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Letters to the Editor


This November, when you set your clock back one hour, the Park City Fire Service District wants to remind you to make another change that could save your life change the battery in your smoke detector. Although smoke detectors are in 92 percent of American homes, many don’t work simply because the battery is dead. A working smoke detector provides an early warning of a fire and those critical extra seconds you may need to escape.

So, on November 1st when you change your clock, please remember to change your battery.

Traci Madson

Park City Fire Service District

Summit County deserves the best


I am writing to express my strong support for John Hanrahan, MD, in his candidacy for Summit County Council Seat C. Why do I urge support for John? If you’ve read any of the recent letters in The Park Record, you already know why his leadership, compassion, fairness, and commitment to serving Summit County in a way that promotes responsible growth and meets the needs of all of its citizens. These are all real and admirable qualities John has, but they’re only a part of what inspired me to write today.

I am voting for John Hanrahan because he represents the "best and the brightest" among us, and I’ve realized that it’s important to me that our leaders are drawn from the top tier of American citizenry. Those with intellect (and intellectual curiosity, please), education, insight, experience, and successful track records are the leaders that we need in our newly formed county council.

That’s why I ask for your support for John Hanrahan on November 4. Because Summit County deserves the best, and John is it. He has a track record of leadership and caring, proven by 1) his decision to leave a lucrative medical career to found two humanitarian organizations, one local (People’s Health Center), and one international (Hope Alliance), and 2) the multiple honors bestowed upon him by Rotary International. He is brilliant, insightful, well-versed in the issues our county faces, and I can’t think of anyone better to represent us in the Summit County Council.

Corrie Kirklen

Park City

Critical votes at a critical time


At no time has the local vote counted more than now with the new County Council form of government in Summit County. Remember that citizens of Park City, Snyderville and Eastern Summit County all vote for the new 5 seats. As a long-time supporter of reasonable and responsible growth, strict zoning, open space, trails, clean air and responsive government, I am casting my vote for those that I feel will best continue to support these values. Specifically, I am voting for Sally Elliott , John Hanrahan, Chris Robinson and Claudia McMullin. I know each individually and respect their leadership qualities, their commitment to the community and their integrity. I share their vision of Summit County as one of the best places to call home anywhere! I encourage you to join me in supporting them with your vote!

Kathy Mears

Park City

Hanrahan will make the best decisions


I generally don’t give public support of County candidates as I must work cooperatively with whomever the public elects. In this election, however, I feel compelled to write in support of John Hanrahan.

In the last 10 years, I have witnessed John’s many talents at work in Park City Leadership, The People’s Health Clinic, Rotary and Park City Clean-Up Day. I’ve learned that John has a quiet, thoughtful approach, which is an asset in public service. A respectful leader, he listens first and then strives to create solutions that work for everyone. And just as he is not afraid to fill a need when he sees it (as he did when he formed Hope Alliance), John will not hesitate to be hands-on when the situation calls for it.

I believe John is the best candidate for the new position on County Council. He will use his vast corporate and philanthropic experiences to move this county forward and will ultimately make the best decisions, even when faced with tough choices.

Candy Erickson

Park City

Stands were filled with a sea of red


The PCHS girls’ soccer team would like to thank everyone who came out to support us in our state final game. Despite the outcome, looking up at the stands filled with a sea of red at an away game on a Saturday afternoon is something our team will never forget! From classmates to counselors to past elementary-school teachers, you were there cheering for a girls’ soccer game! Thanks for being there for us!

Cassie Palmacci

On behalf of the PCHS girls’ soccer team

Football players like their black uniforms


This letter is written to address the small group of individuals that are rumored to be plotting to approach the P.C. School District in an effort to force our high school football team to get rid of the predominantly black set of uniforms that they wear for some of their games. To those people I express my sincere appreciation for their interest, attendance, and support of our boys as they represent our community and their school on the gridiron. However, I have to ask two obvious questions: 1) do you have nothing better to worry about, and 2) do you not watch sports enough to know that black uniforms have become a common trend in teams across all levels? Those of you that I hear voicing this concern do not have players in the program, and therefore do not have any business intervening in this issue.

The program belongs to the current coaches, players, parents, and high school administration not alumni, parents of previous players, etc. The current coaches, players, and parents like and value the uniforms the boys wear and the presentation they make when they wear them. In the event that you folks are concerned that your tax dollars were used to purchase the uniforms, they were not. The Miner Football Task Force raises all the money and purchases all the equipment and uniforms that the players wear to assist the coaching staff’s attempt to make the team look and feel special by providing them with the best/safest equipment available and multiple uniform choices in the manner that collegiate and professional teams outfit their players. As an example, I urge you to observe the excitement around the University of Utah "crimson and white" football program as they promote their "Black Out Day" on November 6 when they will unveil their new predominantly black uniform in their nationally televised game against TCU.

