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Letters to the Editor

Prayers for those who have come and gone


On December 25, 1970, I gave my wife Dora her diamond. On January 7, 1972, we were married in the Salt Lake Temple. I was a 1970 graduate of Park City High School. My wife was a 1972 graduate of Wasatch High School in Heber. Now my wife has terminal breast cancer. She is not doing too well and the end is near. She is not the last one and not the first one. I only hope and pray for those that have come and gone.

God bless you and keep you.

Bobby Nelson

Kenai, Alaska

Treasure Hill could have dramatic impact


As I’m sure you know, the planned Treasure Hill development has the potential to dramatically change the look and feel of Old Town as well as detrimentally impact the quality of life for all those in Park City. The planned development includes the largest convention center space in all of Park City. Is this really the appropriate place for a convention center? Also, the Sweeneys are petitioning the city to allow timeshares on the property even though it was not originally zoned for timeshare units. All of this will only increase traffic on already narrow, congested and dangerous streets where pedestrians, pets and kids all have to share the roads with cars and trucks.

However, there are still many Park City residents that have no idea as to the impact that Treasure Hill will have on all of us. To help in this cause, I have written Nan Chalat-Noaker, the editor of The Park Record, to encourage her to publish the renderings and more information about the development.

The next planning meeting on 2/11/09 will be a critical one as traffic and safety issues will be addressed. This may be our only chance to voice our concerns regarding this important topic. As such, I’d like to encourage all of us to attend that meeting to voice your opinions and concerns.

In addition, or if you cannot make the meeting, I’m hoping that all of us can take a few minutes to write your concerns to the city. The planning staff and commissioners need our input if changes are to be made.

Below is a list of how to submit those comments and concerns via email:

Park City Planning Department and Park City Planning Commissioners:

Katie Cattan planner: kcattan@parkcity.org ; phone (435) 615-5068; fax (435) 615-4906

Katie states "I have found letters and public input during the meetings to be the best way to communicate with the Planning Commission. I am the City Planner assigned to the project and all letters should be sent directly to me through email or regular mail. I am responsible for getting the letters to the Planning Commissioners."

I would also encourage you to write directly to (or cc) our City Council members on Treasure Hill comments. Here are their e-mail addresses:

Candy Erickson: cerickson@parkcity.org

Jim Hier: jim@parkcity.org

Joe Kernan: jkernan@parkcity.org

Roger Harlan: rharlan@parkcity.org

Liza Simpson: liza@parkcity.org

You can also include a couple of other key city officials:

Dana Williams mayor: dana@parkcity.org

Tom Bakaly city manager: tom@parkcity.org

Finally, it would be great to send letters and comments for publication to The Park Record.

Nan Chalat-Noaker editor: editor@parkrecord.com

Feel free to cc me as well at bvhutah@hotmail.com

Thanks again for your help and concern.

Brian Van Hecke

Park City

Who doesn’t like the lady’s vibe?


After Sally Elliott left my 9th grade classroom, a student raised his hand. Before I could call on him, he started speaking, "I just have to say something. I really like that lady’s vibe. I like her energy!"

Really, who doesn’t like Sally’s "vibe" and hasn’t been touched by her "energy." Another teacher, upon hearing Sally was in my classroom, noted that when she first moved to Park City, Sally sat on the street during the parade talking to her and her husband. In her words, "Sally really wanted to get a pulse on Park City."

That’s what Sally does. She turns everyone onto what is good in Summit County, gets us excited and encourages us to volunteer.

I am grateful to Sally for her years of service, commitment to Summit County and the people who live here. We’re so fortunate to have Sally’s experience on the County Council, but we’re even more fortunate to have her smile, her vibe, and her energy in our community.

Julie Baker

Park City

Grateful for affordable housing


I would like to again say thank you to those responsible for the approval of affordable housing in Park City. Not a day goes by that I am not thankful for what the local government has done to allow us to own pieces of property in Park City at reasonable prices. As national home prices are down between 18% and 30%, my unit continues to appreciate (easily) at 3%.

Thank you for your vision and the ability to move the projects forward.

Ben Mixson

Park City

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