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Letters to the Editor


On behalf of Leadership Class 14, I would like to thank the many people who made the Leadership Class possible and who supported our efforts throughout the year. There are far too many people, businesses, and organizations to thank individually, but each member of our class will not forget your support. On the other hand, there are a few superstars that deserve special recognition.

The class would not exit without the tremendous effort of Myles Rademan and his great co-hosts. For many years, Myles was the voice of Park City and he remains one of the great leaders of this community. Helping him were Lisa Cilva-Ward and ReNae Rezac. Together, they made a great team that helped vector us through our personal and group growth. The class sends you off with a round of applause.

Our class’s contribution to the community will be determined in the future. However, our class project was to encourage the great people of the Park City area to break our dependence on the ubiquitous plastic bags that we seem to pick up every time we purchase an item or two. We gave away thousands of reusable bags, visited schools, and reinforced those who already use non-disposable bags.

You may have seen our Prize Patrol at local stores and markets. While there, we often gave prizes to people already using reusable bags. Those prizes were all donated by local organizations and businesses. Thanks to each of you for your cooperation.

Great people make Park City very special. As the local veterans often say, "We came here for the winter, but we stay here for the people." Once again, thank you for your support.

Finally, congratulations to the newly selected members of Leadership Class 15. Your trip through the year will be better than you even hoped for. To others who have thought of applying for the class, we encourage you to do so. It is worth the effort.

Mike McCarthy

Leadership Class 14

Park City

Robinson would represent everyone


As the citizens of Summit County vote to fill five seats on the County Council, I bring to their attention the candidacy of Chris Robinson, running for seat D.

Chris is a political rarity these days: a pragmatist of the highest order, unaffected by party ideology or self-serving motives. His work as a cattle rancher, developer, and for The Nature Conservancy give him a unique perspective on Summit County and the challenges we face.

Chris has friends and relationships with virtually every class of constituent in Summit County. From his fluency in Spanish to his extensive professional experience, he has the ability to reach out to all of Summit County, something almost unheard of in today’s political environment.

A few years ago I told Chris I would manage his campaign if he’d run for governor of Utah. He laughed at that proposition, but I’m glad to see that he’s willing to share his talents and time for the benefit of the people of Summit County. Give him the chance — you won’t be disappointed.

Thomas B. Williams

Park City

Kathy Lofft does what she says


It is refreshing to find a candidate that you can count on and trust! Kathy Lofft is just that candidate.

Since I first met her almost two years ago, Kathy has always been true to her word. Whether promptly responding to communications or preparing complex legal documents on time, she does what she says she is going to do, both personally and professionally. I like that. She’s a hard worker, and I believe she’ll work hard for all of us as our representative.

My vote is for Kathy.

Vote Kathy Lofft Utah House District 53.

Julie Bernhard

Park City

Hanrahan can bring people together


Over the last few years, I’ve had the chance to get to know John Hanrahan through our mutual membership in the Park City Rotary Club. What I like most about John is that he’s smart, logical, fair, understands the issues and can bring people together. He states his case without insulting anyone and, at the end of the day, leaves people laughing and feeling good about themselves and the process. We’d be lucky to have John serve this community on the Summit County Council.

Alison Child

Park City

I want Kathy Lofft to represent me

Dear Editor:

I first met Kathy Lofft at a Habitat for Humanity fundraiser. We shared a table. There, I was impressed by her knowledge of both Habitat for Humanity and Utah Mom’s for Clean Air.

Because of Kathy, my car never idles! When I turn off my car at a light, I think of Kathy and her ability to educate over dinner.

After meeting Kathy, I started to recognize her all over District 53. Kathy volunteers at the Kimball Art Center and supports both the visual and performing arts. She is committed to education for both children and adults.

I want Kathy Lofft to represent me in Distirct 53. Kathy will bring substantive, productive and ethical ideas to the state. With Kathy as our Representative, we will have a voice in the House of Representatives.

Kathy is fiscally responsible while, at the same time, forward thinking. With tough issues on the table next year in the legislature, I trust Kathy to represent our best interests.

We need Kathy Lofft. Please vote with me on November 4th.

Julie H. Baker

Park City

Sally would ensure smooth transition


With years of experience serving the citizens of Summit County, Sally Elliott is the only candidate for county council who can ensure a smooth transition to the new form of governance.

The success of many ongoing county projects depends upon Sally’s leadership and expertise. Sally is dedicated to serving all residents of Summit County, in a positive way. Sally is very accessible and truly listens to her constituents.

If, like I do, you care about the library system, recycling, public art, sustainability, responsible growth, open space, recreational trails, public transit, and maintaining our exceptional quality of life in Summit County, please, please, be sure to vote for Sally Elliott for County Council Seat A.

Megan Fernandez

Park City

Robinson would offer leadership


I am writing to endorse Chris Robinson as a candidate for Summit County Council Seat D

Over the years, I have come to know Chris as a hard-working civic leader committed to Utah’s quality of life and contributing to many community programs. I can testify to his special leadership skills in solving complex problems and bringing diverse groups of people together.

