affect 15 lakes and streams statewide should give seafood lovers food for thought: Eating any sea animal is like playing Russian roulette with your health.

A Chicago Tribune investigation proved that even the most well-informed consumers cannot protect themselves from mercury contamination. Two identical-looking fish can have radically different levels of mercury and cancer-causing toxins such as DDT, PCBs, and dioxin. Many of the samples tested by the Tribune were so tainted with mercury, federal regulators could confiscate them for violating food safety rules.

Health-conscious consumers should avoid seafood like the plague after all, if you wouldn’t drink out of the polluted stream in your backyard, why would you eat animals that can be up to 9 million times more contaminated than the waters they lived in?

To find out more about fish and mercury, please visit http://www.FishingHurts.com.

Paula Moore

Senior writer, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)

Premiere to benefit scholarship fund


As parents we always want to be there for our children, to celebrate their accomplishments as well as give support in difficult times. This is not always possible as they grow into young adults. Therefore, I would like to say "Thank You" to Mr. Krenkel and the chaperons for giving so much to our kids this past summer while on the Europe trip. They not only had to deal with their own grief over Chris Yeates’ death, they made sure our kids were taken care of. The task of carrying on was difficult but they provided the support and love needed to continue on; something I will always be grateful for.

Before the trip was over, a number of Chris’s friends decided to turn this tragedy into something good. Despite the new challenges that many of Chris’s friends have had in beginning their college careers this fall, they have come together to create a lasting tribute to their friend. This coming Monday, Oct. 6, at 7 p.m. at the Eccles Center at PCHS is the premier of "CHANNELED," a movie produced by JL Topkis, a 2008 PCHS alumnus. The suggested donation is $10 and all proceeds will go towards the Chris Yeates Scholarship Fund for a PCHS student who wants to pursue a career in film. I encourage everyone to come to the premiere to show your support to these young adults and what they love to do.

Debbi Bessembinder

Proud parent in Park City

Women for Obama band together


Park City women were a part of a national event on October 1st, 2008, with over 25 cities across the nation all hosting parties to talk about the issues that face us today. We collectively raised a total of $110,000 in the "Women for Obama Band Together" parties.

The Park City party was held at a home in Prospector. There were almost 100 women in attendance and we were diverse! We ranged in age from young women to grandmothers. There were single mothers, working mothers, stay-at-home mothers, mothers to be and women without children who dedicate their lives to our community and schools. Those women in attendance were lawyers, doctors, nurses, social workers, photographers, teachers, therapists, soccer moms, PTA moms, athletes and yes, community organizers. There were Democrats, independents and even some Republican women in attendance. We had local candidates and elected officials, all women. The tone was positive and hopeful. The issues we were concerned about were numerous but, make no mistake, we are behind this campaign and the themes we care about are very much women’s issues. They include reproductive choice, health care, the environment, education and local elections. We are proud that we will be able to look back on October 1st and feel that we that we were ready for something new and different a REAL change in Washington. The women in attendance at our Park City party stand behind Barack Obama and his campaign and we put our money behind our voices and raised nearly $3,000.

Thank you to all who came or sent your support.

Kathy Meyer

Missy O’Neal

Carolyn Frankenburg

Park City

Sally has more energy than an Olympian


I first met Sally at the Park City Film Series. At that point, I thought, "Wow. Here’s a person with incredible energy!" Having watched Sally in action, I realize that she has more energy than an Olympic athlete.

As a planning commissioner, I watched Sally ensure affordable housing code revisions, secure open space through BOSAC, and create new trails on SR 224 and SR 32.

In addition, from the nonprofit world, I’ve seen Sally support the visual and performing arts in Summit County.

Sally is an avid advocate for recycling, trails, and a variety of other values supported by our community.

I’m voting for Sally for Seat A because of her experience, her enthusiasm and her energy. We need Sally to transition us into our new form of government while keeping Summit County a place for all of us to work, learn and recreate.

Julie H. Baker

Park City

Claudia McMullin cuts a great swath


As a member of the Park City Sunrise Rotary, I’m supporting Claudia McMullin for the new County Council Seat B. Claudia always speaks her mind, is well respected, educated and funny.

You can count on Claudia to tell you what she thinks.

She’ll listen to all sides and make a fair decision that takes into consideration public input.

Plus, she rode a lawn mower in the Miners’ Day parade. That’s pretty good. It would get her lots of points in Louisiana, where I’m from.

Micajah Burke

Park City

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