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Letters to the Editor


The St. Mary’s Women’s Group would like to thank the Park City community for its generous support of our recent Christmas in the Meadow Holiday Boutique. Over 1,000 people attended and supported the event. Proceeds from the event went to support the St. Mary’s Food Bank.

Mary Lesear and Pat Kutzbach

St. Mary’s Women’s Group

Park City

Give police credit for ‘shop with a cop’


Thank you, and a correction: Thanks so much, Park Record, for thinking of the nonprofits and a way to let them known. I would love to think I am behind "shop with a cop," but it is the Fraternal Order of Police that coordinates this effort. I am in charge of the coat program. We all work together, thanks to everyone who cares to give to each program.

"Shop with a cop" can be reached at (435) 615-5500.

Shelley Vebber


Shopping locally helps local nonprofits


On behalf of the Summit Land Conservancy I would like to say a big thank you to Clark and Christie Johnson and Tommy Knocker’s for giving us the opportunity to have a silent auction at their 32nd annual customer appreciation party. Clark even designed a pendant inspired by a trail on Prospect Ridge that is permanently protected by one of our conservation easements. This pendant commemorates the open spaces that are so important to our economy and our lifestyle.

Thanks to the many businesses that offered wonderful auction items, we were able to raise funds to continue our mission to protect as much of the remaining open spaces in Summit County as possible.

As we all know, this is going to be a tough holiday season for many local businesses and nonprofit organizations. shopping locally, we not only find great gifts for our friends and family, we also support the community that keeps people employed and in turn gives back to the many local nonprofits. Gift memberships to your favorite nonprofits are another way to give twice this holiday season. Many organizations have gift items to go with membership too.

Together we can and do make Park City a wonderful place to live.

Cheryl Fox Executive director

Summit Land Conservancy

What happens at resorts affects us all


As merchants on Main Street, we were surprised to read the headline for the recent (11/22/08) front-page story regarding the delay in opening for the resorts: "Merchants say no big deal." We think the implication of that headline is misleading, especially since we did not see any Main Street retailers or restaurateurs quoted to that effect in the article.

We believe that we represent the sentiment of other businesspeople on Main Street who did NOT take casually the resorts’ disappointment and weather-related anxiety. While it’s true that our "season" may not kick in until later in December, believe us when we say it’s good for business and morale whenever the resorts open.

Here at the Crosby Collection, we were as excited as anybody at the prospect of an early opening. The delay, rather than being "no big deal," was Main Street’s disappointment, too. In Park City, we’re all affected by what happens on the mountain. And very glad to see things get going now.

Bing and Vickie Crosby

Crosby Collection

Park City

Thanks to Habitat donors and volunteers


Thanks to the Park City community for another great year!

As we celebrate the close of the most ambitious year to date for Habitat, Summit & Wasatch Counties, we would like to take a moment to thank our donors, sponsors, and volunteers for making it happen.

In early 2008, we put the finishing touches on the Kamas/Summit County home and held the dedication. Next, plans were put in place to build four homes in 2008/2009, including two in Heber City and two in Park City.

Heber City update: The subdivide and improvements are complete in Heber and the homes should be finished by the end of December 2008/beginning of January 2009. Park City update: Plans have been submitted and the project will begin this summer.

All four lots were donated to Habitat by the municipalities in exchange for clearing, subdividing, and making improvements, such as sewer, water, and power, to the properties. This marks the first time in our history that land has been donated to us!

In our quest to create much-needed affordable housing in Summit and Wasatch counties, Habitat uses a "hand up" versus a "hand out" philosophy. Our homeowners work side by side with volunteers and invest hundreds of hours of "sweat equity" into their homes and the homes of others. This enables participants to become vested in our program and successful Habitat homeowners.

Thanks so much to our donors, sponsors, and volunteers for your support in 2008! For more information on Habitat, please call (435) 658-1400 or visit http://www.habitatutah.org .

Julie Bernhard

Executive director, Habitat, Summit & Wasatch Counties

I know where the real men are


What a delight to hear on NPR news this a.m. (Nov. 29) that the British Rugby Football League players made a public announcement, "Get over it, some men are gay!" Now I’ll go to a game or two with my friend Carol this summer.

I now know where the REAL MEN are. Kudos!

Maureen McAllister

Park City

‘Music Man’ comes highly recommended


I know that these are tough times for many of us in Utah and in the country at large. But I believe that the simple things in life often provide the greatest joy and the small-town, high class, professional feel of the Egyptian Theatre’s production of "The Music Man" just might be the ticket to some simple joy for many local and visiting families during this holiday season. The production value and the energy of the cast propel the audience into a simpler time reminiscent of many of our holiday aspirations and memories, and I would highly recommend anyone interested in good, quality, family fun to let "The Music Man" provide.

Your city can be proud to have the Egyptian providing such professional entertainment for your citizens and for those who visit your lovely town.