Whether traditionalists like it or not, teams are commonly putting their teams in black uniforms today, whether black is an "official" team/school color or not. Instead of putting your energies into a negative effort, please come out and support the boys and their coaches unconditionally as they head into the playoffs next Friday afternoon at Dozier Field. And school administration, please place this issue in its proper perspective if brought before you.

Thank you.

Jim Walker

President, PC Miner Football Task Force

Park City

Volleyball team undefeated in region


Just wanted to let you know that last week the ladies’ Park City High School volleyball team completed a season that included an undefeated record in region play and the first region championship for PCHS in 22 years!

Tom Pitcher

Park City

Open space critical to county, residents


The Summit Land Conservancy would like to thank all of those who made possible our 10th Anniversary Conservation Breakfast Oct. 24th. More than 240 people came to hear Nobel Prize-winning scientist Dr. Terry Root of Stanford University speak on changing climate and habitat issues.

Of particular note are: The Canyons, which underwrote much of the costs of the breakfast; US Bank for a significant matching grant; Mark Fischer and Jack Mahoney from High Star for an exciting lead-off donation; Identity Properties for providing lodging for our speaker; Kumbayah Kitchens for a delicious hot breakfast; St. Mary’s Church for the beautiful venue; the O’Malley family for a wonderful video; and Dr. Terry Root for a thought-provoking discussion. The Summit Land Conservancy board, under the leadership of Richard Sheinberg, worked hard to make this event a success.

We’d also like to thank all those who donated funds to our organization to allow us to support and pursue conservation easements. Open space helps keep our watersheds healthy, provides a home to the wildlife that makes our county special, gives us more options for recreation, and supports our tourism industry. In tight economic times, the generosity of our donors shows how important people across Summit County view the preservation of our lands.

Cheryl Fox

Executive director, Park City

He inspires others to do their best


This community could ask for no better citizen to represent them than John Hanrahan. He is intelligent, willing to listen, open-minded and inspirational. I have worked with John for years at the People’s Health Clinic. He gives considerable time and thought to everything he undertakes. John inspires people to do, and be, their best. He is respectful of others and willing to roll up his sleeves and work tirelessly for something he believes in. We should also applaud his wife and children for being gracious enough to share this wonderful man with the rest of us. John possesses the qualities we all need more of honesty, integrity, benevolence and common sense. If you want the very best this community has to offer, vote John Hanrahan for Summit County Council Seat C.

Terry Moffitt

Park City

Don’t be misled by negative campaign


As a rule I have found, over the 29 years I have lived in Summit County, the people I respect the most are those who I have met through community service. In fact, as I cast my ballot last week, it occurred to me that the county councilors I voted for Sally Elliott, Claudia McMullin, John Hanrahan, and Chris Robinson are those with whom I share volunteer causes in common. They are not running for office for any self-serving purpose. They all share core values for wanting the place we live to continue to be the place we love to live.

I strongly encourage those who, as yet, are undecided to ignore the negative ad campaign brought against Chris Robinson. I cannot think of one negative campaign that has ever served our community well. Chris is approachable, honest, intelligent, and thoughtful. Summit County faces many challenges related to growth and Chris has the skill set related to water rights, property rights, conservation, renewable energy and an understanding of development from the business side which will serve us, not work against us, because he is a man of ethics. He will make decisions within the framework of the facts, his tremendous knowledge base, and his very broad experience. It doesn’t get better than that.

One of my sons recently shared his opinions about this general election and how our generation has messed up. It occurred to me then that many of those running for local office this year have personally and professionally been devoted to creating something better for future generations. This is the kind of candidate we have in Chris Robinson.

Whoever you vote for, vote with confidence in your selection of candidates, and do not let some ad or editorial confuse you. If you are uncertain, give Chris a call and introduce yourself. Just a few minutes with him will set your mind at ease.

Bonnie Park

Park City

This isn’t the Claudia McMullin I know


It was reassuring to hear that the author of the vituperative rant against Claudia McMullin may very well be non-existent or at best a probable out-of-state developer who doesn’t like to hear anyone tell him "no." The Claudia McMullin he defamed is not the woman that I have worked with and come to know as an advocate for the betterment of Summit County, Park City and the residents of our community. Tenacious, you bet; honest, count on it; integrity, by the barrel full. And she has an additional quality she speaks the same truth to all whether they want to hear it or not!

