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Letters to the Editor

Beware of predators in sheepdogs' clothing


Aggressive sheep dogs and no responsibility taken by The Canyons. A bike ride on the Ambush trail with our dog, Chica. Around the corner on the trail were sheep and their aggressive protector, the Great Pyrenees sheep dog. It attacked and almost killed our beloved pet. She is still injured and permanently damaged. Limping now, her biking days may be numbered.

My first few conversations with the risk-management employees at The Canyons were very informative. They said that the man who owns those sheep has been a menace for years. His dogs have charged humans and attacked and bitten other dogs. Had they taken my complaint seriously, perhaps four days later a woman wouldn’t have been bitten in the same area of trail by the sheep dog. She had to endure the series of rabies shots. The sheep dogs didn’t have their rabies vaccines!

The man owning these dogs and his veterinarian (a family member) lied about this in the weeks to come. For legal reasons, the man has rights to the property. The Canyons lawyer was the only one to speak with me now as the others had provided me with too much information. She informed me that in no way was The Canyons liable as they have one sign indicating the aggressive sheep dogs. I stated that since there was a history with these dogs attacking and biting, they should have ensured that the public recreating on their space was not going to be in danger. They should have asked to seen rabies and vaccine records and informed the public better.

They have stood their ground in not assuming any responsibility. They didn’t offer to pay our veterinary bills. Their lawyer had one thing to say: they are not liable. They have one sign to warn recreators. But is advertising a public recreation area where there is a history of attacks a morally correct thing to do? Chica doesn’t think so.

Sherry Whitty

Salt Lake City

Fabulous food and friendly service


With snow blowing and falling like crazy, our family crammed into Kermit, our green Subaru for dinner at Cafe Sabor. The hostess, Michelle, seated us next to the warm fire.

Before we shrugged off our winter coats, Dave, our waiter, delivered warm tortilla chips and spicy salsa. Then, he took our drink orders.

The restaurant was crowded and the wait staff was hustling. After we ordered, the manager, Shawn, delivered extra salsa and our drinks. With three boys, fourteen, twelve, and eleven who were all "starving" after a day of snowboarding, feeding them was essential.

The fabulous food and friendly service, even when the restaurant was slammed, is why we live in Park City. Even during the busy holiday season, you can count on Cafe Sabor.

Julie Baker

Park City

Book offers insights on global warming


For anyone who is interested in global warming, the book "Fire, Ice and Paradise" is a must-read. This is a well researched book on the subject of climate change written by H. Leighton Steward. For me, the book opened my eyes to a multitude of phenomena that change climate, of which CO2 emissions are only a minor contributor. The book does an excellent job discussing climate drivers and climate changes through time, and urges the reader to draw their own conclusions from the information provided.

The author has an MS in geology, has twice chaired the Audubon Nature Institute and is currently the chair of the Institute for the Study of Earth and Man at SMU. The book is a quick 100-page read written in such a manner that even those of us who don’t have a Ph.D. in climate science can still understand the principles. He also includes a very detailed bibliography of related research topics.

I have donated my copy of this book to the Kimball Junction branch of the Summit County Library. I urge anyone who is interested in investigating global warming to check the book out and read it. Chapter Three, "Climate Drivers," was especially enlightening for me and made me wonder why this information is never discussed in climate-change debates. I feel so strongly about this that I’ve also sent a copy of this book to both President-Elect Obama and his assistant for energy and climate change, Carol Browner.

Happy reading!

Jason Blake

Park City


Park City police probe vehicle burglaries in Old Town

April 25, 2019

The Park City Police Department continues to investigate a series of vehicle burglaries in the overnight hours between Monday and Tuesday, indicating most of the cases were on the same street in Old Town.

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