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Letters to the Editor

Beware of imposters posing as service dogs


Park City is a very dog-friendly town. However, I feel that some people have now taken this too far. Some people freely boast of simply putting a backpack on their dog, and then calling the dog a service dog so that the dog can go everywhere with them. Others take their therapy dogs with them and call them service dogs. Therapy dogs bring comfort to people in places that they are invited to, and I have nothing but admiration for them. However, they are not service dogs and do not have public-access rights.

Frequently, these dogs posing as service dogs are not trained, not well groomed, and do not act as service dogs should. Dogs in restaurants should be at their owner’s feet, and should never be fed from the table. Service dogs that are with their disabled handlers should be clean, well groomed, and very well behaved. Most times people will not even realize they are there. Wandering around an establishment off-lead is NOT acceptable behavior, and gives the establishment the right to ask the service dog to leave. Business also have the right to ask, "Is this a service dog?" and "What tasks does this dog perform?" They cannot ask about the handler’s disability.

In Utah, falsely representing a dog as a service dog is a class B misdemeanor. (UT ST Law 62A-5b-106).

Disabled individuals with legitimate service dogs experience discrimination, access issues, and other difficulties because of fake service dog’s appearance, behavior, and lack of training.

Business and individuals with questions about service dogs, the access rights of service dogs, and the rights of business owners should contact the Department of Justice.

Sarah Wilfahrt

Park City

Plump pigs don’t deserve our interest


As a one-time head of a manufacturing company in NYC I had the opportunity to make salary decisions, small scale, mind you, (for) 400 people working for me. Mostly my own salary. When the company was new or did not make enough money, I refrain from taking any salary at all, nor did any of the officers. I thought this responsible behavior. But that’s me.

Here we have the automakers, and the UAW, with their hand out for help. Well and good! Let me read somewhere that the head of Ford, GM, Chrysler, Citi group, AIG and many others announce stopping to take salaries for the duration, selling their private jets and starting, albeit too late, to behave responsibly!

Let me see the auto union workers agree to take a small (gesture) reduction in their pensions a slight lesser hourly rate ($81 an hour ), help themselves a little! Consider no bailout, think the worst, and the results, the loss of all pensions, all salaries, no work, what then?

It will be easier to swallow giving billions to these industries if I heard that Ford’s CEO renounced his meager yearly salary of $20 million some odd, his jet sold, pilot and crew elsewhere.

That would be a good beginning. I have zero interest in helping plump pigs, not before they become skinnier.

Jack Karmel

Park City

Without fabric, class would have folded


Many thanks to Mari Jo Mundahl, designer for Barclay Butera, and Cari Luger, owner of Park City Blind, for their generous contributions of fabrics to my Designer Sewing Class. Without their help, our entrepreneurial adventure would not have been possible. It takes a village to make a child’s learning come to fruition and we thank them with all our hearts!

Lynda Wright

Park City High School

Gay marriage: tempest in a Postum pot


I’m a straight male, age 62, married 40 years, and as the old fogies of my generation leave the stage, gay marriage will be nothing but a big yawn to straight people even to religious people.

Gay marriage will be good for America by increasing stable relationships.

If I’m lucky, I’ll be 74 on July 1, 2020, and I invite the opponents of gay marriage to meet me on the steps of the Utah State Capitol Building at 1:00 p.m. At that time, they will admit that the whole subject was a tempest in a teapot (or, if you will, a tempest in a pot of "Postum," the Mormon alternative-lifestyle drink that replaces sinful coffee).

Roger Carrier

Sandy, Utah

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