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Letters to the Editor

Editor’s Note:

In the Wednesday, Oct. 22 issue, The Park Record included a letter to the editor, "God save the County from the Queen," that was critical of one of the County Council candidates. The letter was signed "Doug Reonk." He gave a local address and identified himself as a part-time Park City resident who spends the rest of the year in Las Vegas.

The letter prompted some criticism from readers who wondered whether "Doug Reonk" even exists. Well, he doesn’t. The author of the letter was actually Doug Roehlk.

When asked to explain the discrepancy, Roehlk said he wrote the letter by hand, then gave it to a friend to type and send. The mistake, he suggested, came in the transcription process. We apologize for any problems this mistake may have caused.

Illegal signs are offensive


Shame on you Gary Shumway, Sally Elliott and Kathy Lofft for illegally posting campaign signs along State Road 35. I suggest you educate yourself on Summit County ordinance as well as Utah State law regarding the legal placement of campaign signs.

The signs posted along my fence line on State Road 35 have been removed.

Marion Wheaton


Pumpkin pesticides are killing bees


Utah is the beehive state. We see the beehive symbol is on all our state highways and government buildings.

Mormons chose this state symbol because they were proud of being "As busy as bees." But bees are important to all human beings as pollinators of flowers, fruits, and vegetables, Lately massive amounts of bees have been dying and that is a huge concern to everyone.

Halloween is coming at the end of October and pumpkins are again littering our landscapes by the millions. Pumpkins require three or four applications of chemical pesticide to kill a pest known as the squash beetle. This pesticide has killed off enormous amounts of American bees. These pesticides are also polluting our streams and lakes. We produce many more pumpkins than are purchased. Tons of pumpkins are left in the fields to rot every fall season.

Most people do not realize the environmental impact of this waste, and we don’t even make our own pumpkin pies anymore!

Andrew Knauer

Park City

Steve knows how to follow through


With Election Day quickly approaching, I would like to comment on Mr. Steve Weinstein, who is running for Summit County Council, Seat "E". I have known and been associated with Mr. Weinstein for over twenty years and have always found him to be a person who could get projects done and finished on time. He has completed projects through out Summit, Wasatch and Salt Lake counties. He knows the building and construction industry thoroughly and understands the needs of Summit County as it continues to grow.

Mr. Weinstein has a creative mind and the ability to think out of the box. I would recommend him to be an excellent person to have on the Summit County Council.

Sal Raio

West Summit County

We can’t afford to lose Mel Brown


An open letter to my District 53 Democrat friends (you know who you are):

As tempting as it will be to vote the Democrat slate on November 4, please, before you do, consider the impact your vote for state representative will have upon all of us in Park City and Summit County. Yes, it would be great to achieve more balance in our legislature by electing another female Democrat, but Summit County cannot afford to make this contribution to the state by losing our current moderate Republican representative.

Representative Mel Brown is the only thing standing between our taxpayers and the Utah legislators who are anxious to increase Park City’s tax burden in order to keep the taxes lower in their own districts. A countywide capital equalization law was passed last session that increased the taxes for citizens in Salt Lake School District and Granite School District in order to help fund the Jordan School District split. After many hours of debate, meetings and a special session regarding the creation of a law for statewide capital equalization last year, we can be confident that Park City’s taxpayers will be targeted as a cash cow during this upcoming session.

One legislator has repeatedly stated that Park City is "hoarding our money" though we currently provide the general funds for thirteen small school districts including our own. This same legislator has told legislative committee members that the people of Park City are "sitting on piles of gold" and he doesn’t believe it is fair for the children who don’t live there to be "punished by their greed."

This attitude is what we will be facing during the upcoming legislative session. Park City, and Summit County who will also be adversely affected by statewide capital equalization, needs the experience, deep knowledge, and clout of our incumbent Republican representative. A freshman Democrat will be virtually invisible at a time when we need experience and a proven force to advocate for our taxpayers.

Please, go ahead and keep the Democrats’ signs in your yard, but when it comes time to protect the taxes you pay on that yard that go directly to your children’s schools, vote for Mel Brown, District 53.

Lisa Kirchenheiter

Park City

Norse center puts on a great event


The English Language Learning Department at Park City High School would like to thank Tom Cammermeyer and the wonderful crew that works at the Norwegian Outdoor Exploration Center. Tom and his co-workers donated their time, energy, and resources to provide a fantastic community building and outdoor exploration event for 60 students at the high school. Their creativity, professionalism and dedication to all members of our community are truly inspiring!

Park City High School looks forward to continuing their relationship with the NOEC and we encourage one and all to get involved with this terrific group!

Heather Stoll

ELL Department

Park City High School

Steve understands both sides


As a long-time resident of Summit County (and a lifelong Republican), I am pleased to see that Steve Weinstein (a Democrat) is on the ballot for County Council seat E. I have known Mr. Weinstein for over 20 years and have always admired his free and innovative thinking as well as his obsessive drive to achieve his goals. Formerly a neighbor and friend here in Highland Estates, he now resides in Samak and is enjoying the "east side" life. I believe that a vote for Weinstein will help all residents of Summit County. I also believe that he will work independently and aggressively for the good of the county as a whole, not just in the interests of east or west side residents, but for all of us that are fortunate enough to live in this unique and wonderful place.

Please support Steve Weinstein for County Council seat E.

Tom Murphy

Park City

Robinson would serve Summit well


Chris Robinson is a friend, neighbor and community activist. He, his wife Rochelle and their three children have lived in the Snyderville Basin for the past ten years. Chris is on The Nature Conservancy of Utah Board, he is a former trustee of the Swaner Nature Preserve, and he was vice-chairman of the Audit Committee of the Salt Lake Organizing Committee for the 2002 Olympics. Chris is also on the foundation board of the Park City Medical Center and works a lot with Boy Scouts.

