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This letter is a response to Scott Zuckerman’s opinionated article on the controversy over the skiers-only policy at Alta. You state, "Snowboarding and skiing are two different sports that utilize the same terrain (snow) and one would not expect a pickup lacrosse game to be permitted on a golf course, and most hockey players would not appreciate a curling match taking place in the middle of their game."

I must say that I think this statement is false. You are comparing two different things here. Of course a scheduled sporting event or competition should never be interrupted by any other activity. However, skiing and snowboarding together, for recreation, does not fall into this category. These are two different activities that can share the same space.

Dividing skiers from snowboarders is slicing our community into two completely different groups, which they aren’t! Skiing and snowboarding are just two different sports. How could people be so prejudiced about these two sports that they would completely divide the same terrain in half because of what is strapped onto their feet?

I am a 14-year-old girl who loves to free ski. I’ve lived in Park City for six years. My mom and dad both snowboard and my brother and I ski. I used to ski a lot in California and I never once heard of a ski resort that was just skiers only until I moved to Utah. It is sad that Deer Valley and Alta are two of the best resorts in the U.S for skiing, but my family and I will never be able to go there and experience their great resort together. I have been to Deer Valley once with a friend and experienced how truly amazing their snow is and how great the resort is overall. But it was just odd to look around and see no snowboarders there at all. I kept forgetting that I was in a place that discriminates against you because of the sport you do.

We live in these beautiful mountains. Everybody has a chance to experience this beauty. In the summer, Utah is known for biking, hiking, and horseback riding. We are taught to share the trails with all of the people who do these different sports. In the winter time Utah is known for skiing and snowboarding, we should be able to share these trails and slopes for these two different sports in the winter time too. Deer Valley and Alta teach us otherwise. You can call it what you want, but I think that keeping snowboarders off these slopes is wrong.

Michelle Williams Park City

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