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Letters to the Editor

Israeli invasion of Gaza was justified


Israel has been harassed, been bombed, had missiles sent to schools and public places by the backwards tribal Palestinians whose sole mission is the complete destruction and genocide of the Israeli people. The media purposefully reports the side of the terrorists while ignoring the efforts by Israel to create peace, provide jobs, provide education and homes and health care for a class of people hell bent on the destruction of the ones trying to help them. Israel gave them what they wanted Gaza! Israelis walked away from homes and jobs and turned it all over to a bunch of tribal backward-thinking people who would kill their own family members without a second thought by placing missile sites in schools, and terrorist headquarters in hospitals, and strap bombs on their children. They hide behind women and children and promote chaos, make fake films using actors pretending to be in crossfire of Israeli paratroopers when it is all a prop to get the bleeding heart liberals to support terrorism.

Remember it was the Arabs, Syrians and Egyptians who started the first wars against Israel to get hold of Palestinian/Israeli properties, and the Muslims, not the Israelis, created the Palestinian refugee camps out of greed and an opportunity to get power over their own people. But it backfired when the right people doing the right thing won that war! The land left over after the war was the result of Arab aggression and greed. Certain Arab men saw an opportunity to take other Arabs lands and create a new state, and in the process take the legal Israeli lands. Because the Arab-led aggression backfired, the Israelis were left with more land and area after the war.

Unfortunately the Palestinian and Arab nations are doing everything possible to ignore and hide the truth, just like they want everyone to believe there was no Holocaust. Arabs are, and always will be, their own worst enemies.

All it takes is to read a simple history of the first war and it’s all there. A really good book for Arabs to read and awaken to is "The Haj," by

Leon Uris. But it contains no history changing and propaganda, so it may be a hard read for most Arabs.

If our country had missiles fired over the border weekly from Mexico and suicide bombers taking out kids and mothers shopping weekly in San Diego, you damn well better believe Mexico would belong to the U.S. It’s time the press, and many Americans wake up and get behind the great and honorable nation of Israel and put an end to ignorance, terror, deception, the segregation, murder, and slavery of women in Palestine, and support Israel in trying to create democracy, stability, decent human values, education and health care for everyone and peace! God bless Israel and protect the IDF!

Brent Smith

Park City

Chaplin, Christensen leave legacy of excellence


Last week, two new Board of Education members were sworn in and two wonderful public servants concluded their tenure on the board. Serving on the school board is probably the most underpaid job in Park City (by our count it works out to about twelve cents an hour) and it takes a special kind of person to work that hard for that little. It is a position that requires a true public servant whose first priority is creating a lasting legacy of excellence within the Park City schools.

Dave Chaplin served on the school board for several terms and was always a voice of constancy and reason. He weighed decisions based on the needs of the students and the teachers, having been an educator himself for many years. "How does this help our children learn?" was his litmus test for support regarding new programs, technology, or facilities. His leadership and integrity were integral to guiding the district through some rough fiscal times and through transitions amongst key leadership posts at the district.

As former members of the board of the Park City Education Foundation (PCEF), we would like to say thank you, Dave. You are a true gentleman in every sense of the word and have made a lasting impact on our community through your service. We hope that you and Marianne enjoy your retirement.

Vern Christensen has been a tremendous member of the school board by helping guide the district through new processes with which to evaluate the fiscal health of the district. Genuinely understanding finance, funding processes, and how to make good decisions based on realistic projections of what may or is most likely to happen, is key to the viability of any publicly-funded institution. Vern kept his eye on the school district’s bottom line while supporting many initiatives that expanded learning and curriculum for all types of students. He generously offered his expertise to the board, respected his colleagues, and always had time to listen to a parent or community member with concerns about the schools.

Vern served on the board of the PCEF before running for the Board of Education seat, and as the members of the PCEF board who most twisted his arm to get him to run, we would like to say thank you, Vern. Your efforts are noted and greatly appreciated, and the Park City schools are better off today than they would have been without your thoughtful leadership. We hope your fiscal guidance will survive your tenure and serve as a model for many years to come.

As former directors of the PCEF, we have worked with the community, parents, the school district staff and the school board over the years to ensure excellence for our students. It has been our pleasure to have worked with Dave and Vern and the current members of the school board. We wish the best to the two new members, Anne and Moe, as well. Being good stewards of our schools is vitally important to our students, teachers, staff, parents, and our community as a whole.

Thanks again to Dave and Vern, and to the many volunteers and community members who care deeply about our schools and Park City’s kids.

Mark K. Fischer

Lynn Heinlein

Mike Stewart

Park City

Old Town project would be massive


I have been following with great dismay the proposed building of the so-called "Treasure" development. Unfortunately, the general public in Park City has no idea of the nature and scope of this project and its potential impact on all the residents of Park City. My husband and I own a condo on Lowell Avenue right across from where the Treasure development will be built. This massive, looming new modern city will completely dwarf all of the other buildings in Old Town. It will change irretrievably the character of our city. It will bring masses of additional traffic to our narrow and already dangerous streets. None of the safety or quality of life issues have been addressed by the developers or the city planners.

It is imperative that a front-page article covering this issue with renderings that show the true scope of the development be published in the local newspaper prior to the public meeting on February 11. This development affects not just the residents in the immediate neighborhood, but the entire city and they need to be able to voice their opinions about it.

Christine Hult

Logan, Utah

Residents need detail on Treasure Hill project


It is important for The Park Record to show renderings picturing the size of Treasure Hill. It is way too big for the existing infrastructure. The proposed size is much larger than the existing base of Park City Mountain Resort. It is crazy that it is even being considered. The paper needs to inform the local community about how this will impact the city.

The developer is trying to develop a project now, based on 1984 criteria and standards; this would make the project standards more than 25 years outdated by the time the project would be completed. Planning and development standards have come a long way in 25 years.

I am a developer that has built retail buildings and shopping centers throughout Utah and Oregon. Every municipality where I have developed a project requires a that the developer obtain a building permit within one year of approval, start construction within another year, and totally complete the project within five years. In every city where I have developed, if the project is not started and completed within a specified time, the developer must start over and meet the current criteria and standards. Park City should not allow a huge oversized development that is completely based on a 1984 approval!

Please inform the residents about this before it is too late.

Bret Fox

Park City

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