Below is a letter that I sent to Terrence Goodman, the artistic director of The Egyptian Theatre and the director of the "The Music Man."

Dear Mr. Goodman,

My wife and I attended the opening night of "The Music Man" in celebration of our wedding anniversary, and we had such a wonderful time I had to send you this personal "Thank You!" This was our first time to your theatre for a live performance, having seen many Sundance Festival films there in the past, so we were very excited, to say the least.

I grew up with local theater so I was very excited to come to the Egyptian Theatre for the first time for one of my favorite productions. I was absolutely thrilled at the production value, the charm, and the truly professional presentation of a true classic. In our minds, you really outdid yourself with your attention to detail and quality sets, costumes, music, singing, choreography it was all great. And the addition of the marching band at the end was a real treat.

Please pass on to your cast and production company our sincerest congratulations and thanks for a job very well done. We are now planning our next evening at the Egyptian Theatre, and we look forward to including our children as well in the fun.

We wish you and your "family" a wonderful, successful holiday run with "The Music Man" and a wonderful holiday season as well. Davin and Jennifer Saderholm

Salt Lake City

OMG: language skills are, like, in trouble


I fear the loss of our language and proper communication skills. I’m known as the weird dad because I constantly correct the grammar of visiting kids. I hear teachers, radio hosts, news anchors and business people bungling our language. Supposed college graduates ostensibly believe that the pronoun "your" is the concatenation of a noun and a verb. And lest we forget the abundant use of the non-word "irregardless." Finally, there is this gem from the Department of Unnecessary Participles: "comprised of." Comprise means include so "comprised of" is as meaningless as "included of." It’s embarrassing.

In the early 1900s, one of the questions required for eighth-grade graduation was to name and define all eight parts of speech. A hundred years later, most of us would fail this question. Most don’t know that "good" is an adjective as in "the shirt is a good fit" while "well" is an adverb as in "the shirt fits well" not "fits good." Moreover, does anyone remember the difference between transitive and intransitive verbs? Hint: you lay bricks but you lie (not lay) down for a nap.

Why the deterioration? I’m not sure but I recently met a company specializing in the design of human and computer interfaces. Among their findings is that our kids have incredible time management skills learned from lightning-fast electronic messaging. Unfortunately, this newfound skill has come at the expense of quality and depth of thought and proper grammar and syntax. Any teenager’s recollection of an event will likely be replete with "like" and monosyllabic grunts.

Let’s right the ship. Start by telling your kids that the team "played well" or "you had a good game." If we don’t, Park City will surely land on Newsweek’s other list: Schools That Don’t Teach Kids to Speak and Write More Gooder.

Kendall Simmons

Park City

Second avalanche lecture set for Dec. 23


White Pine Touring would like to thank all those that came out to the first of two avalanche-awareness lectures at the Jim Santy Auditorium. The lecture was held as a fundraising event for the Utah Avalanche Forecast Center. With the gracious donations of those who attended we were able to raise over $1,300 for the forecast center! A big thanks also goes to all of those sponsors who donated to the opportunity drawing. These donations from our local resorts, restaurants, and business owners made this event a great success. Without their generosity these two events would not be possible.

If you were unable to attend the first lecture, please come out on December 23, 2008, for the second lecture. The lecture will be held at the Jim Santy Auditorium at 6 p.m. once again, and there will be more great prizes from our generous sponsors. The lecture will be free to all who would like to attend. We will once again be asking for a $10 suggested donation to the Friends of the Utah Avalanche Forecast Center. Your donation gets you two opportunities to win one of many great prizes.

Once again, thank you to all of our sponsors, and all those who came out. With your continued support we can enjoy the beautiful Wasatch backcountry safely for years to come. If you would like more information, please feel free to contact White Pine Touring at (435) 649-8710.

Scott House

Programs director, White Pine Touring

Park City

Feast or famine for music programs


The Park City Jazz Foundation’s new program that seeks to "strengthen music outreach programs" for band students in the district is an admirable one. Too bad it and the PC Education Foundation couldn’t include another constituency in their efforts, those children who would like to take band but are not permitted access to the program.

I was shocked when we moved here to find out that my son, who has been looking forward to 5th grade band for years, would not be able to participate in Parley’s band, for no reason that has ever been satisfactorily explained to me. We were offered before-school classes at Trailside, but for a family with several children to get to school and a child who is already struggling with a much earlier start time than he was accustomed to, this was not an acceptable solution. He wants to play badly enough that we are paying for private trombone lessons, but he is missing out on the essential learning that goes into playing with an ensemble and the support of learning alongside his peers.

I have witnessed how tremendously beneficial participating in band programs has been for his siblings, and am saddened that he will not get that chance at this critical stage of his development. Surely there must be a way to provide equal access for all, and that this should be a higher priority than offering free private lessons for select students.

Catherine Greenwald

Park City

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