In addition to all of the aforementioned, Chris has a passion for land, water and energy conservation, and renewable energy, especially wind power. We all will be really well served to have Chris help guide Summit County over the next four years.

Please support Chris Robinson, Summit County Council.

Joanna Charnes

Park City

My County Council dream team


Having served on the Summit County Commission, I understand what the job entails and how important this election is for the successful transition into the new council-manager form of government. I feel strongly that the voters of Summit County did the right thing in approving this change in governance to address the professional full-time management needs of a rapidly growing, complex county like Summit County.

There are some who still disagree with this change, but that ship has already sailed and we must come together as a community to make this transition smooth and productive. In my opinion, the single most important component to make this change in governance successful is a smart, balanced, and committed transitional team. We have an opportunity to elect that dream team of ready-to-work leaders who understand the importance of their role on this founding county council, in Sally Elliott, Claudia McMullin, Chris Robinson and John Hanrahan. We must have a team that is focused on the success of this form of governance and not its’ unraveling. I encourage all of you to join me in voting for the honest and resourceful implementation team of Sally, Claudia, John and Chris . better still, vote a straight Democratic ticket. Now wouldn’t that be fun to try in Utah!

This county has a rich history of last-minute dirty tricksters who often times anonymously try to plant misinformation in campaigns to shed a false light on our well-intentioned candidates. Don’t be fooled by the ads and the whisper campaigns. Vote early for these folks and put the smear campaigns to bed once and for all. Let the negative campaigns and the mischief makers buy lots of ad space next week after all our votes are securely recorded.

Shauna Kerr

Park City

Tactics worthy of Karl Rove


Karl Rove has apparently come to Summit County. It seems that there is a faction in our county who believes that it is their right to build anything they wish, anywhere they want to and when your elected officials try to acquire open space and channel development into logical and efficient corridors they will stop at nothing in order to elect compliant puppets who will do their bidding on the County Council.

The attacks on Sally Elliott and Chris Robinson by the development crowd bring back bad memories of Swift Boats. Sally and Chris are two of the most honorable people I have had the pleasure to have met. Sally has given the last two decades to leading the fight in Park City and Summit County for open space, trails and responsible development. Chris is a philanthropist, environmentalist and a pillar of his community and has sacrificed time from his successful family business to give back to the community. Both have been attacked with disinformation, innuendo and personal attacks reminiscent of the worst of Karl Rove.

The citizens of Summit County have a simple decision to make. We can reward those who stoop to character assassination to further the business desires of their benefactors (hint — some of the ones who have the "Rep" after their name on the ballot) or we can elect a slate of councilors that have proven their service to the community and care about responsible development, open space and conserving our environment.

Vote for Sally Elliott, Seat A; Claudia McMullin, Seat B; John Hanrahan, Seat C, Chris Robinson Seat D; and Steve Weinstein, Seat E.

Glenn Wright

Park City

Do your candidates meet these standards?


As an 18-year community activist, community representative on the Basin’s Open Space Advisory Committee and former Basin Planning Commissioner, I’ve a pretty good idea who our community’s champions are. One of the more quiet ones is Chris Robinson. He’s ethical, brave and progressive. I know of three occasions where special development interests approached Chris to gauge whether he could be influenced for their private gain. He politely told them to vote for the other guy.

On Wednesday, Greg Erickson used his Letter to the Editor to bash Chris’ character. I said to myself, "Who is this guy? He doesn’t even live in our community." Come to find out, Mr. Erickson is the attorney representing the large landowners at Quinn’s Junction the ones suing Summit County to get greatly increased densities beyond what our land-use code allows.

To those candidates trying to scare voters, warning, "If I’m not elected, bad stuff will go on behind closed doors," I say this: The worst transgression any County Commissioner ever committed was in broad daylight voting "yes" to developments prohibited by our codes, codes created by this community over years of public hearings.

Ask yourself which candidates have been involved in the public process (not by whining, but by useful critique or problem-solving). Does your candidate use his time to address critical issues instead of knocking his opponent? Does he have a record of community service?

Chris Robinson does. And so do John Hanrahan, Kathy Lofft, Claudia McMullin and Sally Elliott. I thank them for stepping up.

Debi Scoggan

Park City

Elect someone who understands teaching


If you are in Park City School District 3 (Park Meadows South, Quarry Mountain, Silver Springs, Ranch Road South and Park West precincts), you will have an opportunity to select your next school board representative on the November 4th ballot.

Gerd Holmsen-Aguilar is one of your two options and I hope you’ll consider voting for her for the following reasons:

1. Diversity Every school board should have at least one educator. When David Chaplin steps down from the school board this term, we will not have an educator on our school board unless we elect Gerd. We need someone who not only knows what a lesson plan is, but who has written one. We need someone who understands our teachers because she has been one. We need someone who can make sure we meet the needs of every child in this district because she’s spend her career in a classroom.

2. Educational experience and background Gerd taught in California for 40 years and 25 of those years were in ESL. She has an administrator’s credential and was the chair of her teacher’s association for many years. She has represented national and state legislators on education.

3. Out-of-state credentials Most of us here in Park City want our district to be able to compete with any district in the nation. Let’s elect someone who can bring in outside views as we evaluate curriculum, as we review our ELL program, as we strive to keep Park City schools the best in the state.

4. Ready on day one Gerd understands education; academic standards, budgets, teacher contracts and just about every other aspect of education. She won’t have to spend a couple of years getting up to speed. She is retired and has the time and energy to take on this commitment. She has also been volunteering in her grandchildren’s classes at McPolin for the last four years.

Please join me in voting for Gerd Holmsen-Aguilar for Park City School Board, district 3.

Tania Knauer

Park City

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