So, as an early voter, I have cast my ballot for Claudia along with Sally Elliott, Chris Robinson, John Hanrahan and Dave Ure. This is one of the finest group of candidates I have seen since arriving in 1991. I urge your support and vote for them. I truly believe they will serve us well.

Mike Andrews


DQ’d for breaking a nonexistent rule


On Wednesday a former Utah state champion was disqualified from the State Cross Country Championships. Second place and the fourth fastest time in Utah history will not be recorded.

You are probably wondering how you get disqualified running. Did she cheat … take a short cut, elbow a competitor? Nope, she rolled the waistband of her shorts (as reported on the DQ card). If that doesn’t seem strange enough, there is no rule about rolling the waistband of running shorts.

According to parents and runners, rolling the waistband is a common practice in girls’ races, and at the state meet about 30 other girls self reported wearing their short in the same manner. Women roll the top of their shorts so the waistband fits their waist (let’s not get into body image issues here). This is not a fashion statement or rebellious act. It is about fitting a women’s body so they can run. Rolling the waistband does not make you faster. Ask any women runner, it is done to make the shorts fit.

So the male officials of UHSAA are out their making up rules about clothing that affect the result of our young girls’ races. The response from one official was, "We are just enforcing the rules." Another was it is a "Utah custom."

I am not sure how you can just make up a rule, or enforce "a custom." But one thing I know in Utah it is not how fast you run, it is how you wear your clothes!

Ron Kipp

Park City

Tom Hurd will make the hard choices


The last month has been a very sobering experience in the financial markets. Anyone who doesn’t understand the impact this will have on the government budget doesn’t understand finance. The period of just spending because it seems right is over. We need someone with common sense who has business experience to make the hard choices. Tom is that person. It is no different than doing your own budget at home, except in government it’s not their dollars and people tend to take the popular route. Tom will make the tough choices and see to it that we spend only what we need.

Howard Wallack

Park City

They did what they could to save ‘Buddy’


Every now and then, a letter to the editor will appear that lauds some Good Samaritan for helping someone out during a crisis. But this story is a little different; it involves a little fox that we named "Buddy."

Recently, I received an urgent call from one of our Wildlife Protection Society volunteers, Miriam Broumas. It seems a young fox had gotten tangled in a construction fence, and had been there long enough to become very weak and nonreactive. Although Miriam was suffering from a back injury herself, she managed to struggle her way up to the fox and untangle him. Freed, the little fox lay still awhile, and then sprang away. Unfortunately, he was still disoriented, and as he ran, he fell into the construction area. The landing only had one outlet that lead to a 10-foot drop onto a patio below. The fox remained there overnight, enduring freezing temperatures.

Miriam and Jose Verela, her neighbor, would not give up on finding a way to rescue the injured animal, and made the call to me. I immediately called Dave Swenson, the DNR/DWR, and Mike Coffey, a local concerned citizen. As luck would have it, Mike was nearby at the Park City Animal Clinic. Jesus Perez directed me to local pet hospital in spite of my broken Spanish and then carefully carried the fox four or five blocks to the vet’s office. Dr. Angela West and her staff did everything they could to save the fox’s life, warming his body with water bottles, administering IV solutions and restoring his heartbeat. We prayed the fox would make it, we even gave him the name Buddy, hoping somehow it might make a difference. Unfortunately, it didn’t. Negligence led to the death of little "Buddy."

It’s time to take down the construction fences that keep the wildlife from getting to the food and water sources that they need to live. It is the least we can do to coexist with the wildlife that inhabited this area long before we did.

Thank you Dave Swenson, Mike Coffey, Miriam Broumas, Jesus Perez, Jose Verela and Dr. Angela West and staff of Park City Animal Clinic for doing everything you could to save an innocent creature.

Jackie Fehr

President, Wildlife Protection Society

Park City

McMullin will defend rights of all citizens


Summit County is truly fortunate to have Claudia McMullin as candidate for Seat B in the Summit County Council race. Claudia currently chairs the Snyderville Basin Planning Commission a position in county government, which is extremely demanding and carries heavy responsibilities.

As a County Counselor, Claudia will be an invaluable asset as the county government changes from a three-member County Commission to a five member County Council/County Manager form of government. As a practicing attorney she has the experience to help interpret and meet the standard of state and local codes.

My experience with Claudia has shown that she is scrupulous in following the highest ethical and legal standards.

