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Letters to the Editor


I thank the 1,484 Summit County citizens who voted for me for Summit County Council, Seat "D." I really appreciate your faith in me and your willingness to vote for a third-party candidate. In my opinion, this is the best chance we have of changing the course we, as a country, are on.

I intend to continue my study of the Constitution, the county, and become increasingly politically astute. I fully intend to run again in two years (actually about 1.5 years). For which public office, I don’t know yet, but I will be out there slugging away in order to give you a real choice in the next election. Thank you again for your vote!

To the thirty percent who voted straight party this past election: Please consider that not all Democrat nor Republican nor any other party candidates are equally qualified or are deserving of your vote. Voting straight party puts your vote in a straight jacket. Exercise choice. Please consider voting for the person, not just the party! Gary Shumway Constitution Party candidate for Summit County Council, Seat ‘D’

LDS support of Prop. 8 was a cruel mistake


We have dozens of Utah families living in homeless shelters, and the leadership of the LDS Church has led a 20-million-dollar crusade off through the Nevada desert to California. Squandering the good will that they have gained through their humanitarian efforts, they claim that the idea of the marriage of Jim and Bob of Arbuckle at the Colusa Country Courthouse is an event of cosmic proportions.

Oh, please, save me from such hypocrisy, and do your Christian duty and get those families out of the homeless shelters.

I’m a straight male who has been happily married for 40 years, and I don’t believe that Mormons worship the devil. In fact, some of the finest people I have ever known have been tithe-paying Mormons, but the present LDS leadership has made a huge and cruel mistake that will be back-pedaled by future generations — try the year 2020 max.

If a church doesn’t want to marry gays, that’s fine. Just stay out of the courthouse while Jim and Bob tie the knot. Minding your own business is an old American tradition.

Roger Carrier

Sandy, Utah

Statements contained gross inaccuracies


Wednesday November 5th, The Park Record featured a story of a destitute couple from Heber City, Utah. I am not sure what I am offended by the most — the gross inaccuracies of Mr. Castro’s statements or the fact that my local newspaper did not bother to place one call to me to allow me the opportunity to present the "other side of the story." I am a local independent businessman of 25 years, involved in local church and community affairs.

This article, designed to produce revenue for the paper, has come at the expense of myself, my spouse and business partner.

I understand donations are being offered to Mr. Castro’s family based on the information provided in The Park Record. I believe these donations should be based upon full disclosure of the facts and not fraudulent misrepresentations.

Trent Roth

Midway, Utah

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