As a fellow member of the Nature Conservancy’s Utah Chapter board, I am most familiar with Chris as a dedicated conservation leader. Chris now serves as vice chair of this board and has been at the forefront of the Conservancy’s work to protect wetlands, grasslands, waterways and key wildlife areas around our great state. Should he be elected County Councilor, I am confident Chris would bring this same perspective and leadership in helping to conserve Summit County’s open space and natural areas, while at the same time allowing for balanced growth.

I am an enthusiastic supporter of Chris and feel he would contribute very positively to Park City and Summit County as a County Councilor.

Norma Matheson

Salt Lake City

Gerd offers perspective


Serving on the Park City School board is an important job. We should be proud of everyone who has stepped forward to run and serve. I would urge everyone in District 3 to vote for Gerd Holmsen Aguilar for school board.

While I do not reside in her district, I feel that Gerd’s experience as an educator and a principal, not to mention her years of involvement in the Park City School District as a volunteer, would be an incredible asset to her fellow board members.

She will bring the perspective gained in a 40-year career in education, as a teacher to grades K though 8, as an administrator, and as an involved professional working on legislative issues.

Please cast your vote in District 3 for Gerd Holmsen Aguilar for school board!

Thank you,

Liza Simpson

Park City

McMullin has skills, experience


I am writing to urge voters to head to the polls on November 4 and vote for Claudia McMullin for Summit County Council Seat B. I have had the privilege of knowing Claudia McMullin for almost 10 years both personally and professionally. Claudia is a skilled attorney and these skills, paired with her experience as a Snyderville Basin Planning Commissioner, have made her uniquely qualified to guide Summit County as it faces the impacts associated with growth. Claudia is passionate, dynamic, and most importantly, respectful of all viewpoints. She will carefully balance the needs of all residents of Summit County when making decisions. Please vote for Claudia on November 4.

Alex Natt

Park City

Library exhibit is right for the time


Let me recommend the current exhibition at the Park City Public Library titled "Fighting the Fires of Hate: America and the Nazi book burnings." It is an interesting chronicle focused on one aspect of the times. Not be too preachy, but I find it especially resonant given period assaults on "unsuitable" books.

Kate Doordan

Park City

Hanrahan would maintain balance


A few summers ago, I served on a nonpartisan committee, Summit Steps Forward. The purpose of the committee was to change county government from a three-person commission to a five-person council with a county manager providing professional oversight and guidance. The initiative won (barely), and we now have wonderful candidates vying for these five important seats. When we were envisioning a five-person council, we would offhandedly comment that this position would be well suited for John Hanrahan and vice-versa.

If you haven’t lived in Park City for a long while you may not be aware of the community leadership that John Hanrahan provides, and how better off we are as a community because of him: John is a doctor from Maryland. He could very easily just do his "doctoring", but instead, John founded the Hope Alliance, and the People’s Health Clinic. He is also past president of Park City Rotary. He is young and exuberant. He and his wife Maura are raising their two children, Molly and Liam, here. They are so aligned with the concerns/ issues everyone has living in the Park City area, interested in maintaining a balance between development and open space, recreation and green building, health care and healthy lifestyles.

We are fortunate that John is willing to represent us. Vote for him November 4th.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Joanna Charnes

Park City

Mel Brown brought us infamous HB 466


Did you know that campaign finance and "ethics" laws concerning the Utah State Legislature are so lax that there are NO limits on campaign contributions from either individuals or corporations? And that there are no restrictions on how these "campaign" contributions can be spent. As long as a legislator reports the spending, he or she can use the contributions for ANY purpose, including buying gifts for their spouse, friends, and family, vacations, cars, etc. In any other state in the union an act that is legal in Utah would be considered bribery and would result in felony incarceration.

Did you know that even with Utah’s lax ethics rules, Mel Brown was forced out as speaker and later gave up his seat in the legislature after ethics inquiries resulting from his relationship with lobbyists from US West? After 6 years out of the legislature he was again elected and promptly sponsored HB 466 during the 2007 legislative session. This was the infamous law that allowed developers to create their own city and set their own development rules by drawing a line on the map surrounding their property that enclosed 100 residents and kept their land holdings to over 50% of the area. This was a blatant giveaway to special interests, including Mel’s supporters. After a huge outcry and several successful incorporations, the law was modified in the 2008 session. Even the R’s couldn’t put up with the political damage from this sweetheart law.

As long as the Republicans are in power in the State Legislature there will be no change in the ethical climate.

It’s time for a change in the Legislature. Vote for Kathy Lofft in Legislative District 53, smart, ethical representation for you.

Glenn Wright

Park City

Claudia delivers quality


I have followed with interest local elections over many years. With the 2009 change in form of governance there are multiple candidates that the citizens of Summit County are fortunate to have standing for election. Claudia McMullin is one who will get my vote on November 4th. Her understanding of land use will be a significant contribution to the new council of five. Her service as a Basin Planning Commissioner will bring great strength to her position as councilwoman. I am confident that Claudia will not prejudge any decision and will do her homework on matters before the council. She will always make the effort to fully understand the issues before making a decision. She is bright, thoughtful and very approachable.

These are the qualities I support in a candidate.

Bonnie Park

Park City

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