Claudia is a brilliant and charming person who knows how to listen to the views of others. She knows the legal aspects of issues which will come to the council but will also give great attention to the consequences that her decisions hold for our citizens. She will treat county constituents, staff and colleagues with respect.

Please vote for Claudia. She will serve the whole of Summit County and she will defend the rights of all our citizens.

David Chaplin

Park City

Volunteers recycle kids’ car seats


Recycle Utah, Summit County Safe Kids and Rosey’s Car Seats for Kids sponsored the first-ever Car Seat Recycling collection day on Saturday, October 25th. And thanks to all of the volunteers and participating businesses, it was a tremendous success. Over 50 car seats were dismantled by the Park City Fire Service District crew and other volunteers. The truckload of plastic seats was shipped off to the Holcim Cement Plant, the fabric straps went to WeBe Bags and the metal was recycled by Recycle Utah. Geri Essen from Summit County Safe Kids and Christina Sullivan from Rosey’s Car Seats for Kids were instrumental in collecting the car seats and ensuring the success of the event. Thanks to The Market at Park City and Nick and Willy’s Pizza who provided food and refreshments. The next baby car seat collection event will be next spring so start collecting them now!

Britte Kirsch

Park City

Thanks, Park City, for a successful season


After a successful silly summer season of great weather and the outrageous fun of the Oktober SillyFest event, Park Silly Sunday Market sends out a whole-hearted thank you to the Park City community. Without the participation of the entire community and the generous support of The Shops at the Village on Main, Park City Mountain Resort, Park City’s Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge and other market sponsors, Park Silly Sunday Market could not be the free community festival it is. It would not be the local ritual of family and friends coming together and the nationally renowned event it has become.

In PSSM’s commitment to creating a blueprint for large events to have less impact on their environment, The Park Silly Sunday Market continued to improve upon its environmental initiatives in its second season. With the collaboration and compliance of Park City locals, an ever-growing eco-conscious community, PSSM made great strides in reaching its goal of being 100% waste-free. Park Silly Sunday Market’s exceptional zero waste staff, Greta Andreini and Brian Medesci, recycled 450 fifty-gallon bags of paper, plastic and aluminum in the Park City Mountain Resort’s Rocky Mountain Recycling collection dumpsters and recycled clear and green glass and 65 cases of Squatters’ brown beer bottles at the Recycle Utah facility. Nearly 1,000 pounds of food waste was delivered over the summer to the grateful pigs at Potter’s Farm in Coalville. In 15 Sundays, PSSM hosted approximately 60,000 visitors and sent only 7.5 fifty-gallon bags of actual trash to the landfill.

As an integral part of Park Silly Sunday Market’s mission to give back to the community, Park Silly Sunday Market was able to provide free space in a number of ways. Program diva Jaimie Atlas organized the 80 nonprofit organizations, 25 sustainable-issues groups, 15 featured local artists, 15 featured local chefs, several Main Street businesses and local farmers that Park Silly hosted over the summer. Park Silly Sunday Market also featured 40 free kids’ activities and over 100 free musical and performance art presentations.

We are proud to be part of something that brings so much joy to so many people.

Kimberly Kuehn and Jewels Harrison

Directors, Park Silly Sunday Market

A lifelong Republican endorses Kathy Lofft


I would like to take this opportunity to endorse Kathy Lofft for seat 53 in the Utah House of Representatives. I have known Kathy for several years as an attorney and community activist. Kathy has always demonstrated the highest levels of impeccable integrity and work ethic, as well as a deep commitment to Summit County

As a lifelong Republican, I was dismayed that our current representative, Mel Brown, tried to move against the wishes of a majority of his own district’s electorate and undo their vote for a 5-member County Council by introducing HB 348 (which would have invalidated several other Utah counties’ chosen form of government as well). I’m saddened that Rep. Brown opted to promote narrow interests above the demonstrated wishes of the majority of his constituents, and it does not reflect well on him or our party.

I can assure you that Kathy Lofft will work diligently FOR our District’s interests. Please cast your vote on November 4th for Kathy Lofft!

Michael E. Kaplan

Park City

Anne Bransford is getting my vote


I am writing this letter to express my complete and absolute support for the election of Anne Bransford to the Park City School Board. I have had the opportunity to work with Anne on numerous projects the past number of years. Anne has demonstrated to be passionate about Park City and its future and is genuinely dedicated to the School District and its students. In addition, Anne is exceedingly well informed on the issues facing the School District and takes the time and effort to understand the different sides of every issue.

For these reasons and many others too numerous to express here, I support the election Anne Bransford to the Park City School Board.

Jim Barth

Park City

Charges against Robinson are ridiculous


I have been a resident of Park City for over ten years. I have know Chris Robinson personally for nearly eight of those years.

Before any other comments, let me say that Chris Robinson is one of he finest men I have met during all my seventy years. Summit County will benefit greatly from his service as a member of the County Council.

I noted with interest that Chris was the subject of a letter to the editor published in last week’s edition of the paper. The charges made by Mr. Ericksen about Chris Robinson are ridiculous.

The suggestion that Chris’s support of Republican issues or candidates makes him somehow unqualified or unacceptable as a candidate for the Summit County Council is bizarre, illogical and unfounded. So much so that it generates such skepticism that it makes one question the common sense of the writer.

The writer asks so many questions (unsupported accusations) that one is reminded of the statements made during the confirmation hearings of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. Accusations were made about Thomas. The seriousness of the charges, we were told, not the facts of the case, were what made it allowable for the charges to have importance.

Similarly, in this case, the seriousness of the charges cannot be allowed to have importance. But we are all too familiar with this kind of tactic. These kinds of comments need to be put where they belong, in the trash.

The real facts of this case, in this writer’s well-informed opinion, are that Chris Robinson is not now, has never been, and never will be involved in any decision, act or involvement of any kind that is unethical, dishonest, or illegal.

James Taylor

Park City

Bransford will bring financial savvy to board


As a recent member of the Board of Education, I am very familiar with the qualities necessary to make an effective board member, and I enthusiastically endorse Anne Bransford. In this era of economic uncertainty, declining property values and enormous budget pressures, it is critical to have a board member well qualified in financial matters. Anne fits the bill. Not only does she have a degree in economics from an outstanding university, she had an 18-year financial and business background working for a major corporation. Her skills are absolutely essential to an effective, fiscally responsible board. Along with her extraordinary business acumen, Anne is a warm, caring person who is always willing to listen. In sum, Anne is the complete package and will make an extraordinary member of the school board.

Charles Cunningham

Park City

Just whom does Mel Brown represent?


When I read Lisa Kirchenheiter’s letter "We can’t afford to Lose Mel Brown," in the October 25th edition of The Park Record, I was prompted to go to Rep. Brown’s Web site to learn firsthand about his views on statewide school district capital outlay equalization, but alas, he has no Web site (which I found irritating). So I went online and looked up the draft for legislative discussion on the topic and found that statewide school capital equalization did come up last session; however, it was not voted into law. Yes, it could come up again in the next legislative session, but to assume that Rep. Brown is the ONLY candidate who is capable of keeping the rest of the state out of Park City School District’s pocketbook is naive at best.

Instead of basing your vote on a single issue, ask yourself what’s the trade-off if we keep Rep. Brown? Well let’s see, he sponsored HB 348, which was his attempt to overturn the Summit County council-manager form of government AFTER voters chose it. I understand how frustrating it is when the things you want aren’t voted in, but to draft a bill using your position as a Representative to bully your way to eventual victory? Regardless of how you voted on the county council-manager issue, do you really want a Representative who puts his wishes above the voters’? Fortunately, HB 348 died in the Senate. Apparently, Rep. Brown’s "experience" wasn’t enough in this case to convince Capital Hill.

Rep. Brown also sponsored HB 466, which (among other things) allowed developers to incorporate towns against their citizens’ collective wills, causing taxpayers to pay extra for the privilege of living in a municipality to which they don’t want to belong. Why would a Representative of the people enact a law that leads to something the majority of the people don’t want? Rep. Brown is either out of touch with his constituents or has his own agenda. In either case, his constituents lose.

As a taxpayer and a parent in the PCSD, of course I don’t want to lose our school funds to statewide equalization. However, for Ms. Kirchenheiter to imply that this will surely happen if we don’t re-elect Rep. Mel Brown is just silly. Mel Brown hasn’t proven to us that he has earned the privilege to be re-elected. He doesn’t appear to listen to us with regards to government and development, why should we assume he’ll always listen to our views on public education?

Even though she will be a first-term Representative, I have great confidence that Kathy Lofft will represent District 53 fairly in all issues, including public education. She has walked our neighborhoods, listened to our concerns, and made it her business to learn what has and hasn’t worked. Please don’t let a single issue stand in the way of opportunity. Given our history with district representation (or lack thereof) I’m ready for a change. Vote Kathy Lofft for House Seat 53.

Stacy Dymalski

Park City

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